Vegan Things I Can’t Even

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March 1 marks two months since I jumped on the vegan train and I’ve mostly been loving it. As with anything though, there are some aspects of the vegan lifestyle that I just can’t get into. There are things I wouldn’t eat prior to my lifestyle change like caviar, frog’s legs or quail eggs – there are odd delicacies in any diet, plant-based being no exception. I don’t care how nutritious these items are, I just can’t even.

Nutritional Yeast – This deactivated yeast was a staple of my childhood nightmares. My dad used it as a popcorn topping and I’d forgotten about it until I needed it for a recipe recently. Once I cracked the seal, all of those years of foot popcorn came flooding back. Yack. Apparently it’s a staple ingredient in cheese substitutes which probably explains my aversion to them šŸ˜­

Black Bean & Most Plant Based Burgers – Now, I’ve tried some good ones but the vast majority of these burger substitutes have total gag-worthy texture.

Tofu Hotdogs – Another delicacy from my youth, tofu pressed into any unnatural shape is off-putting. It tastes delicious without having to masquerade as something else.

Cheese’ – Vegan cheese is literally the worst, how does it smell 100 times more like cheese than actual cheese?!

Kombucha – I don’t think this a vegan thing as much as it is an everyone’s lost their fucking minds thing. My first kombucha experience, I ended up with all the globs of fungus coming in the first swallow šŸ¤¢ Just gagged a little thinking about it.

Eggs – I’ve tried one soy egg product that was amazing and one that was just what you’d think soy eggs would be like. I’m steering clear for now, the good ones are incredibly hard to find.

Toona – Mostly because this plant-based tuna tastes like an old folks’ home smells – don’t act like you don’t know what that means šŸ˜

There are loads of delicious recipes and vegan treats available, I find that I just don’t like the ones that are trying to imitate something else. I much prefer hodge podges of veggies and legumes to any processed stuff but it’s all about personal taste. Let me know what food aversions you have.


4 thoughts on “Vegan Things I Can’t Even

  1. I’m not a huge fan of nutritional yeast either. I guess people use it as if it’s like Parmesan! Uh-uh lol. I hate the texture of plant-based burger/sausage patties, too but Quorn’s chick’n patties are wonderful. & I totally thought the same about vegan cheese but you gotta try the Chao brand and the Original Almond by Lisanatti before you opt out on it!

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    1. Yuck šŸ˜­ My dad puts it on everything but I particularly remember the popcorn šŸ˜‚ Right?! So mushy but I’ll have to try the chicken patties – I haven’t tried anything but like burgers and some ground ‘beef’ that wasn’t awful but still on the weird side. Ohh! Alright, taking your word for it and not giving up on cheese yet!!

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      1. I hope you like the chick’n & cheeses!! They aren’t the same as the real thing but they are quite good, even my boyfriend will eat them & he isn’t vegan or dairy-free. šŸ˜›

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