On The 3rd Day of Blogmas: Black Friday Fail


You guys, I think the universe is sending me a sign that I should be saving my shekels instead of spending them on more beauty stuff that I really don’t need. Most of my Black Friday budget was spent at ULTA because they were having some great deals. I swear, they make way more money off me than they pay me 😛 Well, my order of 16 or so items arrived yesterday & 6 of those items were candles that I was giving as gifts with some other bits for my gal pals. The UPS delivery man who is such a nice guy knocked on my door & handed me the box, he said it sounded broken & boy, he was right. First of all, whoever packed the box should have picked a bigger one at the very least. All of the items were crammed to the brim of the box without a single piece of packing material. All 6 candles were on top, completely shattered. The makeup was underneath the candles & I am guessing just the sheer weight of the candles crushed them because it was a mess. One bottle of shampoo had a big slash in it & the product had completely filled the bottom of the box. I stopped examining the items because it started to get hairy digging through glass laced shampoo. The outside of the box was in perfect condition & I don’t think it was a carrier issue, the warehouse just did a terrible job of packing the box. I’m not making a fuss (aside from this long-winded rant), first because I am an employee & second because the distribution centers are probably overworked & understaffed. I did request a refund because I cannot use a single thing in that box & am pretty disappointed but like I said, taking it as a sign. Also, I have no idea what do with with this box of broken glass?! I already told customer service that I am not sending it back through the mail! Eventually, the shampoo will make the box soggy enough that it could break open & really hurt someone. I don’t want to return it at my store because then we’ll just have a box of broken glass in the damages pile. Update – customer service told me that I could just throw the products away & a refund would be issued 🙂 I still think that I will go through it & separate everything as much as possible, what a mess.

Looking at this photo, the cotton rounds did survive!

The only other item that I purchased for myself was a handbag from Foley & Corrina which was on sale but not that great of sale, I really just needed a small bag that I could carry essential items in for work. Back when the CDC was saying that COVID could live on surfaces for like 16 hours, I started using a fanny pack when I went out that I would wash constantly. Well, now that I am back at the office, my neon green fanny pack is less than chic & a little faded from all that washing. I’m not ready to go back to my big bags because I still feel like I need to wipe them down & I don’t need to be carrying one since they double as my gym bag. I wanted a small, synthetic bag that still looked nice but would be easy to clean & hold what I needed it to. This little bag checks all of those boxes & it’s pretty cute, the gold accents look like a smiley face 🙂

I’m a mid-sized gal, certainly not thin so I tend to avoid small bags because they make me feel bigger but I really cannot be bothered to care at the moment. The strap on this bag is long enough to make the perfect cross body, I can wear it over my coats too & it doesn’t look oddly small. It’s a simple bag with enough little details to make it fun.

I honestly don’t know a lot about this brand or how well this bag will wear. Most of my other bags are leather or vegan leather, this one is simply described as synthetic so I guess we’ll see. It has a nice weight to it though & very nice lining. There is a credit card pocket on the outside & one zip pocket on the inside. It holds everything that I need it to, I’ve already used disinfectant wipes on it a couple of times with no issues.

Did you snag any deals this year – let me know what you had your eye on! I really, really wanted one of those robotic vacuum things but couldn’t commit & I don’t mind vacuuming anyway, I think my cats & neighbors would prefer that I purchase one since I vacuum a lot but maybe I will get one for Christmas 😀 I hope that you are happy, healthy & just doing the best you can 🖤

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