From Trend to Lifestyle


Welcome to A Lifestyle Trend, a former beauty junkie’s journey to a more sustainable lifestyle. After numerous years of posting primarily about makeup, beauty and skincare I started feeling jaded with the whole beauty community. The excess, the new releases, the gurus, the waste all left me feeling uninspired. After an unsuccessful rebrand, I decided to start fresh with a new blog that is less beauty-centric. I still love makeup, nothing has changed there but I have found products that work for me and I am less interested in trying new ones. I’m not saying that I’ll never try a new product or post about beauty again but I will be seeking out brands that are more conscious when it comes to sustainability and waste. Having recently completed a successful Veganuary (and having no intention of turning back), I will also be exploring more vegan friendly brands and of course, cruelty free ones as well.

What else can you expect from A Lifestyle Trend? Anything that I feel like posting about, I am not committing to any niche – books, movies, recipes, politics, anti-consumerism and yes, even a little minimalism could show up here. I know what you’re thinking, sounds like a lot of trendy bullshit. And honestly, I don’t disagree. A Lifestyle Trend was in part inspired by a friend telling me that the vegan movement was just a trend. Which, certainly may be accurate but I also believe that these trends can become lifestyles and what’s wrong with that? There are certainly worse trends out there (corduroy). I won’t claim to be an expert on any of these topics, I plan to share the struggles of committing to this new lifestyle as a way to show people that small changes can produce big results (in the least preachy way possible).

I am excited to start this new endeavor, I am not yet decided on a posting schedule and this might be all that you see from me for awhile but I hope you’ll stick around!

Oh, also, cat pics – you can expect a lot of those.



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