Friday Thoughts: Eugenia Cooney Has Got To Go


If you are someone who is sensitive to discussions of eating disorders or a fan of Eugenia Cooney, this one isn’t for you. Happy New Year, blah, blah, blah – 2021 is shaping up to be just as weird as 2020. Yay πŸ˜‰ Anyway, a couple of nights ago I am rolling through YouTube trying to find something to watch, I don’t subscribe to a ton of channels & will find myself down the odd rabbit hole on occasion. My recommended videos are a variety of everything & nothing since I will watch anything excluding diet, weight loss, exercise channels, etc. because as someone who manages an eating disorder, this content can be tricky to ingest. Now & again, the YouTube algorithm will throw me the odd health channel probably because I watch a lot of lifestyle channels & it’s fine but I found myself absolutely disgusted when Eugenia’s most recent video popped up in my feed.

I don’t watch her, I did watch the Shane Dawson video, just never her specifically but she has been a name within the community for a long time. Unfortunately, her images are often used as inspiration or encouragement for people looking to fuel their disorders. It’s like – if she can be that skinny & not dead then I can too. She is stupid & blind to her disorder at best, dangerous & fully in control of what she is doing at worst. I personally believe that it’s the latter, she full well knows that her content is pro-ana, thinspo & fodder for perverts or the morbidly curious. By allowing her to have a monetized channel, YouTube is allowing her more accessibility to people of all ages & basically paying her to kill herself. What is even more twisted is that to my knowledge, she has never admitted that she has a problem which is incredibly misleading to her following, young people especially. Not only can she not admit that she has a problem, she probably never shares the graphic details of what her disorder is doing to her body. Instead, she presents herself as this cutesy, terminally delightful, childlike being who just wants to live her life. That’s fine, that’s complete bullshit but it’s fine – take it offline then & stop monetizing your mental illness.

Is she providing tips or commentary on how she maintains her outrageously low body weight? No, probably not but she is presenting this everything is fine faΓ§ade that is dangerous. She is showcasing her illness, this glamorizes it & could encourage others to try & do the same. To me, it’s no different than watching your favorite beauty guru & wanting to become really good at makeup application so that you can be the next big guru. Since she won’t be honest about what’s actually going on, I can provide some insight into the physical toll that a long term eating disorder can take on a body – the shit they don’t tell you in school.

I was actively bulimic from 17 to 26 years old, I say actively because it’s something that I manage each day & choose not to engage in. I was never a binge & purge person, I would eat a regular meal & then expel it. I have occasional slip ups, going vegan has definitely been tricky because it puts a lot of emphasis on food & this can feel unhealthily obsessive but hasn’t caused any major issues. Eugenia is 26 now, when I finally started treatment at the same age, it was only after being fitted for a partial denture because many of my back teeth were falling out or so severely decayed that they had to be pulled. I didn’t care that I was freakishly thin, I liked the way that I looked, for some reason the denture thing really triggered me & finding out that my dentist was a recovering anorexic that encouraged me to take the next step. Thankfully now, I have been able to replace my teeth with individual dental implants on posts which was as an extremely painful (and expensive) procedure. Forcing yourself to throw up consistently also causes bizarre issues with the throat muscles & can lead to years of involuntary puking. I am 34 now, I cannot brush my teeth without throwing up or dry heaving. It’s embarrassing, not as embarrassing as some of the instances that occurred earlier in my recovery but it still sucks. Chronic acid reflux & bouts of IBS are other digestive issues that I experience on the regular. I have arthritis in my back, ribs & deteriorated bone density in one hip that could necessitate a hip replacement by age 40. The thing is, you can recover from an eating disorder but you’ll never be quite the same. It isn’t a game, it’s not just simply wanting to be thin & then being able to go back to a normal existence once you’ve attained your goal. There really isn’t a goal aside from wanting to be thinner & wanting others to notice that you are thinner. I’m not even considered an extreme case, long term but not extreme & this shit has plagued me for decades. It will always have an impact on my day to day life & seeing some little brat on the internet glamorizing a deadly lifestyle is infuriating.

