A Case of Snow Brain


Tired of hearing about the weather? Same but also, I live in Minnesota where it’s mandatory to discuss the weather at every opportunity. When you aren’t discussing the weather, you’re obsessively checking you weather app and thinking about the next weather discussion. We’re supposed to get another major snowstorm this weekend and I just want to be in the mountains. I miss having amazing snowboarding in my backyard. And yeah, there are some ‘slopes’ in my area but they don’t have that laid-back, mountain resort feel to them. City slickers in gortex just don’t do it for me, it feels too commercial. No snowboarding to be had in all this beautiful snow but maybe a snowshoe hike. I’ve really been into snowshoeing this year, it’s a great way to get moving and the woods are so hauntingly lovely in winter.

I got frustrated at work and told my boss that I needed more work. I feel that I’m being underutilized and it’s driving me nuts. I love what I do and where I work but it sucks feeling like I can contribute more if given the opportunity. I consistently offer to assist with projects and I do get leaned on quite a bit but I have capacity to do more. I don’t know if this was the smartest thing to come out of my mouth and I blame snow brain. On the one hand, I hope he takes my statement seriously but also doesn’t think I’m just dinking around all day.

Driving home tonight, I saw what I thought was a cat walking on the side of the highway and pulled over to check it out. It was a freaking raccoon! It was fairly small but didn’t seem to be in distress and ended up running across a field. I was kinda’ hoping to bring home a rescue kitty 😂 Also, by highway, I mean this two-lane road between two corn fields. My cats probably would have been pissed about a new addition anyway.

Why have gas stations started asking me what kind of gas I want? I don’t fucking know, the kind I always get? Are there new types of gas? I feel like there have always been three pumps, what’s changed? Also, I’m sick of pumping my own gas, I don’t mind doing all of the other self-sufficient single lady things but I hate pumping gas.

My wisdom teeth sockets finally closed, I know you were dying to know 😂 Seriously though, so much food was getting caught back there it was asinine.

That’s what’s on my snow brain this evening 😝 Now I’m just going to sit here and keep an eye on these killer icicles until the snow starts. Legit though, the icicles outside my window are at least 3-feet long. What’s happening in your world, does the weather make you restless?


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