Working From Home is Ruining My Home

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I will preface this by saying that I know that I am extremely lucky in that my employer has allowed me to work from home & that I have not my job because of all of this. A lot of this satirical and meant to be humorous, also though, I’m sick of working at home.

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The first day working at home was a struggle, my internet was just not equipped to handle all of the things that I was suddenly trying to do. My laptop (we do not have work issued equipment) was struggling too. I use some beefy software for my job and suddenly my zippy little laptop was hardly loading. I had to upgrade my internet to the fastest I can get in my area & I had to pay an additional $99 installation fee! I also purchased additional storage for my laptop just to get it in working order. All to the tune of a few hundred dollars. Now, I know that I’m saving money on gas but my new internet costs 3 times as much as I spend on gas monthly so it’s not a wash for me. I improvised a desk and pulled a sofa table into my bedroom but now am looking at needing a chair since we aren’t going back to the office any time soon. And then what will I do with said chair when we go back to the office? I don’t particularly need an office set up and will put my furniture back where it actually goes.

Outbreak Regular

Kids (not mine, we have quite a few who live in the building and they’re out in the hallway constantly), package deliveries, my neighbor’s doing yard work. I didn’t realize how quiet the office is and how loud my living space is. I don’t notice it when I’m home probably because I’m busy living and probably making more noise than I would at work anyway. I consider my building to be unusually quite for an apartment but it’s driving me nuts at the moment.

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Being in the office and working with a fairly flexible department, I can take a break whenever I want to/need to. Obviously, if I go to the restroom and my boss stops by my desk then he would just swing back knowing that I would be back shortly. Now however, I take my phone to the bathroom in case someone calls because I don’t want them to think I’m slacking off. It’s like I’m working all of the time when my workload hasn’t increased drastically.

Outbreak Regular

My ‘office’ is in my room, well it is now – before I set something up I was just sitting in random places. When I go to bed, it feels like I am sleeping at work. When I wake up, I’m immediately at work. It’s this really warped feeling that I hope goes away when we do get back in the office.

Working from home is definitely a personal preference as I am finding out. Some people love it and some people really struggle – I’m struggling. It’s just a chore at this point and I feel like I’m constantly at work. Unfortunately, I think that the attitude from some of these employers is that we should be so lucky even having the choice to work at home. I get that but I’ve never sought out a job that allows for work from home because it just doesn’t appeal to me. It’s like none of use should expect anything from our employers now because thank God they are still paying us. Kind of a shitty way to feel, honestly. Since this will be the routine for the foreseeable future, I will keep trying to make the best of it. It is nice to get chores done and out of the way during my lunch break so then I can enjoy the evening. I generally eat pretty well but having time to make a nice salad for lunch or time consuming dinner is a treat and I am sure that there will be things I miss when we are no longer at home.

I hope that you’re happy and healthy and just doing the best that you can, let me know what life changes you are working through at the moment.


4 thoughts on “Working From Home is Ruining My Home

  1. I totally know how you are feeling! There was one week where I felt particularly shitty. It wasn’t last week but the week before. I really struggled and then I realised it was because my bedroom – supposedly a place of relaxation, was no longer serving that purpose. My bedroom was becoming my office. I even slept in the guest bedroom one night because I had a bad dream the night before and had been struggling to sleep much the whole week. I’m a lot better now.

    Exercise has helped me immensely. As soon as it hits 5/6pm, I do my workout. It’s my transition period where I zone out from work mode I guess. And then after that, I make it a thing to do whatever I want to wind down, whether it’s making a cake or watching something on Netflix. This morning I worked from the living room. I am getting used to working from home now cos I know how to make it comfortable for me, but don’t think you’re alone, cos you’re definitely not. ❤

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    1. Exercise definitely helps! It’s weird that when I worked from home at another job, it didn’t bother me because come 5 o’clock I could leave & go about my business. I think constantly being home because I have to is the real issue 😭 Glad to hear I’m not the only one but sad to hear people are struggling too. Sounds like you’ve got a good rhythm worked out. Fingers crossed not too much longer 🤍

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      1. True! I’m an introvert anyway but I think we’ve all learned something here. Introverts realised that they can’t just stay home all the time – social interaction is much needed. Extroverts probably realised that there are things to appreciate from staying at home one way or another hahaha. Oh everyone I have talked to has definitely had some days where they’ve struggled!

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