31 Nights of Halloween: I Know What You Did Last Summer (1997)

31 Nights of Halloween

Julie, Ray, Helen & Barry are heading home after a Fourth of July celebration when they hit and kill a man in the road. After a moment’s panic, they do what most teenagers would do and toss the body in the water. They’re almost caught red-handed when Julie’s friend Max drives by and stops to see if everything is alright. They convince him that everything is fine and everyone goes their separate ways. The friends fall out of touch after high school and we assume they got away with murder.

When they return home for the summer, the friends are soon being stalked by some geezer in a rain slicker, wielding a hook. Not knowing who could have possibly found them out, the friends blame Max and confront him. He has no idea what they are talking about but as is the fate of all nerds, he is the first to be hooked to death. The terrified group starts trying to figure who they killed that night. This is where the story gets weirder and more convoluted. It turns out that they ran over a grieving father who had just murdered the person who killed his daughter whom the teens thought they killed but didn’t. In fact, they didn’t kill anyone…?

I get that the director of this flick was trying to emulate the feel of the classic slasher flick but I just don’t love this one. It doesn’t take itself too seriously and has that cheesecake feel to it but the story goes in too many directions. There’s a point where Julie thinks that Ray is the killer and I think they should have gone with that story line. Having it turn out that they didn’t kill anyone was a little lame. I mean, that guy was out actually murdering someone, he should have died. Anyway, the cast is pure nostalgia and the fashion is so 90’s good but those are the high points. If you need something on in the background while you’re doing dishes, this is it.


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