31 Nights of Halloween: The Body (2018)

31 Nights of Halloween

The Body is the first installment of Hulu’s 12-part, horror anthology Into the Dark. I have to admit, I was expecting a lot more and was almost completely disappointed. I will even admit that I kept skipping parts because the plot was predictable and pointless scenes were drawn out to irritating lengths. The premise was not bad, a hit man hides his victim in plain sight by simply allowing people to think that it’s part of his Halloween costume. I loved this, I thought it was brilliant commentary on the naivety and ignorance of modern society. That being said, the best part only lasted about 25 minutes and the rest of it was just filler crap.

Wilkes, the hit man, proceeds to drag a body out into the city streets on Halloween. He runs into a group of people headed to a Halloween party who think his costume is awesome and convince him to attend the party with them. The shtick continues at the party with revelers taking photos with the corpse. Wilkes meets Maggie, a data analyst, hacker, personal assistant to the guy throwing the party and all around psychopath. She is enamored with Wilkes and offers to get him a ride to where he’s going. Things turn bad when there is a delay with getting a ride and Wilkes reveals that his ‘prop’ is actually a corpse. He kills one of the kids who took him to the party and the remaining three steal the body in retaliation. An absurd chase all over the city leads to Wilkes killing pretty much everyone and delivering the goods to whoever hired him. Wilkes is killed shortly thereafter by Maggie who we thought he left for dead.

It sucked, it was literally the worst. The whole Maggie character  becoming obsessed with Wilkes and collecting trophies from the dead bodies was really bizarre and I actually thought her being stabbed was well-deserved. There were too many gruesome for the sake of being gruesome scenes, the cast was mediocre, the whole thing just sucked. I’m not even sure that I will continue watching these as part of my 31 Nights of Halloween. Have you watched any of the series? Let me know what you thought, maybe they get better.


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