There is no shame in admitting that you have an eating disorder even if you aren’t ready to deal with it. At the least, she could admit her issue & be honest that she doesn’t feel the need to seek treatment but be honest about it. Tell young viewers that it’s a shitty existence that makes you feel like shit all of the time. Tell them that your bones ache, that you can’t sleep, that it doesn’t truly make you happy. Tell them that it’s an existence that you wouldn’t wish on anyone. Let them know the risks; heart failure, organ failure, mood swings, chronic headaches, blindness, seizures, death – just to name a few. Eugenia Cooney is not living, she is dying. If she can’t admit this & censor her content then YouTube & other platforms need to step in & do it for her, I’m still so disgusted that I’m considering boycotting YouTube altogether. Parents can only do so much to protect their kids online & sometimes, thinspo content isn’t easily spotted, it can seem like a harmless inspirational quote if you aren’t wise to the community.

I don’t pity her, just like I don’t pity myself – eating disorders are mental health disorders but it’s something we can choose to deal with. I would encourage anyone struggling with an eating disorder to at least stop & really consider what’s going on, even if you aren’t ready to seek treatment – just stop & think for a moment. Consider a life that isn’t consumed by an eating disorder. It’s a much more beautiful existence. Sure, I am a bit fat now & feel about 80 years old sometimes but overall am much healthier & happier for seeking treatment. I hope that you are happy, healthy & just doing the best that you can ❀

Trash Talk & Some Products I’m Getting Rid Of

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Another beautiful spring day, we’ve really been treated to fantastic weather lately. I’ve been enjoying the deck a lot, getting my urban garden off the ground – update to come. I don’t know if nature is just thriving with humans being in lockdown but has anyone else noticed some monster bees where they are? I appreciate the bees but I’m also allergic to them & they just seem massive this year. I’m excited that they are interested in my plants though, I hope this means that my garden will be a success. I’m still cleaning, organizing & reorganizing because what else is there to do?! I’ve got just a handful of empties & a few things I’m tossing because I don’t like them.

Sol de Janeiro Bum Bum Cream – There’s still a good blob to use up but almost there. I hate that I love this stuff but there are few creams this rich that don’t feel greasy. It smells like summer but in a refined, sultry way. I’m not repurchasing as it does seem overpriced & I have a LUSH body cream that I need to use up.

Pyunkang Yul Acne Patches – these were pretty good, I like how thin they were. Not terribly expensive & very effective at helping treat red spots.

CeraVe Eye Repair Cream – I like this stuff a lot & almost always have some on hand. It’s a simple cream that just hydrates but I think that ensuring the undereye area is properly hydrated can help with the appearance of fine lines and dark circles. It’s not very expensive but is decently effective.

Tula Eye Renewal Serum – I wasn’t crazy about this product. I like the consistency but I didn’t notice any change to the puffiness of my undereyes. I also think that it irritated my skin a bit. It’s overpriced at $52 for .5 ounces, especially as it did nothing for me.

Peach & Lily Glass Skin Refining Serum – I felt like there was a good reason that I never bought into the hype around this product. This is a deluxe sample & there’s nothing special about this serum. I’m about halfway done with it, I haven’t noticed any changes in my skin texture. It feels nice but so does plain hyaluronic acid.

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation – I’ve fallen out of love with this brand almost completely. I’ve used a lot of her products & while they’re good, I just don’t think that they’re magic or worth the price tag. I think you need to have really good skin & attractive features already to use her products successfully. Which makes sense as she is a celebrity makeup artist. This foundation is just a caky, clumpy, pore accentuating mess. I do enjoy the Magic Cream but the makeup just isn’t for me.

Good Molecules Priming Moisturizer – Actually a nice, lightweight moisturizer that does prep the skin for makeup but it broke me out! It’s almost 3/4 full & I’d love to pass it on but think those days are over in light of Corona.

