Blogtober Day 5: Favorite Candy


But first, a rant. I work retail on a part-time basis, you will probably be able to guess where after this rant. I generally only work Sundays, which is new release day at my store. Apparently, ColourPop released a Hocus Pocus themed collection & it was wildly popular selling out on their website in mere minutes. I had no idea that we would be getting the collection in-store but it hit me when I was having to tip-toe through a line waiting in front of the door before opening. I’ve worked many a Black Friday & have experienced much larger crowds but never have seen such hostility & entitlement from a crowd ever. After finally getting to the door, one lady asked me if I was an employee, another lady chimed in saying that she hoped that employees wouldn’t be illegally purchasing the collection early. I was stunned, absolutely stunned. A crowd of 30-40 grown ass women, lined up outside of a luxury retailer, in the middle of a PANDEMIC heckling me while I’m trying to get to work. Just to clarify, employees are never allowed to purchase new, highly anticipated products – James Charles, Sailor Moon, Madison Beer – it’s just not allowed. Second, we have no control over how much product we get & ColourPop notoriously sends very little product when it comes to their limited edition releases. Finally, Colourpop isn’t great makeup, this was a boring, ugly collection & they just ripped off something that was hugely popular in its own right knowing it would sell because they don’t have their own creative ideas. I won’t be supporting the brand after this, they are the equivalent of fast fashion to me, their products are boring & recycled until they slap some nostalgic character on them & everyone goes nuts. It’s really, really unfortunate that something that should have been fun got turned into something very ugly and not very fun at all. Rant over.

So let’s talk candy – the thing I always wanted as a child, was rarely given & now rarely eat in my adulthood because that’s just how life works. Since these candies aren’t vegan, obviously I don’t eat them anymore but here’s a list of my all time favorite candies with compelling arguments as to why they are the best.

I honestly cannot explain why I loved these so much, I think it’s because my siblings did not like them & I would always agree to trade for them. I love DOTS though, the gooey, filling busting texture, the distinct flavors that absolutely cannot be described, the fruity scent, the appealing little shapes. I’m a huge fan. My favorite flavors would be the orange & yellow ones, green was never very good.

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups – not the bats, not the pumpkins, just the original cups. I feel like the texture of the peanut butter is completely different in the shaped candies, the original cups just have the perfect chocolate to PB ratio & the best texture. I don’t think I’m wrong on this.

The Tootsie Caramel Apple Pops are extremely hard to find for some reason. If you don’t manage to snag a bag right when the holiday candy comes out then you’re probably out of luck. I only recall receiving maybe 1-2 of these in my trick or treating haul if I was lucky & I would wait far too long to eat them. The tart apple flavor wrapped in caramel is just perfect. I don’t even like caramel apples yet think these are just perfection – explain that to me.

Again, not the crisps not the cups – just the original Butterfinger. I’ve never actually determined what the candy inside of the Butterfinger is but it’s buttery & flaky – heaven. I think the fun size is just enough, I don’t know how anyone eats an entire Butterfinger.

Those are my top candy picks – all the rest is just filler crap. Jelly beans? Tootsie Rolls? Sadly, those were the most received candies when I was kid. Those different colored Tootsie rolls with fruity flavors, what are those? Let me know what your favorite sweet treats are & if you plan to pass out anything this year 🧡

Pieces NFI Regular

When a group of unsupervised, inexperienced teens are tasked with opening the allegedly cursed Camp Crystal lake where a camper died 5 years ago – what could possibly go wrong? Tonight’s pick is Friday the 13th (1980).

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