It’s a New Car!


Actually, it’s a pre-owned new to me car and I’m literally crying my eyes out. If you followed my first blog then you know that I drive a 2000 Mazda that I have owned since I was old enough to drive and I haven’t wanted to part with. It’s been such a good car, I’ve only had to do the basic scheduled maintenance and it’s not even at 200K yet. I figured it had about 3 more years in it since I drive so little until Monday when it stalled out as I was trying to cross 4 lanes of traffic. Which, was admittedly terrifying but also inexplicably heartbreaking. I’m probably being ridiculous but to essentially feel the life go out of my trusty Mazda that has blasted through many a snowbank, never stranded me, cruised through blizzards, made numerous trips from Minnesota to the Rockies and transported me safley anywhere I needed to be for the last 16 years totally sucked. Sadly, it needs more cost in repairs than it’s worth at this time and I was prepared to make them but everyone, including the mechanic who was going to do the repairs told me I was being ridiculous and needed a new car. With such high mileage, this could be just the start of never-ending repairs. So, I purchased a newer car and am planning to sell my Mazda because I think if someone could make the repairs on their own and don’t mind a rusty piece then they can get some more use out of it. I opted not to trade it in because I think the dealership would just junk it. Is my new car nice, yes but it just isn’t the same as the Mazda. Anyway, it’s going up on Craigslist and I thought I’d give it a good send off:

2000 Mazda Protege 178,981 miles, One Owner, Not Your Grandmother’s Ride

Selling my silver(fox) Mazda Protege to a good home. A full-on beast that purrs like a kitten. Outfitted with a brand new set of Yokohama winter tires, it eats snow for breakfast. Has it’s fair share of rust and dings but it’s also solid metal and can definitely take a hit. You’ll need to invest in a bungee to keep the spoiler from falling off but I’m throwing in a few for free. It took an ice ball head on last winter and definitely needs a new windshield. Gets fantastic gas mileage and is equipped with a brand new, guaranteed to start in 30 below temp battery and made this year’s polar vortex its bitch. Doesn’t leak any fluids, treat it like a lady every three months with a high-mileage syn blend and don’t skimp on the filter. The AC may or may not work, I don’t use it but if you want a car with a bitchin’ sun roof, look no further. The face melting heat does work so stay hydrated. The radio works on occasion, could be an underlying electrical issue but also provides the opportunity for quiet reflection. The interior looks and smells amazing, everyone who has ridden in it says so. Comes with a Save the Earth, Don’t Give Birth bumper sticker but can also be removed if you’re Mormon. Mechanically sound, brand new brakes and rotors but doing this weird stalling thing randomly so please be prepared to tow it home. Also, the rattling noise at about 35 miles per hour is just the spoiler, don’t be alarmed. Make me an offer but don’t be a dick.

Sounds amazing, right 😝 Attachment to inanimate things doesn’t make any sense to me, maybe it’s just the memories that are attached to them. Anyway, sorry I was away for a week being a total wimp over my car but it was an ordeal. Spring might finally be here and I hope you have a safe and beautiful St. Patty’s Day πŸ€


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