On The 17th Day of Blogmas: 5 Favorite Christmas Things


Quite literally every state around Minnesota has received a significant amount of snow, it’s as though we are living in a weather phenomena that is opposite of the lake effect. This is not what I signed up for when I moved here, in fact I thought that it would be winter all of the time. Nobody ever talks about the miserably hot, humid summers. It is quite cold & overcast but not even a flake in the next 10 days – no snow for Christmas. I’m bitter, I might even take the Christmas décor down 😛 I have all next week off, I was supposed to go snowboarding but I think at this point it would be a trip to South Dakota to make it happen. I was going to post the 5 things about Christmas that I loathe but am posting 5 things that love to feel a little more festive instead 🙂

Baby Chipmunk

Shout out to all of the homeowners in my neck of the woods who really showed out this year with the outdoor décor! I about drove off the road looking at a stunning tree display on my way home last night. Almost nobody decorated for Halloween & I was expecting Christmas to be the same but I have just been delighted by all of the light displays. Oh, except one, there is this old farm house on my way to work & they just have this 6-foot plastic snowman at the end of their driveway. It must be vintage because it’s face is crazy, appreciate the effort though 😀

Baby Chipmunk

One could probably enjoy a glass of mulled wine at any time of they year but I’m not sure that it would be quite the same. I love the smell of mulled wine, it smells like Christmas. Honestly, I only drink wine at the holidays so just wine in general is a holiday favorite in my book.

Baby Chipmunk

I started a tradition a few years back of going to a play or concert on Christmas Eve in downtown St. Paul. There is just something magical about St. Paul at Christmas time. The old homes & buildings all decorated up. Sadly, not only will I not be seeing a show this year, I probably won’t venture into downtown for a number of reasons in addition to the pandemic.

Baby Chipmunk

Old movies, new ones, old holiday specials – I love having the television on while I am cooking or cleaning. I didn’t realize how much I would miss this when I got rid of my television a few years ago. However, my tablet does just fine & it’s portable.

Baby Chipmunk

I don’t go to mass very often anymore but I love midnight mass. There is something beautifully calm about walking into an old Catholic church in the middle of the night. The Cathedral of St. Paul is stunning & I’ve had the pleasure of attending a few services there but there are plenty of smaller churches in the Twin Cities as well that hold beautiful Christmas Day services. I suppose I could attend my pick of services this year assuming they are all online.

What are your favorite things about Christmas? Anyone on the east coast here?! I hope you are surviving the storm ❤

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