Blogtober Day 28: That One Time I Dabbled in the Dark Arts


Or…just purchased some pagan statues because I thought they were cool πŸ˜› I’ve always had a healthy fascination in the occult, witches, familiars, tarot – I studied a lot of this as part of my Theology curriculum & loved it. I don’t think I have any abilities, personally. I have a tarot deck that I occasionally bust out but I don’t think I’m any good at it. A psychic told me that I’m an empath which total eye roll & I think my ability to read someone else’s energy has more to do with being a teacher than any special abilities. People do exhaust me but that’s a whole other issue. Anyway, my vibe is very open to anything – maybe we’ll have a sΓ©ance later.

Late last year I decided that I wanted to add some pagan pieces to my collection of religious relics. I collect a lot of religious pieces not because I am particularly religious but because they’re just beautiful to look at. Also, they’re kinda creepy which also fits in with my vibe. I found this fascinating etsy shop Master Dubrovich that primarily sells stunning hand carved figurines. Most of which are Celtic, pagan, Norse & the like. I loved how eerily beautiful they were & ordered two that most closely resembled these that he currently has for sale.

They were just as beautifully crafted as these but I’m pretty sure they were haunted & it just serves me right for poking around pagan idols πŸ˜› Here’s what happened, I received these lovely pieces in the mail & had the perfect spot for them on a floating shelf in my hallway. I don’t know if it was just me being superstitious but I definitely felt something from the figurines – not bad but something. For pieces that didn’t have traditional faces, they had so much personality & expression. They were perfect additions to my curio collection until one morning at 3 AM’ish (the witching hour) I heard one of them drop on the floor. I was actually more worried that it had been damaged at that point rather than thinking it jumped to floor of its own accord. Now, the bottoms weren’t totally flat so I just assumed it toppled over & placed it back on the shelf. Until the next morning when I walked into the hall to see it on the floor yet again. It didn’t happen every night but often enough nights that it started to spook me & depending on what mood I was in, could keep me up at night. I mean, I wasn’t losing my mind but it was odd. At this point, I called a friend who is actually into the whole wiccan thing who came over immediately to check out my statues except she kept calling them dolls which I am sure they found very insulting. She agreed that they definitely had a feeling to them but that they were inhabited not haunted to which I say – same difference. Her recommendation was to smudge them & I would love to say that we stayed up all night driving away potentially malicious spirits but we didn’t. I just gave them to her because I’m such a good friend πŸ˜› No, I figured that I had dipped my toe too far into the waters of paganism & was more suited for my rosaries & gothic idols. She loves them & has never experienced any issues, I do get a little weirded out though when I’m her place & they’re just sitting there.

Since I relinquished these mysterious figurines, I found a crystal gargoyle that now sits on the same shelf…and constantly falls off. I’ve since chalked it up to some movement in the building that must be strong enough to rattle the wall but not make an audible noise. Like, someone on the first floor slamming a door & it travels up the walls. Is that possible?! Is the shelf haunted?! I mean, I got it from IKEA so it seems unlikely πŸ˜› I own some weird, old stuff that I’ve never felt anything from & do really think there was something special about those particular pieces. I was a little sad to part with them but definitely think they found a good home. What are your thoughts on idols or figurines like this? Do they inherently have a vibe because of the subject matter or could they be inhabited? 🧑

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