Blogtober Day 2: A Halloween Memory


I have always been a Halloween fiend, even as a kid it was my favorite holiday. As an adult, I can appreciate different aspects of most holidays (except Thanksgiving) but my love for Halloween has only grown. Growing up in a rural area made Halloween even more magical; we would meet up with friends in town, parents felt safe enough to let us out trick or treating on our own & since we all had to drive so far to get together it almost always ended with a sleep over. We still got to have Halloween parties at school where we could come in costume & have a parade in the gymnasium and we could still pass out homemade treats. I think that growing up in the late 90’s just made it better too – does anyone remember all of the awesome Halloween commercials that retailers would air? Or the television specials that I always seemed to miss because I couldn’t quite figure out the mountain time conversion ๐Ÿ˜› Now, my mother being very religious & believing that all literature aside from the Bible was witchcraft didn’t love Halloween & our costume choices were severely limited. I had a rotation: cat, clown, Ariel (with a turtle neck underneath) and Raggedy Ann which was my mom’s favorite and my least favorite – she really capitalized on being able to use my red hair as part of the costume.

Of all the fantastic Halloweens that I had as child, the most vivid memory that I can recall is the year that I got the stomach flu. I was a cat that year, not just any cat – a calico one, mostly because I had to use these ugly brown leggings for my costume so I associated them with calico cats. We were also dirt poor so costumes were whatever we could make from what we already owned & how creative we could get with face paint. I was pretty pleased with my calico cat costume, even with the shit brown leggings – my oldest sister was great with face makeup & it really came together. I sailed through the Halloween party, I recall bringing cheese & crackers because my mother was also anti-candy. I was feeling great, I had my sleepover stuff in my cubby hole, my trick or treating pillowcase ready to go & could not wait for the festivities to commence. So, we’re all sitting out on the curb waiting for someone’s parents to come & get us when it hit me, I felt hot & sweaty, a little dizzy then I puked right into my pillowcase that was supposed to be filled with candy & other assorted treats from the evening’s plunder. This was pre-cell phones so when my friend’s mother arrived, I was stretched out in the back of the mini van & carted to their home where we called my parents to come pick me up. It was mortifying, I cried (and puked) all the way home. I was put to bed, when I woke up – the best day of the year was well and truly over. Of all the Halloween memories, I don’t know why this one had such an impact – maybe it’s because that was the most violent bout of stomach flu I’ve ever had ๐Ÿ˜› In fact, I am not sure that I have had the stomach flu or regular flu since & that is just fine with me.

What’s your most memorable Halloween – hopefully better than mine ๐Ÿงก

Pieces NFI Regular

Tonight’s recommendation is Sleepy Hollow (1999) a Tim Burton creation with some of my all time favorites actors. Ichabod Crane is sent to Sleepy Hollow to investigate a series of gruesome decapitations attributed to a supernatural headless horseman. This is probably my favorite Johnny Depp character, I just love his quirky depiction of someone I grew up imagining as dopey & homely. The costumes are a delight & it’s just an overall fun twist on an old classic. This is probably one of the very few modern horror movies that I love each time that I watch it.

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