Some keepers, some duds but they all can’t be winners. I hope you’re having a beautiful day & just doing the best you can πŸ’›


How About a Ghost Story…


I’ve had the most difficult time trying to stick to a sleep schedule. I’m going to be wrecked when we go back to work. Living alone & staying up well into the twilight hours gives me the creeps, I don’t know why I keep doing it. It’s especially creepy when you think you’re being haunted. I’ve mentioned my elderly neighbor who passed away before but things have still been weird & since I can’t sleep, I’ll creep you out too πŸ˜‰

Going on two years ago, my elderly neighbor passed away in her apartment & wasn’t found for awhile. Our kitchen & living rooms are on the same wall, I never heard her much anyway so sadly, I didn’t notice that she had died. I did run into her often, she was always pushing this metal cart filled with coloring books, children’s books & other goodies that any grandma would have on hand for her grandkids. She would always say that she was off to see her grandkids or that they were coming over – she was a genuinely sweet old lady. I did notice her absence but figured that she was on an extended visit with the grandkids. Then one day, my kitchen just started to feel off. I’ve shared photos of my kitchen before, it’s bright & cheery, filled with colorful decor but it started to get this dank feeling I couldn’t shake. It was late fall, I chalked it up to rain and started burning candles and baking to make it feel cozy again but nothing worked. Now, I had an acupuncturist tell me years ago that I was an empath. How he knew this, I have no idea. Do I believe it, no idea but a few days into my kitchen feeling weird, I got sick. I never sleep in my bed when I’m sick & prefer to lay on the couch. Typically, my cats sleep wherever I am but I noticed that they were sticking to the back rooms of my apartment which started to give me the willies. I was home sick for five days over a weekend, on two nights I woke to my stove’s overhead light being on. My couch faces my stove, it’s incredibly unlikely that I would have left it on then laid down but figured I was just out of it from being sick. This entire time, my neighbor was the last thing on my mind but had I been paying attention, I would have realized that her apartment had been dead silent for nearly two weeks.

Fast forward a few days later, I’m finally back at work feeling fatigued but otherwise well enough. I’m pulling into my apartment complex & the coroner is parked outside. I felt like everything was suddenly slow motion, my breath caught & I knew immediately my neighbor had died. I stopped by the office to check in with the building manager. She had been sitting in her rocker, in her living room for just under three weeks. I was sleeping in my living, basically right next to her for at least four nights. He said that he started to worry when she hadn’t been to the office to chat with him & was the one to discover her. It was all around just really tragic.

Eventually he started to clean & renovate her apartment as she had lived there for going on ten years. However, I noticed that the unit sat vacant for quite some time. When I asked the building manager if he was struggling to find a tenant, he said that he wasn’t able to locate any relatives so her stuff was still in the apartment. I was shocked, when I mentioned her grandkids he said that she didn’t have any family that he knew of. I’ve never figured out if she was lying or if she was struggling with dementia. I used to work in memory care & didn’t notice any signs that she wasn’t completely lucid. Maybe she just didn’t want people to feel sorry for her, I dunno. At any rate, weird things kept happening while the unit sat empty. My stove light would be on when I’d get home, the cats still wouldn’t hang out in the living room & had taken to staring at my front door at 3 am. I’d inexplicably be awake & find them all crowded near the front door night after night. Sometimes I stay in bed, refusing to look at the time because I know what time it is & where the cats are . The kitchen still feels off & I almost never sit out in the living room.

Finally, my building manager let me know that the unit was being rented but only as of this February. He said most of her stuff had been donated, no family ever responded to the public notices he had published. I was relieved, it would be nice to hear some movement in there, I thought it would help the atmosphere of my apartment as well. Sadly, it hasn’t & my kitchen still feels gloomy, the living room a bit sad & so completely silent. If it weren’t for running into the new gal a few times, I’d assume that there’s nobody over there.

I don’t think she’s malicious but maybe a bit bitter that nobody noticed her absence. I get a tingly sensation when I turn my back to the living room wall & scoot down the hall to my bedroom. I wholeheartedly believe that she’s still here, pushing her cart of children’s goodies up & down the hallway.


