Blogtober Day 7: Monster Mash Playlist


Have you ever heard a song while you’re out & about, don’t think it’s that great but then you get home just to spend hours obsessively trying to find it. Me, last night at about 2:30 & I still haven’t found the damned thing. Probably because what I think the lyrics are aren’t actually what the lyrics are…anyway, I have some seasonal favorite songs that I do actually know all of the words to ๐Ÿ™‚

Pieces NFI Regular

Does anyone remember when MTV aired a Halloween special with Elvira & Alice Cooper? I don’t officially remember seeing as how I wasn’t born yet but I have watched the live Detroit concert almost every year on Halloween. Anyway, this song is such a classic but the lyrics are appalling. You know how sometimes you’ll just be sitting there really listening to a song that maybe you like but never really listen, listened to? This happened to me at a stoplight & I was pretty shocked but also love this song as well as Alice Cooper. Those skin tight leather pants, *chef’s kiss* Also, just a total rock legend & complete badass – my intention is certainly not reduce him to his ability to wear pants ๐Ÿ˜›

Pieces NFI Regular

I feel like this is a good mingling song with a funky beat but people could still be getting to know each other over a cheese platter. The lyrics aren’t overly dark, it’s just a fun teaser of what’s to come. The vocals are pretty awesome, I think there’s a trumpet in there, an unexpected crowd pleaser I have found.

Pieces NFI Regular

First of all, Eddie Van Halen’s passing is a total bummer & just the cherry on top of this 2020 shit cake we’re all currently partaking in. This is always a Halloween classic although, I have one friend who hotly debates this with me almost every year. Maybe it does not overtly scream Halloween but when else is it socially acceptable to be running with the devil?

Pieces NFI Regular

Another one with really odd lyrics, was he eating beef chow mein or was this code for human meat chow mein? Also, who is Warren Zevon?! For ages I thought this song was by Steppenwolf but honestly know idea why I thought that. Again, just another funky banger good for dancing, everyone knows it, total crowd pleaser. If you have not watched the music video, please do so immediately.

Pieces NFI Regular

I am begrudgingly including this because I’m just not a fan of this song. I have found that even though we’ve collectively heard this one a number of times that is not quantifiable in this universe, people expect the mash. Can someone remix the mash, could we get an updated version? I mean, it’s fun but just so played out.

Pieces NFI Regular

If you show up to my Halloween party & you can’t bust out a half way decent Time Warp – you better just get out. No, I’m kidding & we’ve played it so many times now that everyone can Time Warp.

Pieces NFI Regular

This classic, sultry, jazzy hit given a makeover by the Sanderson Sisters is my party closer. I love Nina Simone, her voice is pure honey & I never tire of this one.

Pieces NFI Regular

Oddly polarizing, people either love it or think it’s too much. I am on the love it side of the spectrum but the Talking Heads are certainly an acquired taste – I’ll only play it once, promise ๐Ÿ˜›

Pieces NFI Regular

He could have been talking about the FBI but also, Dracula because he could have totally been hanging outside of Rockwell’s bedroom window waiting to drink his blood.

Pieces NFI Regular

I think this Creedence classic is especially fitting since this year’s Halloween coincides with a full moon.

That’s just a taste of the fabulously spooky tunes that I spin at my Halloween gatherings, which won’t be happening this year because #covid. I listen to most of these outside of Halloween though too so it’s not like I’m totally missing out but it’s not as fun when I’m just driving to work howling to Werewolves of London (still happens though). Let me know what your favorite Halloween tunes are ๐Ÿงก

Pieces NFI Regular

Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975) A young couple gets more than they bargained for when they stop to use the telephone inside of Dr. Frank-N-Furter’s delightfully eccentric mansion. Little do they know that they’ve crashed the Annual Transylvanian Convention, Brad & Janet are in for a night of murder, mayhem, debauchery & all around fun.

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