On The 2nd Day of Blogmas: Merry Kitschmas


I use kitsch & kitschmas as endearing terms, to me they describe the decorative tastes of 1940’s & 50’s housewives. The Shiny Brite era is pretty much peak Christmas for me; the colors, the tacky tinsel trees, the post-war decadence & excess simply appeals to me. I don’t have the pleasure of owning any true vintage pieces, the one time I purchased what I thought was an original set of Lefton Pixies, I found out they were just remakes. Still adorable but makes me a little ill considering what I paid for them, lesson learned & I stick to purchasing new replicas. Luckily for me, many retailers have started producing kitsch décor in recent years. I have a few different themes going in different areas of my apartment but the kitchen, living room tree & a portion of the living room itself have been dedicated to my kitsch obsession.

We will start with the kitchen where I don’t do a ton of decorating as my kitchen is already decorated pretty extensively. It’s the one area in the apartment that is not remotely minimalist but everything has been curated over decades & I couldn’t part with any of it. To start, we have the stars of the show which are the Mr. Christmas remakes. I audibly gasped when I spotted these beauties at Target. They had them in white, green & pink, my mother definitely owned a set of these & it was like stepping back into my childhood seeing them again. There were two sizes, I chose one of each in the pink. They light up & everything, just delightful. The pink sisal trees were Hobby Lobby finds from three years ago & the teal fawn was new this year from Michael’s. I used one of my pink Pyrex to hold a gaggle of pastel sisal trees, the Pyrex was already in my collection & the trees were from Target.

Now to the Kitsch Korner 😛 We have a collection of various trees that I have acquired over the years from Target, Hobby Lobby & Michael’s. The pink mercury glass are probably my favorite & I’m unsure of where I found those. The Santa was new this year from Hobby Lobby, he has pastel accents which match perfectly with the rest of the décor – I don’t own any other Santa figures but can see more in my future. The tinsel trees were new this year from Target’s Threshold collection, they are exactly that tacky tinsel I’ve been looking for. The retro reindeer was also from Target, the wreath & cone tinsel tree were JoAnn finds. I had the wreath on my front door but decided to bring it in after my doormat was stolen. Finally, the glitter fawns are the same as my kitchen one just in different colors from Michael’s.

To the tree! This year I went primarily pink with loads of mercury glass. Lots of these were Target finds, Michael’s & some JoAnn. I think my favorites are the felt reindeer & the starbursts covered in glitter. Only a handful of these are new this year, most I already owned.

Here is a somewhat full-tree shot, with no topper as you can see 😀 I have been looking at some bows, I think that could work…also though, this tree has a very prominent top branch. I think that’s part of my issue, I would have to find a tree topper that is at least 6-7 inches tall but not too wide as the tree is tall & thin.

That does it for the kitsch collection I will share the other elements at another date! What décor trends are you most fond of? I like to change it up from year to year but this means owning way more than I actually need with very little storage options. If I had to pick just one theme though, it would probably be the 1940’s. Let me know if you’ve decorated already, thanks for stopping by!

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