Saturday Vibes: Feeling Completely Unmotivated

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It’s Saturday, it’s a beautiful sunny day & I’m completely unmotivated to do anything. I’ve cleaned everything, I’ve organized everything, I think my neighbors below me will make a complaint if I vacuum one more time. I skipped my bed time skincare routine last night (accidentally) & decided to just do it this morning and lay around all day. Then I got bored and decided to clean something, I already cleared out and organized my bathroom drawers but my makeup bag has become a bit of a monster:


Clearly, a remedy to this issue would have been to buy a smaller bag but I have wanted this bag for ages, I just couldn’t drop $21 on it. I spotted this neon beauty at the drugstore around Christmas, it was on clearance for $12 and was packed with a bunch of Soap & Glory products. I gifted the products to a friend and kept this giant, gloriously neon bag for myself. It needs a good clean out though, here’s a peek at everything as well as what is staying or going.

{Avocado Creamy}

{Avocado Creamy}

Charlotte Tilbury Pressed Powder: I have to use this one up but that’s the only reason that it gets to stay in the bag. I don’t like it, it doesn’t set my makeup and makes my skin look dry.

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Away Concealer: Out, I can’t use these. I think they are only meant to be worn underneath the eye but the formula irritates my eyes, plus they are really old and the sponge tip applicator stinks.

MAC Soft & Gentle: This is a keeper, I’ve almost panned it anyway. I love the mineralized skin finish powders, they make the skin look so juicy and radiant but they’re powders. It’s witchcraft.

shape tape: Still my favorite concealer, even with dry skin I find that these give me the best coverage.

MISSHA BB Cream: Love this, it’s the only ‘foundation’ that I reach for during the summer. It packs a pretty good amount of coverage for a BB cream, it’s packed with SPF and blends seamlessly.

Bare Minerals foundation stick: These will stay, I have to use them up & only one of them has been opened. I purchased a ton of bare minerals foundation when it was on sale earlier this year. I paid around $10 for each of these after my discount. I like this foundation but the color isn’t a great match for me.

Honest Beauty Powder & Primer: Out, I purchased these as ULTA right before they closed and I don’t like either product. The powder is too yellow and drying, it also has a weird scent to it. The primer looks and works fine but it breaks me out.

Maybelline FitMe Loose Powder: Out, this used to be a long time fave but I find it to be too drying as of late.

MAC Powder Foundation: I should really use this up, unfortunately I bought this online and it pulls too yellow for me but it’s a great product otherwise.

TooFaced Concealer: This product did me dirty, I like the coverage and the formula but it’s so yellow! I didn’t notice until I was on a Zoom call & was shocked to see what a poor match it was. These are really old anyway so I’m tossing them out.

Coty Airspun: Out for now but it’s a good powder, I never bake with it, I take a blending eyeshadow brush and press it into areas where my foundation settles in fine lines. I wear lighter foundation in the warmer seasons and don’t have an issue with fine lines so I want be taking this extra step.

Bare Minerals BarePro Foundation: Again, I have multiples of this because it was on sale. It’s out for now but will go back to using it in the fall/winter. This is the .5 shade which is a much better match for me, the stick doesn’t come in this shade but I hope they release it soon.

{Avocado Creamy}

{Avocado Creamy}

Flower Beauty Blush Bomb: In, these are awesome.

Charlotte Tilbury Glowgasm: Out but mostly because it dried up, it’s a good product but there are other liquid blushes that I would recommend first for much cheaper.

Burt’s Bees Blush: I think this is Toasted Cinnamon, I plan to use this one up. The formula is not very long wearing but the color is really nice.

Bare Minerals Highlighter: In, definitely one of my most used products as of late.

Benefit Boxes o’ Blushes: These are all in, they are my summer cocktail for faux sun-kissed skin.

{Avocado Creamy}

{Avocado Creamy}

Colourpop Mascara: Out, it’s brown and just does nothing for my lashes.

