February Favorites


Before we get into the handful of favorite products that I have, has anyone tried Lularoe leggings? What’s the tea? Are they good quality? I’m down to my last couple pairs of workout leggings and need some that will hold up. Let me know!

My first favorites are these Blush Bomb liquid blushes from Flower Beauty. I’ve become more cognizant of fine lines which tends to happen when my skin is dry, I’ve been trying to use more cream products. These are awesome, super easy to use, I just press them on with a damp sponge and done.

Continuing with the anti-aging theme, I’ve not been wearing foundation and opting for this Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream instead. It doesn’t have a ton of coverage but enough to even my skin out. It’s very lightweight and doesn’t emphasize anything or settle in creases.

These are naked cleansing balms from Lush in Jade Roller and Tea-Totaler. I think they’re pretty new and are basically solid cleansing oils. Once you start to work them into your skin, they soften up. They remove makeup really well, smell lovely and are totally package free.

This cream shadow from Charlotte Tilbury is all I’ve been wearing on my eyes since getting my new lashes. It’s so creamy and long-wearing, I love that it has the appearance of being a whole eye look but it’s one shadow. I don’t know what the shade is because I’ve probably had it for too long and the label wore off πŸ˜‚

I’ve tried Schmidt’s deodorant before and didn’t love it. I gave it another shot because my psoriasis has been real bad on my underarms lately. Applying deodorant over broken skin is the worst and you aren’t supposed to do it anyway. I grabbed this out of desperation, this flavor is really good! I don’t think it feels nearly as wet as other ones I’ve tried and it doesn’t burn my irritated skin.

Already raved about it, still loving Karma Kream and waiting for a bigger tub!

Let me know what your you were loving this month, have you tried any of these?


5 thoughts on “February Favorites

    1. Thank you 😘 I so rarely come across Boots Botanics products, I’d love to try more of it though! I think I’ve only tried a face oil from them! Thanks for the tip πŸ™‚

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  1. I’ve never tried Lularoe but I have been super tempted to get 2 workout leggings for $24 from Fabletics lol. The ads are everywhere!

    With the deodorant, I really liked the Rose + Vanilla & the wetness of it was super nice but now I have the Lavender flavor & I think it’s way too dry! It scrapes my pits lol.

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    1. Same! I’m always intrigued by the Fabletics ads, their leggings do look pretty amazing. I think I’m going to pick up a couple of pairs of Lularoe, I’ll report back.

      Interesting! I wonder why there is such a difference in consistency between scents? I’ll have to skip the Lavender, sounds unpleasant πŸ˜‚

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      1. Yes! Definitely report back about the Lularoe leggings! & I didn’t realize the consistency would be so different between scents. I would never buy anything but rose again now LOL.

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