Spooky Tag P. II


Welcome back to spooky season on my blog! What are you doing to get into the spirit of the season? Do you have any decorations up, are you working on a costume? Let me know & let’s jump into to the second part of this Halloween themed tag!

Spirit Halloween

Absolutely, I truly believe that there are multiple dimensions that we are existing in concurrently to this one. There’s just too much that humans don’t understand about the space-time continuum to believe otherwise, I think it’s the foolhardiness of the human ego that prevents us from opening our minds to phenomenons outside of our own existence. Welcome to my TED Talk 😛 I think that the doppelganger occurrence is actually tears in the space-time continuum – debate me.

Spirit Halloween

Nothing comes to mind, I don’t think I would be a potion kind of bwitch – I just get this feeling that I would rely more heavily on incantations, curses, etc. Do you ever wonder what kind of witch you’d be? Are you watching that Salem show, I’m having a hard time getting into it – I find anything about the witch trials to be deeply saddening.

Spirit Halloween

Not usually, even though I tend to believe in things that I can’t see, I’m pretty skeptical. Someone could kick my front door in and I’d be like – are you sure?

Spirit Halloween

Yes, and it was very anti-climactic. For some reason, as a kid, I thought that the point of the game was to summon the Bloody Mary as in the Catholic queen who executed a ton of protestants. I just didn’t find it scary because I was Catholic, clearly I would be spared. I don’t think that’s what the point of the game is though…

Spirit Halloween

Eh, not necessarily. I think that pure evil does exist and demons, hell, the devil are just a way of trying to separate that evil from the human existence. Some people are just evil, it’s hard to understand but creating this fantasy won’t change that. I often say that there are many things that I would sell my soul for but I just don’t believe in the devil.

Spirit Halloween

Probably nothing, I can rationalize most anything and would talk myself out of hearing anything. That being said, I also live in a top floor apartment and might get more spooked alone in a house but I’m not sure.

Spirit Halloween

The Birds, I love how chic everyone in that movie is and at the end of the day, they are just birds. I feel that I would have a pretty good chance at surviving. Honestly, probably any Hitchcock movie, everyone just looked so dapper.

Spirit Halloween

Probably a cat, hear me out, it is a surprisingly versatile costume. It works for young and old alike, now I can wear leggings, pleather, a cute leotard and I can just dress up in some sweats and ears when I’m 80. It works on so many levels.

Spirit Halloween

Been there, done that. I find graveyards to be very peaceful unless you’re in the deep south where there are such beautiful graveyards but they feel different. Nothing against the south, many tragic events in US history have taken place there. The graveyards I’ve been to felt restless, they effected me differently. Did I mention that I like to visit graveyards, mostly for the historical value.

Spirit Halloween

Eh, hiding…? I have seen enough zombie movies to know that nothing works. I think I would just hide as far away from civilization as I could. Also, have you ever wondered how effective wild animals would be at taking out zombies? Like, maybe just acquire an army of bears as I don’t think they would be as susceptible to the zombie disease. Or would they be? Then your army of bears just turns on you…?

That wraps it up for par deux, I hope you enjoyed!


2 thoughts on “Spooky Tag P. II

  1. I’ve always believed there are other dimensions & worlds, too. I really like your answer to #1! Also, LOL about how you were never scared of the Bloody Mary game & yesss to your versatile cat costume ideas. 🙂

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