31 Nights of Halloween: Harry Potter & the Sorcerer’s Stone (2001)

31 Nights of Halloween

The highly-anticipated first glimpse into the wonderful world of Hogwarts did not disappoint and I still find it to be pure magic to this day. The acting from the kids wasn’t amazing but pretty adorable and the star-studded cast of seasoned actors definitely made up for it. This is probably my least favorite book in the saga but one of my most-watched adaptations. I love the aesthetic of this movie, from the cozy dorm scenes to the creepy Forbidden Forest, it’s the book come to life. These movies also seem timeless given the absence of technology and current events, it’s easy to get immersed in the fantasy. From the costumes to the special effects, I think this one is absolutely delightful.

I think everyone knows the story line, Harry Potter who was orphaned as a baby finds out he is a wizard and is whisked away from his miserable living situation among the muggles. He meets his best friends Ron and Hermione, arch rival Malfoy and even the wizard responsible for the death of his parents. Is it the best plot, not really but we do get to meet a ton of important characters and learn about more about Harry’s history. This one is definitely the most kid-friendly installment and it’s just a ton of fun all around. Harry Potter fanatic or not, I recommend.


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