On The 18th Day of Blogmas: Office Christmas Décor ❄


That’s it’s it, that’s the post 😛 Those little gelatinous window decals are the extent of the holiday décor in almost the entire building. Another admin at the opposite of the building has a lone Santa on her window. Usually, we all decorate our windows with lights & garlands but with so few people being in the building, it felt kind of pointless this year. I spotted these little decals for a $1 at the grocery store & figured they were better than nothing. The pack actually came with two snowmen but I wasn’t being careful & decapitated the other one when I was peeling it off the backing. That pretty much sums up how I feel about it 😛 But couldn’t let the holiday pass without doing something.

It does make me little sad to not see any lights twinkling throughout the hallway or a grand tree in the lobby. I think it’s actually about a 10 year old tree that was donated by a former employee but it does look lovely when it’s all decked out. Ah well, next year’s display will just have to be twice as good!

People keep commenting on how clean my desk is, I’m only here three days a week & I wipe it down every time. But also I am very particular about my work area, it’s easier to focus. Did you decorate your workspace? I think retailers knew we all had plexi-glass to work with so they churned out all of these jelly stickers. Obviously, I had about another 10-feet to work with but I wasn’t in the mood. Maybe I will get a few more snowflakes for January, or I will just get back from vacation and rip them all down. Bring on Valentine’s Day! Could we possible be out of quarantine for the single worst day of the year? Wouldn’t that just make complete sense, finally, restaurants are fully open for you & your non-existent partner to enjoy a romantic dinner. I jest, I love Valentine’s day & am actually looking forward to it.

Do you decorate at work? I promise, we usually do a better job than this ❄

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