Buxom: Out, it’s expired and has been irritating my eyes. I used to love this one but it’s not as good as I recall…

Smashbox Primer: In but would not repurchase, it has a spiky brush that I always manage to stab myself in the eyes with it. I like how it primes and conditions my lashes but the brush is torture.

Smashbox Super Fan: Out, it’s dried up and again with that spiky brush. It’s a fine mascara, nothing to rave about.

Lashtopia: This is my favorite right now, it’s volumizing and lengthening plus it conditions the lashes really well. I have about 4 back ups of this one, again they were on sale earlier this year.

{Avocado Creamy}

{Avocado Creamy}

UD Primer Potion: In, this is the only eye primer that I plan to use. I think it does what an eye primer should, why do there need to be more?

Charlotte Tilbury Eyeliner: This is out, expired but it was a good eyeliner. I’ve stopped wearing eyeliner for the most part, I’ve switched it up to just darkening the lash line with powder.

ABH Eye Primer: This is too wet and has as much coverage as a concealer. I received this sample with a purchase from Beautylish, I didn’t love it.

Colourpop Coco-nuts Palette: Honestly the only eyeshadow that I’ve been using & only two shades out of the whole palette at that πŸ˜› It’s an awesome, everyday neutral palette.

{Avocado Creamy}

tatcha Serum Stick: In, I use this under my eyes and around my mouth as part of my AM skincare routine. It adds just a bit of hydration in areas that dry out over the day.

Mamonde Lip Mask: In, I use this in the same way as the serum stick if my face is feeling especially dry. It’s also nice to put a little on after washing my face in the evening if I’m not doing my nighttime routine right away.

That’s everything that was in the bag! It looks much better now and I can store it under the sink as I had intended to when I first purchased it. What’s your makeup bag like? Do you do a little bag or giant one? Have you just about cleaned & organized everything in your life as I have πŸ˜‰ I hope that you are having a beautiful day 🀍

Happy Halloween Eve: Spooky Tag P. I

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Or, October 1st for the normies πŸ¦‡ How about getting into the spirit with a festive tag?! I love tags, I can’t help it – this one is a bit long with 30 questions, I’m breaking it up into 10 questions over three days. Let’s get started!

Spirit Halloween

John Carpenter’s Halloween Theme – it’s my year round ringtone and the perfect theme for any tragedy.

Spirit Halloween

A rabid deer or a human being that doesn’t look like they are exercising or otherwise supposed to be in the forest. More on the deer thing, I do a lot of trail running in densely wooded areas and one day, a deer came tearing out of the brush right in front of me. I don’t think it was rabid but ever since then, I’ve been afraid of getting clocked by a deer!

Spirit Halloween

Only fools think it’s a game πŸ˜› When I was a kid, I do recall one for instance where one showed up at a slumber party but what I remember more vividly about that night was watching The Craft when I was absolutely not supposed to be watching it!

Spirit Halloween

Dracula or any blood-sucking villain but preferably ones who look like Lestat.

Spirit Halloween

I’ve recounted this chilling tale a number of times and literally nobody believes me or they blame my cats. One day, in my youth, I was home alone and got out of the shower when I smelled propane. I had a gas burning stove at the time, all the burners were turned onto light and just filling my apartment with gas! I still don’t know what happened but I’ve since refused to live in dwellings with gas appliances. I mean, nothing really happened, it was just weird.

Spirit Halloween

Probably. True story, my old lady neighbor passed away a little over a year ago. She wasn’t found for several days, perhaps more than a week, she apparently didn’t have any family. The weird part is that she would always say that she was going to see her kids/grand kids constantly and she had this little cart the she rolled around filled with activities for kids but apparently she wasn’t ever leaving the building! I think she’s haunting the building now, specifically my main hallway and my cats agree.

Spirit Halloween

I don’t know if I have ever had the opportunity to test the theory. I mean, maybe? I think it’s human nature to believe in a little hocus-pocus to explain the inexplicable.

