On The 11th Day of Blogmas: My Christmas Wishlist


This is a PSA to get your holiday orders in if you have not done so already (& plan on them arriving late). I have a friend who delivers packages, he sent me a picture of their warehouse – waist deep palettes from wall to wall, people! They’ve had to double up on trucks on his route due to the sheer volume & how long it’s been taking to get everything delivered. Also, I would not depend on the retailer ‘Arrives Before Christmas’ cut off date because they are making promises that they simply cannot keep. Anyway, I usually order my own gifts for Christmas/birthday right about now but have decided to wait until after the new year to do so. I’m just guessing that there will be fewer delays & none of this is time sensitive. So I guess this is actually my Christmas & birthday wishlist…

Robot VacuumI have resisted the robot vacuum for a number of years but I feel as though the technology has existed long enough that it’s probably pretty difficult to find a dud. Still, I did some extensive research & this one had overall good reviews & it’s supposed to be really good for pet hair. Reasons I want a robot vacuum: I vacuum almost everyday & think my neighbors would appreciate it if I had a quieter one. They have never said anything but I know that they hear me vacuuming constantly. Also, I would like to spend my time doing other things like napping. Imagine, a spotless floor all while you’re napping 😀 Seriously though, I need one.

YSL Libre IntenseIf you haven’t experienced the original Libre fragrance, it’s a very warm vanilla scent. The new intense formulation is like full fat vanilla. It smells luxurious & amazing, I was skeptical at first spray because it was little on the alcohol side but the dry down is beautiful. It takes me quite a long time to purchase a fragrance because they are just so expensive. I am about through my summer scents thought & this will be my go-to winter scent. I love the rich caramel color too, it smells just like it looks – warm & rich.

Capricorn Key Ring I always get myself a little something Capricorn themed, I think this resin keychain will be the perfect addition to my key ring.

David’s Tea Tasting ClubMy favorite tea supplier is offering a quarterly tea subscription box?! Sold. Also, I already purchased this for myself & cannot wait for it to arrive. Each box includes up to 8 seasonal teas & other tea lover goodies. I am so excited to see what is inside, I have a strict No Subscription Box rule but it’s tea & I know that everything will be used.

Lash Idole Lashi Lifting & Volumizing MascaraI recently received a sample of this mascara, it’s amazing. It isn’t out yet but I am ordering at least 5 tubes! I have straight lashes & some of them point down after having had lash extensions for so long. I know, I know – lash extensions won’t damage your lashes but the weight of wearing them for so long definitely changed the way they grow. This mascara makes them appear curled & voluminous with just a couple of swipes & the curl lasts all day. It’s really black, not clumpy & just makes my lashes look awesome.

Nora Kisslock CrossbodyHere’s the deal, I would never actually purchase this even as a gift to myself because it’s leather & I have a new bag. That being said, look at how chic & fun this little bag is. I love the modern take on an old style, the gold chain, the size – it’s an adorable bag. Alas…

GAP Ribber JoggersI always purchase a new pair of pajamas for Christmas too, it’s the one tradition from my youth that I’ve continued. I won’t be wearing these beauties on Christmas Eve but am sure they will get a lot of use.

I think that’s it, will I suddenly be struck with a treat yourself mood right around my birthday? It’s been known to happen but I have sworn to myself that I will not splurge on a bunch of skincare that I don’t need. There have been one…or two…times that I’ve gone nuts purchasing anti-aging products right around my birthday. I take good care of my skin, this simply is not necessary.

What’s on your wishlist this year? Do you treat yourself or hope that Santa comes through 🙂 Thanks for reading!

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