Blogtober Day 14: Fall Anti-Haul


How about a bit of a throwback style post today with a good ol’ anti-haul?! Today is a dreary, dark fall day & I’m loving it but my bed was feeling particularly cozy this morning & I rolled into work a little less than totally put together. Not like anyone would notice since we are still only at half capacity & I see about five people on my in-office days. I could have rolled in wearing sweats & my boss would have never been the wiser. Anyway, I should not be doing any shopping aside from food for the foreseeable future because I have been on a shopping bender. Home goods, makeup, some clothing, shoes – you name it, I’ve been splurging but I am set to start saving my shekels again for the rest of the year. The pandemic has cut down on some of my spending, I don’t get my nails done, I don’t go to the movies as often or find myself heading out for casual shopping trips. But just in case I’m tempted, especially by all of the holiday releases, here is my anti-haul list!


I don’t even know what she is releasing yet but I don’t want it. Jennifer Lopez famously uses La Mer products, in an interview a few years ago she stated that she uses the cream all over her body in fact. So – if she isn’t selling La Mer then she isn’t honestly selling consumers the products that she uses to attain her flawless complexion. This is my issue with all celebrity skincare lines, it’s not just what they are slathering on their faces – it’s their lifestyles, diets, expensive beauty treatments, supplements, etc. It’s false advertisement at its worst & I’ve fallen for it a few times but not this time. I will say that her collaboration with Inglot was awesome & are still some of my favorite products but she can keep her skincare line.


This one will be difficult because I just love the tiny little products & the winter themed components but aside from the Lashtopia duo pack that BareMinerals always releases, I am trying to steer clear of holiday sets. I find with holiday sets that there are 1-2 products that I really want & then the rest is just filler that I usually end up throwing out. The Best of Sephora sets are a good example, I will use several of the products but then toss out just as many. I think skincare & fragrance sets can be pretty good but I’m not looking for any new skincare or fragrance at this time so shouldn’t purchase any! I might add advent calendars to this category as well but again, I just love the tiny little products. Good thing that most of the calendars that I had any interest in are already sold out ๐Ÿ˜›


The only experience I have with this brand is their Gypsy Water which in my opinion, does not smell great & is way overpriced. As is their makeup plus it’s boring. If the most interesting thing about a makeup line is the Dr. Seuss packaging then I don’t need it. We’ve seen it, it’s been done & I’m not paying $42 for a lipstick.


If you read my rant about their botched release of the Hocus Pocus collection then you already know my qualms with this brand. I think that their products are boring & recycled until they slap some nostalgic theme on them to get consumers to buy it. Obviously, given the Hocus Pocus insanity – this formula works. I own quite a few Colourpop palettes & rarely use them, I think you get what you pay for in this case – cheap makeup. For me, I would rather own a couple of investment palettes that I enjoy using over a dozen palettes that perform so-so & are boring. In addition, I find that the products I do have an interest in will sell out immediately & I’m left with half a dozen brown palettes to choose from.

I think that’s it for…now…I keep eyeing that Too Faced pumpkin themed palette but can’t support their brand, really. Why didn’t any other brands do a PSL palette?! That’s the real question, take the money that I am already trying to give you. This is mostly just for fun & not just to shit on brands ๐Ÿ˜› Tell me your thoughts on celebrity skincare & makeup lines – do you support them? I’m definitely more inclined to purchase from their makeup lines, myself. Even not being a Selena Gomez fan (I’m too old), I have tried a bit from Rare Beauty because it looked interesting. Anyway, thanks for stopping be ๐Ÿงก

Pieces NFI Regular

If you have ever driven by a power line & felt a little nervous about the number of birds on it or speed walked by a lawn full of geese, you might have watched this classic Alfred Hitchcock film a little too young like yours truly. The gorgeous Tippi Hedren plays troubled socialite, Melanie Daniels who meets dashing Mitch at a pet store. An attempt at making amends leads to Melanie hand delivering a pair of love birds to Mitch’s little sister’s birthday party at their family seaside home. All the birds in the area have gone mad & are killing everything in their path. The Birds (1963).

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