On The 14th Day of Blogmas: How to Not Suck at Secret Santa ðŸŽ…


I am not the biggest fan of Secret Santa, giving gifts is the best part of Christmas for me however, I find the Secret Santa gift exchange quite stressful. This year, I am being a total Grinch & sitting the office gift exchange out – also, I won’t be here for it anyway so I don’t think that anyone will notice. It’s tricky to do Secret Santa with people that you don’t know really well, it takes some reconnaissance. I always want to give something I know they will be sure to like but also not make it seem like I know too much about them. I once received a very nice tea steeping mug because my Secret Santa saw me making tea, it’s personal enough but not in a creepy way. Is this making sense? Does anyone else worry about this? Anyway, if you are not a fan of Secret Santa but also don’t want to suck at it, here are some of my tried & true tips.

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Some people say that gift cards are lazy, I say that gift cards are one size fits all & the perfect gift if you do it right. First, make sure that the gift card is from a merchant that you know they will like or use. Target gift cards, gas cards, coffee shop gift cards are ones that I enjoy giving/receiving. Listen, my boss gave me a gas card a couple of years ago & it was amazing not having to spend money on gas for a few months. I like to pair the gift card with something else like a hand cream, candle or mug just to let them know that some thought did go into the gift. If the limit is $10 or so, then a gift card will do the trick, in my opinion.

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Stick to the agreed upon spend limit but don’t go for the cheapest thing you can find. If you forget, someone will notice if you gift something you found on your desk. If you don’t have a lot to spend, DIY something thoughtful or get creative with gift wrapping. Don’t overspend either, it makes everyone uncomfortable. Nobody wants to be the Michael Scott of the office.

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Humor, yes. Gag gifts, no. I have given Poo-Pourri at least twice at different gift exchanges, it’s a hit. Everyone can use it & it’s a bit funny. Toilet paper, isn’t funny – not even in 2020. This is a totally unrelated PSA but if anyone gives me a mask this year…I swear to God. A funny calendar or cheeky set of sticky notes – all useful but funny. Whoopee cushions, not funny & not useful.

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Everyone may not agree with this one but I once received some cat toys & I thought it was awesome. It showed that they knew something about me & we still have the toys. Or, use treats/toys as a supplementary gift to add a little something extra.

I am of two minds about giving food, if you struggle with disordered eating like yours truly – food can be tricky. If it’s something that can be shared, then I will bust it out for everyone to enjoy. Baked goods tend to be crowd pleasers for most people & do require quite a bit of time & effort to put together. To me, it’s definitely the thought that counts just don’t get too intimate & you’ll be fine. Also, if we never found out the identity of our Santa, that would be just fine with me – I never know if I am acting grateful enough or overdoing it.

Honestly, just give it your best shot & I think it most cases that will be perfect. Are you into the Secret Santa thing, let me know what your tips are for making it a success ❄

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