31 Nights of Halloween: Creepshow (1982)

31 Nights of Halloween

Admittedly, I didn’t know that the 2019 Creepshow series was based on this feature length anthology, written by Stephen King (who even stars in one of the stories). I thought that the series was really good but knew I had to check out the original and this Twilight Zone meets Tales from the Crypt mash-up did not disappoint.

The flick starts out where all good horror films do, a child seeking revenge on a dirtbag parent. In this case, Billy is furious with his father for tossing his Creepshow comic and while sitting in his room is visited by the main comic book character come to life. The Creep then takes us on a journey full of 5 sordid tales. From the revenge of a murdered father risen from the grave, to an alien parasite – this one has everything. The tone is definitely comedic while still being genuinely creepy. I think that my favorite stories were Father’s Day, (a bitter old man is offed by his scheming daughter who then manages to bring him back to life by accident. He kills the entire family and enjoys a delicious and terrifying Father’s Day cake) and The Crate (a crate containing an Arctic monster is found on a college campus. After killing a few people, one of the college professors uses his wife as bait to lure the monster back into its crate and yes, she dies).

Finally, in the  closing scene we see Billy finally getting revenge on his abusive father by means of a voodoo doll. I loved it, if you like the aesthetic of 80’s horror flicks then you’ll enjoy this. All of the stories are brilliant in their own right, they aren’t too short or too long and it’s an all around fun watch. If you haven’t checked out the reboot, I definitely recommend as well!


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