Welcome Back!


I am unsure of who I am welcoming back exactly – me, you, mostly me 😀 I took the summer off from blogging for numerous reasons. Mostly that I already spend most of my time indoors (thanks American capitalism and Bill Gates who changed mankind’s destiny by inventing the PC. Did he do it alone, no but I can’t roast the recently deceased) and I spent this summer doing more recreational things. I hate summer but I love nature, it’s a tricky dichotomy. So, I spent a lot of time outdoors, not getting a tan and now that it’s appropriate to spend more time indoors, I am ready to get back to blogging. Plus, it’s time to get back to blogging about all of my favourite things; Halloween, horror movies, heavy foods, home decor, horticulture – I don’t garden, I just had an alliteration thing going there.

What’s in store for Schlep, you ask? Well, still sticking with that name because it’s so ridiculous. I’ll be posting a short horror movie/show/miscellaneous media post each in October, probably some decor posts, a few recipes, some sustainable living (because I’m composting now), and all the things that I fill my life with from October – December before the post holiday depression sets in. I’m excited to be posting again but also to be reading all of your posts as well! Here’s a peek of some fall’ish things I’ve been up to so far:


I wore these leggings to work today as we were planning to decorate the office for Halloween, We lost interest at about 9 AM and we are reconvening next week, I will probably opt for regular trousers since these are the least loud in my collection and I probably shouldn’t push it.


A shot my new nails but sad story, my favourite nail tech who always did the best job has severe arthritis and is no longer doing nails! The new gal, obviously does a lovely job but insists on peeling the old acrylic off every time I get my nails done. It’s excruciating and I hate it but I love my nails.


This is my cat, it was a lot more overcast out than it appears and we were enjoying a cold, fall, rainy day. Also, she took over my pillows and insists that I sleep without pillows whenever she feels like being on the bed.

I hope you enjoyed this and are having a beautiful fall, let me know what you’ve been up to!


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