Blogtober Day 10: Saturday, Saturday


What a lame day packed full of things that I did not want to do in the slightest. It started with waking up at 5 AM because I had a nightmare that the apartment was on fire. Not just any fire, it was some kind of weird electrical fire so that the building was burning from the inside out. The walls were red hot, seemingly my front door was unaffected so I probably could have just left but dreams are stupid like that.

Then, I attended a live stream funeral – I am still undecided if it was more or less sad than an in-person funeral. It was not a COVID related death and not someone very close to me, I mostly logged on for moral support as the family was just devastated that they could not hold a regular service. In light of that, it probably was one of the saddest funerals I’ve attended but very nice given the circumstances.

I was about 300 miles over my oil change mileage, which was not actually my fault & more so just lack of availability to get it done. I had to stay in the car which I didn’t want to because I’m not great with heights & I just can’t believe that it’s safe to hoist a person up with the car. The mechanic was very nice & said there was no way that my combined weight with my very small car would outweigh even some of the mid-sized SUVs they hoist up. I wasn’t convinced & tried my hardest to sit as still as humanly possible. Then I had to clean my car out & get gas but I always love it when my car is shiny & clean so I didn’t mind that so much. I wasn’t terribly excited to touch the vacuum hose but I’ll survive.

I then had to pick up groceries which wasn’t too bad but there wasn’t any tofu to be had. I also had a Target pick up, I know, I vowed to stay out of Target but I needed some new towels which turned into new rugs which turned into just a couple of new candles & a shower curtain. Just the essentials ๐Ÿ˜› I’m going grey for winter & will return to my blush pink motif in the spring.

By that time I was starving so I came home to make some lunch/dinner & get to cleaning. I found this Mr. Clean product that is similar to Pine-Sol but smells much better. I cleaned all my floors, kitchen cabinets, some walls that looked dingy. The whole apartment smells like fresh lemons. Then I deep cleaned both baths & did way too much laundry. It was a beautiful, fall day today & I was able to hang some sheets over my railing. Yesterday, it smelled like absolute dog shit outside because of the farmers putting manure on their harvested fields for next year. I mean, I get it but man did it stink. Happy to report that the air was crisp & fresh today.

That’s about it, what does this have to do with Halloween? Mostly nothing aside from the fact that adulthood is mostly terrifyingly boring ๐Ÿ˜›


Pieces NFI Regular

The Shining (1980) While I absolutely still find the book to be much scarier than the film adaptation, I have an appreciation for this film outside of this. Jack takes a job as a winter caretaker for a secluded hotel that is closed for the season. As the spirits & beings that inhabit the hotel make themselves known, Jack absolutely loses his fucking mind & tries to murder his family.

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