Spirit Halloween

I don’t think so, unless I am driving at night and feel like there are creatures hiding just beyond the scope of my headlights.

Spirit Halloween

Skinwalkers, because they’re real and the other members of my middle school volleyball team can confirm this!

Spirit Halloween

It depends, if it’s super cheesy gore that is so obviously fake then it doesn’t bother me but if it’s super realistic body-horror then I can’t watch it. I have this weird habit of recalling the most horrifically graphic things while I’m eating and then I lose my appetite, it used to really piss my mom off. I prefer thrillers, I think it’s what’s not happening that can be more terrifying.

I hope that you enjoyed this spooky little tag & Happy October!


Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous


Shout out to all of 90’s kids who thought they were punk but were really just wearing too much black eyeliner πŸ˜› I had another post planned for today but am lacking photos and will save it for later in the week. In case you missed it, Kourtney Kardashian’s most recent brainchild Poosh launched yesterday and I am simply baffled. In fairness, Kourtney is my favorite Kardashian (don’t act like you don’t have one) and I am guilty of following the family on some level so of course I had to check it out. It’s just what you’d think; bright white, shiny, gorgeous photos of spacious rooms and stunning decor, pretentious recipes, DIY beauty that only works if you are already stunning and eerily reminiscent of Into the Gloss…Goop…literally any other lifestyle website you can think of…Oh, and it’s also everything I’d like my wesbite to be because obviously this shit sells. First off, you need a completely meaningless name that’s annoying to pronounce but inexplicably unforgettable, I call dibs on Schlep. Then you just need a bathroom the size of a large studio apartment, Beyonce’s makeup artist, a dozen staff writers, camera crew, a closet stocked with designer brands and the whole being gorgeous, rich and/or famous thing certainly will not hurt your cause. The whole idea of putting these ultra-decadent, mostly unattainable lifestyles on blast generally just irks me and yet, I can’t look away. None of the content adds any real value to my life unless of course, I am looking for an $800 sundress or wondering what Emma Watson’s skincare routine is or I have a hankering to become a spiritual herbalist (whatever the fuck that is). That sundress won’t make me look like Gwynnie and in fact, no product mentioned or sold on these sites will transform me into the lifestyle goddess that I so desire to be. When I peruse these sites and take in the perfectly choreographed candid photos I can’t imagine that it’s real, nobody lives like this and that’s just what these sites are for me – a fantasy, an escape from the daily schlep. I find them more fascinating somehow because of how foreign they are to me and probably most normal people.




Honestly though, do they all have the same web designer?! Anyway, if you were just dying to know what a day in the life of Kourt looks like, head on over but be prepared to not have your life enriched in any way πŸ˜› If you haven’t got sucked into the whole lifestyle site, I recommend Into the Gloss as they are the OG, the content is pretty varied and not completely asinine. Let me know your thoughts on these types of sites, why do people care (myself included)? Also, let me know your thoughts on Schlep, I think it could work πŸ˜›


March Happenings


Everyone is seemingly of the opinion that January is a long schlep of an uneventful month but March is that month for me. It’s still kinda winter, nobody knows what to wear, produce is terrible. I’m glad to see the end of it, I’ve been gone for a bit so let’s have a catch-up!

My new car is still the main event of this past month. I definitely like it and am happy to report that I sold the Mazda to someone who seemed excited to fix it. I think it will ride again 😭

I think that I found the most amazing burger replacement ever. I picked up these Beyond Meat patties randomly even though I’m not big into meat replacements and I’m so glad I did! They have a grilled flavor to them and the texture is perfect, not at all like a mashed bean patty. I definitely recommend!

I didn’t read a single book in March and I blame Desperate Housewives and BuzzFeed Unsolved for my lack of reading time. I do plan to read more in April but if the weather gets really good, I might whiff again 😝

Lent has been trying and we’re not even half-way through, I’m not having trouble sticking to my penitence but I’m getting burnt out on going to mass. I think I’m the only person under 60 at my church, where are all of the hot Irish Catholic guys?! It doesn’t bother me when I’m only going once a week but when it’s three times a week, I want some eye candy! I don’t think that’s too much to ask.

