Blogmas Day 16: The Holiday

Blogmas - 2019

I am not a rom-com kinda’ gal unless we’re talking the Brat Pack era films or anything with Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks. I think that rom-coms portray an unrealistic idea of love and being in love. I do know some couples that seem like they are straight out of a film script but not many. I mean, not everyone can get engaged during the Holidazzle (barf, by the way). Does that mean everyone else’s relationships are bad? No, it means that most people probably have real life relationships without the ridiculousness of manufactured romance. Anyway, The Holiday was on while I was making cookies this weekend and I was shocked at how much I enjoyed this movie!

Holiday 2

The movie starts where all of these movies seem to start, heartbreak. Iris finds out that her love interest has just become engaged and Amanda has just broken up with her boyfriend. Iris is a plain Jane type (I mean, as plain as the stunning Winslet could be) and Amanda is a jet setting business mogul, the two could not be more opposite. Looking for a change of scenery, the two swap living spaces – is this a thing? It sounds like something that I would be interested in doing so let me know if you want to swap spaces for a while 😀 Iris heads to the states and Amanda heads to Surrey. Of course, the two women fall in love with unlikely new acquaintances overseas. I was surprisingly pleased with the male leads in this one, Jude Law is your standard rom-com fare although, I like that he has kids in this one. Jack Black was a pleasant change from the usual hunks. Everyone loves a funny man but he was delightful in this role. Kate Winslet is hands down my favorite actress, I enjoy most anything that she is in. Aside from Titanic which is ironic since that’s what launched her career (more on this later). It is wildly unrealistic, I mean, maybe two people could meet and fall in love under said circumstances but probably not. I think what I enjoy most about this one is that it reminds me of older films in this genre that were wildly unrealistic with a touch of perhaps it could happen. It is a long movie but from start to finish, it’s just fun. I think it has definitely become a new must-watch holiday movie for me! If you haven’t seen it and aren’t really into this genre of movies, I would still recommend giving it a watch.

Holiday 3

Holiday 1

Let me know if you have seen this one and if you were a fan or not! Also, legit let me know if you want a little holiday in the Twin Cities and I will come to wherever you are. Thanks for reading!


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