Blogmas Day 14: Holiday Home Decor

Blogmas - 2019

Fa-la-la-la – can you believe that December is almost over?! I’m serious, why is March – August such a long schlep and the best half of the year just flies by? I feel as though I just put my decorations up and am already thinking about taking them down. This year, I went with jewel tones as I refreshed my living room with new jewel tone elements back in the fall. I still need a new couch but I can’t find one that I like for some reason. The couch I have now is probably 50 years old and it’s fine but it’s really heavy and doesn’t really go with the rest of my furniture. Anyway, I found a lot of stuff at JoAnn this year, I think they had the best ornament selection. I also purchased some items from Target, they had the prettiest sisal trees, their Wonderhop stuff is always the best but it’s a bit overpriced.


I have been collecting the cone Christmas trees for a while, I’m thinking of retiring a few since they lose tons of glitter every year. I think my favorite pieces this year are the sisal trees from Target on the gold pedestals and the glitter ball ornaments from JoAnn. I would love to be the type of person who could do the minimalist Christmas thing but I can’t – I love the holiday vomit look 😉 Thanks for reading!


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