Not much else to report, our busy season is ramping up at work but I have some fun excursions scheduled in the coming months. How was your month, what did you get up to?


A Week’s Review


Spring has sprung, I have officially started taking allergy meds again, have seen at least 3 dead squirrels in the road, I have no idea what to wear and am still recovering from the time change. Ahhhhhhh – Spring, can you feel it? The sunshine has been a welcome change but the rest of Spring can go straight to Hades. Here’s a little rundown of what I got up to this week.

One full week in the new car went mostly OK, it doesn’t feel like my car and still has that new car smell. My old car had a very distinct scent to it because I have a very distinct scent, I miss that familiar scent but I suppose the patchouli seeping out of my pores will eventually transfer to the new car πŸ˜‰

Some of the Lulroe leggings that I ordered have arrived and they are interesting. I didn’t realize that there was such a bustling market for these leggings on apps like Mercari and Poshmark but I managed to find quite a few Halloween prints that are awesome. It’s interesting how varied the pricing can be, some sellers will list certain patterns as being unicorns or rare while others don’t. Mercari I feel has less variety than Poshmark but sellers can offer their items at reduced prices for a limited time and some even offer free shipping. The leggings themselves are very unique feeling and remind me of the material that seamless undies are made of, they have the infinite stretch thing going on. They don’t provide a lot of support and I couldn’t see myself wearing these in public. I’m not a big leggings in public person anyway but these feel like you aren’t even wearing pants. The patterns also don’t stretch weird on the body, the Wolfman pair are so far my favorite. I have a few others on the way and kinda’ want to do like 31 Days of Leggings for October or something, I’m literally just sitting here waiting for Halloween πŸ˜†


I started listening to the Serial podcast and am so hooked! I enjoy police procedural books and documentaries so it’s right up my alley. I just finished season one, I almost want to listen a second time over in case I missed anything.

My hair is slowly but surely getting longer, I’m almost to that weird phase where I’ll just want to cut it but so far so good. I don’t have plans to grow it out terribly long and will probably end up with super short hair again in the future but it’s growing for now.

Have you been following the Operation Varsity Blues bust?! First of all, who got paid to come up with that name? Second, I know that there were loads of wealthy people involved but it especially irks me that people like Olivia Jade got into a great school by lying. Like, what was the point? You’re already rich and pretty and that will get you a long way in today’s society. Didn’t anyone involved think at some point that they were testing their luck? Also, I had no idea who Felicity Huffman was and am now mired in season two of Desperate Housewives.

That’s about it, oh, I joined a bags league with some co-workers to get out of the house this summer. It starts in June, I’m already exhausted 😭 What’s new with you?


It’s a New Car!


Actually, it’s a pre-owned new to me car and I’m literally crying my eyes out. If you followed my first blog then you know that I drive a 2000 Mazda that I have owned since I was old enough to drive and I haven’t wanted to part with. It’s been such a good car, I’ve only had to do the basic scheduled maintenance and it’s not even at 200K yet. I figured it had about 3 more years in it since I drive so little until Monday when it stalled out as I was trying to cross 4 lanes of traffic. Which, was admittedly terrifying but also inexplicably heartbreaking. I’m probably being ridiculous but to essentially feel the life go out of my trusty Mazda that has blasted through many a snowbank, never stranded me, cruised through blizzards, made numerous trips from Minnesota to the Rockies and transported me safley anywhere I needed to be for the last 16 years totally sucked. Sadly, it needs more cost in repairs than it’s worth at this time and I was prepared to make them but everyone, including the mechanic who was going to do the repairs told me I was being ridiculous and needed a new car. With such high mileage, this could be just the start of never-ending repairs. So, I purchased a newer car and am planning to sell my Mazda because I think if someone could make the repairs on their own and don’t mind a rusty piece then they can get some more use out of it. I opted not to trade it in because I think the dealership would just junk it. Is my new car nice, yes but it just isn’t the same as the Mazda. Anyway, it’s going up on Craigslist and I thought I’d give it a good send off:

