Blogmas Day 12: Winter Manicure

Blogmas - 2019

That isn’t very wintery at all despite my best efforts. I had not planned to get my nails done last night but spinning was cancelled because of the weather, apparently. I still don’t understand why it was cancelled because it was just cold outside, the snow wasn’t supposed to hit until this morning. Which it did, which led to 150 crashes across the state of Minnesota. People. Anyway, so I call the nail salon to ask if my gal could take an appointment and she said to come in. Well, I think we got our signals crossed because I assumed that I was scheduling an appointment but clearly I was a walk-in which was fine since I hadn’t planned ahead. I sat there reading magazines for about half an hour, then it took almost another hour to get my nails done because she kept getting interrupted and was doing that thing where she was doing two clients at once. I felt bad because had she just said she was busy, I would have come in on another night. I picked navy but clearly this is purple, it’s a dark purple so I guess it looks wintery. I almost asked for something else but I had already been there for almost 2 hours and just couldn’t. I dunno, I feel like the nail swatches are never totally accurate. I like the sparkles, I think I will try again in a few weeks and do a grey. That was a whole lotta’ complaining to show off my new manicure 😛


Anyway, I’m hitting the gym tonight because that seems overall less stressful 😛


4 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 12: Winter Manicure

    1. Yes!! It didn’t even snow that much 😭 Thank you, the purple didn’t turn out too shabby! It’s the lighting I think, I usually just let the nail tech pick & should just stick to that 😂

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      1. Usually 😂 They pick colors I wouldn’t usually go for & I’ve almost always liked it. There was one turquoise shade I wasn’t crazy about though…


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