On the 12th Day of Blogmas: Baking & Bond, James Bond


Happy Saturday, I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend! I mentioned a few posts back that I take one weekend each year to watch James Bond films & bake Christmas goodies. Today was supposed to be the day, the Bond marathon was a success but the baking part an abject failure. In my defense, I was waiting for the butter to soften 😉 So instead of sharing the goodies I should have made, I’m sharing my Top 5 Bond films. I’m a James Bond fanatic, it started with the books in middle school & films when I was in college. I have no idea why it took me so long to watch them, probably because they weren’t cool by liberal, college female standards. I still listen to the books, there’s something wholesome & nostalgic about the old stories even though the material is a bit racy. Now, I could rank all 26 films but that seems crazy 😂

Number 5: Skyfall (2012) This is my favorite Daniel Craig adaptation by far. I thought his debut in Casino Royale fell flat considering how good the book is. Craig is not my favorite Bond, he plays the role a lot grittier & tortured than the international men of mystery from yester year but he’s an interesting Bond. This one finds M at the center of an assassination plot spearheaded by a former agent. The villain being someone on the inside rather than some over the top, super villain made this one tense & his story is so tragic. It’s all fun & games until the cyanide capsule fails.

Number 4: Moonraker (1979) But I do love a bizarre, over the top villain too 😂 When a space shuttle is stolen, Bond is sent to investigate the ultra-wealthy, eccentric Hugo Drax. From Rio to Venice, Bond is pursued by Jaws, a hulking brute of a man with jaws of steel. There’s a super cheesy intergalactic battle but 007 saves the human race in the knick of time, again. Roger Moore is a decent Bond if a little nerdy. This film has been lauded as the worst Bond film, it’s a little nutty but still a fun watch.

Number 3: Goldfinger (1964) Bond is investigating Auric Goldfinger, yet another businessman bent on world domination. He invites Bond to his horse farm for drinks…& murder. Iconic scenes include the poor girl suffocated in gold & Odd Job with his deadly hat.

Number 2: Goldeneye (1995) Hands down the only Pierce Brosnan film I can stand – the other ones are just bananas, even for Bond 😂 007 goes up against the only person who can whip his ass, 006. Bond has to take down his former ally before he uses a stolen satellite to destroy the earth. I don’t love the Brosnan era films because I believe this was the start of the prolonged sex scenes. The older films just gave cheeky hints as to what was happening, they kept it classy & fun by comparison.

Number 1: On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1969) My favorite Bond, George Lazenby appeared in exactly one film & it’s my favorite by far. He had some big shoes to fill following Connery & did a bang up job in my opinion. Bond infiltrates the international crime syndicate SPECTRE by securing an invitation to a compound in the Alps by one Ernst Stavro Blofeld. Blofeld is executing a bio-warfare plot that would wipe out global economies. I love the isolated setting, Bond’s midnight escape on skis & nail biting car chases. I think this is the one Bond storyline where he could have been killed but he came through without any fancy gadgets 😉 This film also put an end to the ever revolving cast of Bond girls…almost…

Bond to me, is just good fun. Some of the older films haven’t perhaps aged well but I’m also applying my modern day morals & values to very different times. I think that is something to consider when watching these films – just enjoy them for what they are. Are you a Bond fan? What’s your favorite film? I’ll post my baked goods just as soon as I get around to making them ❄

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