2000 Mazda Protege 178,981 miles, One Owner, Not Your Grandmother’s Ride

Selling my silver(fox) Mazda Protege to a good home. A full-on beast that purrs like a kitten. Outfitted with a brand new set of Yokohama winter tires, it eats snow for breakfast. Has it’s fair share of rust and dings but it’s also solid metal and can definitely take a hit. You’ll need to invest in a bungee to keep the spoiler from falling off but I’m throwing in a few for free. It took an ice ball head on last winter and definitely needs a new windshield. Gets fantastic gas mileage and is equipped with a brand new, guaranteed to start in 30 below temp battery and made this year’s polar vortex its bitch. Doesn’t leak any fluids, treat it like a lady every three months with a high-mileage syn blend and don’t skimp on the filter. The AC may or may not work, I don’t use it but if you want a car with a bitchin’ sun roof, look no further. The face melting heat does work so stay hydrated. The radio works on occasion, could be an underlying electrical issue but also provides the opportunity for quiet reflection. The interior looks and smells amazing, everyone who has ridden in it says so. Comes with a Save the Earth, Don’t Give Birth bumper sticker but can also be removed if you’re Mormon. Mechanically sound, brand new brakes and rotors but doing this weird stalling thing randomly so please be prepared to tow it home. Also, the rattling noise at about 35 miles per hour is just the spoiler, don’t be alarmed. Make me an offer but don’t be a dick.

Sounds amazing, right 😝 Attachment to inanimate things doesn’t make any sense to me, maybe it’s just the memories that are attached to them. Anyway, sorry I was away for a week being a total wimp over my car but it was an ordeal. Spring might finally be here and I hope you have a safe and beautiful St. Patty’s Day πŸ€


A Week’s Review


This week was pretty pedestrian, I didn’t really do anything exciting but I am so pleased that it’s Friday. On Sunday I worked at Ulta, I have only been working there a couple of days a month and I get to do the fun stuff like unpacking new product and setting displays. It’s crazy how many new brands are coming to the store that I work at, we just got Smith & Cult, Peach and Lily, Boscia, Kiehl’s – it’s like I am just doing unboxings for hours and I love it. Also, if it’s not something crazy anticipated like the Morphe collabs then I can purchase it that same day. I haven’t picked up much lately but it is cool kinda having first dibs.

Remember how I was bitching about being asked what kind of gas I want? Well, the gal at the gas station turned on the wrong pump for me yesterday. So I go back in, and she does something at the register and tells me to swipe my card again and so I do. Then something else goes wrong and she had to cash out the transaction and I had to swipe my card again. Now, I don’t know how it works in other places but where I live, if I pre-pay over the amount that I need then it just goes back to my card so I assumed this was the case. I ended up paying over $60 for $17.50 worth of gas. Then I had to go back to the gas station the next day and they couldn’t put the money back on my card, they had to put it on a gas card which is fine since I always get gas at that location anyway. But seriously, why did they complicate things so much!?

I’m deep into the Lularoe thing, I purchased a couple of pairs and then a couple more and then like 6 more πŸ˜‚ They are surprisingly hard to get your hands on, each seller has different stock and prices seem to be up to their discretion. There are do many prints and then these ‘unicorn’ prints that I must have for reasons totally unclear to me. I hope they fit.

I scheduled an MS screening for next week, finally. I’ve been putting it off because my hand numbness and weakness hasn’t been an issue but I had a string of bad days recently. I don’t know what to expect, it comes and goes and nobody has been able to figure it out. I hope it’s arthritis or stress.

We are getting 9-11 more inches of snow this weekend! I’m excited because I don’t have to drive in it, the snowshoeing is going to be amazing. I don’t know if I should put the rest of my Easter stuff up or not – somehow doesn’t seem right 😭

Like I said, nothing exciting. What did you get up to this week?