Blogmas Day 2: Winter Watch List

Blogmas - 2019

Oh, the weather outside is frightful and staying inside and eating everything in my pantry sounds so delightful 😛 Actually, the weather isn’t that bad but I would like to stay inside until we’re in above zero temperature but alas, I still haven’t married rich. I’d also like to stay inside so that I can catch up on some shows! I’m in a television mood lately, probably because I’m inside more, here’s what I’ve been watching.

The Crown: I might be the last person alive to tune into this historical drama series and my interest was only piqued when I saw the star-studded season three cast. Olivia Colman, Helena Bonham Carter, Tobias Menzies and Gillian Anderson?! I mean, come on – I am only on the first season but I’m hooked so far. I think that Princess Diana debuts in season four and I suspect I won’t keep watching it. Does anyone else find it difficult to watch historical style dramas about things that happened in their lifetime? Anyway, this show chronicles the reign of Queen Elizabeth II and it’s really good.

The Crown

Modern Family – Again, probably the only person in existence to check this show out but I think it’s hysterical. The personality dynamics play so well together and make the family so perfectly quirky. It’s such a fun show and reminder that families come in all shapes and sizes.

Modern Fam

Jack Ryan Season II: I watched season one on the first day it premiered in one sitting and it was worth all of the stuff that I didn’t get done that day. I haven’t tuned into the second season because I haven’t had the time. This series is an adaptation of the Tom Clancy thrillers starring Jack Ryan and the first season was awesome. I really have to find the time to watch season two. Also, who knew (besides Pam) that Jim was such a fox underneath all of those ties and button ups?


Mindhunter Season II: I started watching this but only made it through the first episode. Again, an awesome show that I really want to finish but never find the time. I’ve heard that the likeness of the actors to the serial killers they play is uncanny in this season. We got a taste of that in season one with Ed Kemper, I’m dying to see who signed on for the second season.


I just realized that none of these shows are remotely festive 🙂 I think the only show that feels Christmas-y to me is Mad Men, I associate the 50’s with Christmas for some reason not clear to myself. Anyway, this is how I will be spending my nights in this winter. What are you watching, are any of these on your list? There’s so much good television out there, it’s hard to know where to start!


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