It’s a Fall Tag!


It’s fall-la-la-la-la-la-la-la…I will see myself out 😛 Seriously though, I think it’s here – the inaugural apple crisp came out of the oven this morning & I think the heat might have to be turned on tonight. I’m feeling cozy & thought it would be fun to do tag! Does anyone still do tags, I feel as though I ask that each time I do a tag…

Halloge Regular

Apple cider with a shot of coconut milk and caramel drizzle. Caribou has a really tasty apple cider but if you get it with almond milk it just isn’t quite the same – still good though. They also offer it all year round so if you are feeling fall’ish in July, you can indulge in this treat.

Halloge Regular

I particularly love the smell of fall, it’s crisp & clean unlike spring/summer that often smell like manure. Also, I don’t have any fall allergies which is really nice since this means I can enjoy the scent of fall with full ability to breath through both nostrils. I also prefer fall fashion to any other season, sweaters, boots, tights & you can wear these just for fun (not because you’re freezing).

Halloge Regular

Anything with oranges, cloves, vanilla – I saw this recipe to make your home smell like Williams Sonoma & love simmering that on the stove when I am cleaning. I don’t purchase a lot of candles any more but if I do, the Woodwick Bonfire Nights is one that I will splurge on.

Halloge Regular

Probably apple, the texture of pumpkin pie weirds me out but I do like the flavor. Thinking about it now seems odd since I really like sweet potato pie & the texture is similar but just different enough. Does any of this make sense? Do food textures bother anyone else?

Halloge Regular

I’m not worrying too much about makeup these days but a recent discovery that I have been loving & wearing almost every time I wear makeup are the Laura Mercier Caviar Sticks – they are so good for a quick, polished eye look.

Halloge Regular

I don’t think they are traditions as much as they are just things that I enjoy doing during fall. I like going to the Farmers Market, visiting an orchard or two, getting the flannel sheets out…things like that. Overall, I am just not a traditions person – I think it’s a nice idea but I don’t have any that come to mind.

Halloge Regular

Absolutely Halloween! I know that people really love Thanksgiving, I know some Thanksgiving enthusiasts but I don’t get it. I like the extra days off from work but that’s about it. And the potatoes, I look forward to all of the potato recipes that accompany Thanksgiving feasts.

Halloge Regular

The first year I moved to Minnesota, it rained all fall – at least it seemed that way & I was really down about it. I graduated from a very old university with very old dorms that were drafty & damp – I hated it but I spent a lot of time in the library & those are my best memories of college. To this day, I like to sit inside with lamps on & read books or bake.

Halloge Regular

Chili, homemade bread, waffles – all foods that I associate with fall. Pumpkin chili is something that I have recently started making & it’s so good. What’s your go-to chili recipe? Ohhh, cornbread too – I love cornbread.

Halloge Regular

What are anyone’s plans for Halloween?! We were already told by building management that trick-or-treating is not allowed so I won’t be making treat bags as usual. I think this will truly be the end of trick-or-treating all around. Haunted houses won’t be open…I don’t know what my plans are – probably sitting at home watching old Halloween specials.

That’s it – I hope that you enjoyed this tag, let me know what you are up to this fall. Are you planning anything for Halloween or sitting it out this year? Happy fall 🖤

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