A Wild Hair to Grow My Hair


Ah yes, here we are – roughly a year after I decided to cut my hair off, I have a hankering to grow it back out. I don’t even know where this is coming from because I like my short hair, other people like my short hair, it suits me, it’s very easy to take care of, I use like 1/4 the amount of shampoo that I did when I had long hair and I have a feeling that I am going to want to cut it off the second that it grows. Just recently, I have major hair envy when I see a gal with luscious locks and I want hair that I can curl and style again. Also though, I’m probably going to get fed up with it in no time so I’m looking at some lobs that won’t take too much effort or time to grow out.

I think part of my issue is that I don’t feel pretty with short hair, I don’t feel totally put together since my hair just kind of does it’s own thing rather than needing a curl or style. Which sounds completely silly but I just feel the need for some hair recently. I grew up in a household where long hair was a requirement and though I don’t think that influences my hair choice today, I do feel more feminine with long hair. Something tells me that I am being influenced by societal expectations on the subliminal level but whatever it is, it’s working. Also, I feel like I am missing out on the return of the scrunchie! Had I known that they were coming back, I wouldn’t have cut my damn hair.

What are your thoughts on short hair vs. long hair? Do you get bored with your hair often? Should I grow it, should I cut, should I dye it purple 😛


2 thoughts on “A Wild Hair to Grow My Hair

  1. Ach yes, bored of, in hate with, but at the end of the day, I find long-ish hair easier to deal with. The time I need to spend on my hair in a short state to get it to look presentable is just. I can’t take it. When it’s long there’s always pony, bun, braid.
    I’d say, why not try something different for a while? Change is fun. Purple sounds like a brilliant idea!

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    1. Yes! Hair is such a pain, I think short hair is tricky since I have to wash it everyday or it looks weird. There’s more to be done with long hair.

      I definitely want to try something new, I’ve always loved purple hair 😍

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