Happy Halloween Eve: Spooky Tag P. I

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Or, October 1st for the normies šŸ¦‡ How about getting into the spirit with a festive tag?! I love tags, I can’t help it – this one is a bit long with 30 questions, I’m breaking it up into 10 questions over three days. Let’s get started!

Spirit Halloween

John Carpenter’s Halloween Theme – it’s my year round ringtone and the perfect theme for any tragedy.

Spirit Halloween

A rabid deer or a human being that doesn’t look like they are exercising or otherwise supposed to be in the forest. More on the deer thing, I do a lot of trail running in densely wooded areas and one day, a deer came tearing out of the brush right in front of me. I don’t think it was rabid but ever since then, I’ve been afraid of getting clocked by a deer!

Spirit Halloween

Only fools think it’s a game šŸ˜› When I was a kid, I do recall one for instance where one showed up at a slumber party but what I remember more vividly about that night was watching The Craft when I was absolutely not supposed to be watching it!

Spirit Halloween

Dracula or any blood-sucking villain but preferably ones who look like Lestat.

Spirit Halloween

I’ve recounted this chilling tale a number of times and literally nobody believes me or they blame my cats. One day, in my youth, I was home alone and got out of the shower when I smelled propane. I had a gas burning stove at the time, all the burners were turned onto light and just filling my apartment with gas! I still don’t know what happened but I’ve since refused to live in dwellings with gas appliances. I mean, nothing really happened, it was just weird.

Spirit Halloween

Probably. True story, my old lady neighbor passed away a little over a year ago. She wasn’t found for several days, perhaps more than a week, she apparently didn’t have any family. The weird part is that she would always say that she was going to see her kids/grand kids constantly and she had this little cart the she rolled around filled with activities for kids but apparently she wasn’t ever leaving the building! I think she’s haunting the building now, specifically my main hallway and my cats agree.

Spirit Halloween

I don’t know if I have ever had the opportunity to test the theory. I mean, maybe? I think it’s human nature to believe in a little hocus-pocus to explain the inexplicable.

Spirit Halloween

I don’t think so, unless I am driving at night and feel like there are creatures hiding just beyond the scope of my headlights.

Spirit Halloween

Skinwalkers, because they’re real and the other members of my middle school volleyball team can confirm this!

Spirit Halloween

It depends, if it’s super cheesy gore that is so obviously fake then it doesn’t bother me but if it’s super realistic body-horror then I can’t watch it. I have this weird habit of recalling the most horrifically graphic things while I’m eating and then I lose my appetite, it used to really piss my mom off. I prefer thrillers, I think it’s what’s not happening that can be more terrifying.

I hope that you enjoyed this spooky little tag & Happy October!


7 thoughts on “Happy Halloween Eve: Spooky Tag P. I

  1. Oh my gosh, so creepy about the gas stoves! I feel so sad for the old lady who died, always lying about going to see family she didn’t have. I hope she is happy as a ghost!! & what in the world are skinwalkers?! šŸ˜±

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    1. Right?! Everyone blames my cats but there’s no way it could have been my cats. I wonder now if maybe she had dementia or something but when my building manager said she didn’t have any family, I was spooked. It was very sad, I miss seeing her around. Ah! They are witch doctors in Native American folklore, they are usually evil and can take the shape of animals. I grew up right outside of the Southern Ute Reservation – skinwalkers are REAL!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. There’s nooo way cats could do that. Like they are wild at night but jeez, they wouldn’t be able to turn evey knob on the stove.

        I’m terrified about the skinwalkers. I had never heard of them & am now freaking out. Gonna do so much research unless I get too scared lol.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Right?! Thank you!! People can convince themselves if anything to avoid the paranormal.

        Definitely look into them more, I’m sure you’ll find loads of stuff given your location!

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