Blogtober Day 11: Lazy Sunday


Actually, I got quite a bit done today but since I was out & about early, the afternoon was very leisurely. I picked up a couple of things that I had been waiting on for my bathroom, I wanted to get everything from IKEA but you couldn’t pay me to go in there right now. I am pretty pleased with everything that I purchased from Target, I feel like their homewares have become more reasonably priced. I ended up changing the entire color motif of my bathroom for just under $100. Here is a little look at the new set up.

Everything used to be pink because my bedroom was different tones of pink, I don’t know why I like my bathroom & bedroom to coordinate. I think it’s because to access my bathroom, you have to go through a big walk in closet so it’s like everything is connected. Bathrooms in rentals never impress me, they feel very used even though this is a newer building & the bathrooms aren’t too bad, I just don’t like them. I chose the shower curtain first, it’s a heavy linen with the embroidery & since it has three different grey tones I didn’t have to get too matchy matchy with the other accessories. I like it, nice & neutral & complements my room decor well. Everything is from Target aside from the small table that I purchased from IKEA pre-corona & the rope baskets I found on Amazon.

I also found this fantastic mug, it’s a tiny cauldron! I’m so excited to have coffee in it tomorrow morning although it’s quite small.

Pluto was absolutely exhausted after ‘helping’ me redecorate the bathroom & was sacked out for several hours this afternoon. It’s a bit of a spooky, windy fall night & I think I’m going to have a cider on the patio – let me know what you were up to this weekend ๐Ÿงก

Pieces NFI Regular

I don’t think that I had ever seen this before, didn’t love it. When a mom & her son become trapped in a car at the mercy of a rabid St. Bernard, most everyone dies. I don’t know, it just seemed wildly unrealistic, animals are smart but I feel that the dog would have tired in a few hours & wandered off to find more easily accessible prey. Anyway, Cujo (1983) was a bit of a let down.

Blogtober Day 10: Saturday, Saturday


What a lame day packed full of things that I did not want to do in the slightest. It started with waking up at 5 AM because I had a nightmare that the apartment was on fire. Not just any fire, it was some kind of weird electrical fire so that the building was burning from the inside out. The walls were red hot, seemingly my front door was unaffected so I probably could have just left but dreams are stupid like that.

Then, I attended a live stream funeral – I am still undecided if it was more or less sad than an in-person funeral. It was not a COVID related death and not someone very close to me, I mostly logged on for moral support as the family was just devastated that they could not hold a regular service. In light of that, it probably was one of the saddest funerals I’ve attended but very nice given the circumstances.

I was about 300 miles over my oil change mileage, which was not actually my fault & more so just lack of availability to get it done. I had to stay in the car which I didn’t want to because I’m not great with heights & I just can’t believe that it’s safe to hoist a person up with the car. The mechanic was very nice & said there was no way that my combined weight with my very small car would outweigh even some of the mid-sized SUVs they hoist up. I wasn’t convinced & tried my hardest to sit as still as humanly possible. Then I had to clean my car out & get gas but I always love it when my car is shiny & clean so I didn’t mind that so much. I wasn’t terribly excited to touch the vacuum hose but I’ll survive.

I then had to pick up groceries which wasn’t too bad but there wasn’t any tofu to be had. I also had a Target pick up, I know, I vowed to stay out of Target but I needed some new towels which turned into new rugs which turned into just a couple of new candles & a shower curtain. Just the essentials ๐Ÿ˜› I’m going grey for winter & will return to my blush pink motif in the spring.

By that time I was starving so I came home to make some lunch/dinner & get to cleaning. I found this Mr. Clean product that is similar to Pine-Sol but smells much better. I cleaned all my floors, kitchen cabinets, some walls that looked dingy. The whole apartment smells like fresh lemons. Then I deep cleaned both baths & did way too much laundry. It was a beautiful, fall day today & I was able to hang some sheets over my railing. Yesterday, it smelled like absolute dog shit outside because of the farmers putting manure on their harvested fields for next year. I mean, I get it but man did it stink. Happy to report that the air was crisp & fresh today.

That’s about it, what does this have to do with Halloween? Mostly nothing aside from the fact that adulthood is mostly terrifyingly boring ๐Ÿ˜›


Pieces NFI Regular

The Shining (1980) While I absolutely still find the book to be much scarier than the film adaptation, I have an appreciation for this film outside of this. Jack takes a job as a winter caretaker for a secluded hotel that is closed for the season. As the spirits & beings that inhabit the hotel make themselves known, Jack absolutely loses his fucking mind & tries to murder his family.

Blogtober Day 9: Real Life (Mostly Irrational) Fears


If you’re having a fantastic day or feeling particularly optimistic then maybe skip this one ๐Ÿ˜› If you’re interested in a little death talk, then by all means, keep reading but know that this is mostly meant to be lighthearted & poking a little fun at myself. There are things that cause me anxiety on the day to day, like sitting in a drive thru & then wondering if my car is going to break down & we’ll all be trapped in the drive thru. I’m also anxious about putting things out into the universe, manifesting them so to speak then have them happen. So, me sitting in the drive thru thinking about my car breaking down is like double anxiety for me & I’m only doing it to myself. There’s nothing wrong with my car but why don’t more drive thrus have an escape lane?! Anyway, let’s talk real fear.

Plasma Drip Normal (BRK)

A little back story here, I have the uncanny ability to fall asleep anywhere, anytime. I dated a marine a long time ago who was very impressed with this – he said that it’s an important ability to have in the armed forces because you might need to take a nap in unfavorable places & going too long without sleep can be detrimental. Who knew that sleeping was considered a survival tactic? This was also very useful in college because I could pull an all nighter, quick nap in between classes & I was set. I watched this documentary about Fatal Familial Insomnia awhile ago & it’s a very rare, genetic disorder that prevents you from being able to sleep, eventually you will die. I mean, eventually everyone dies but you will die from lack of sleep. Of course, I don’t have it but since I’ve never had any issues with sleeping, if I even have one night of not being able to sleep I immediately convince myself that I’m never sleeping again. Then I lay in bed, staring at the ceiling reminiscing about all those naps I took for granted.

Plasma Drip Normal (BRK)

I’m not a particularly religious person, I go to mass out of mostly habit but I don’t necessarily believe in an afterlife, more on this later. I didn’t even know that I feared Hell until I was 15’ish years old & was literally blown away when I saw the Hell scene in Constantine. It took my breath away, if that is what Hell looks like – I want nothing to do with it. I mean, I don’t want anything to do with any version of Hell but particularly this one. Not to get dramatic here but when the Minneapolis riots (the first round) were happening, it looked like this Hell. Burnt cars, the post apocalyptic cityscapes and honestly it doesn’t look that much better presently. There’s just something about seeing real, tangible objects from everyday life in this fiery, desolate place – it makes it much less imaginary.

Plasma Drip Normal (BRK)

I’m not joking, bitch. I am not so nihilistic that I believe that we are truly living in a matrix & are just something created for the entertainment of another more intelligent being. Aliens, I’m talking aliens here. However, there have been things that have happened in my life that make me pause & wonder. For example, I was rolling up to the park the other night when I noticed that there were 10-12 SUVs parked in a line, all different kinds but close enough to the same model that they looked the same. Most of them were black, one grey & one beige. I don’t know why it bothered me so much, is anyone else that neurotic? It was like they were just put there, when I was leaving the park 2’ish hours later – they were still there. This probably sounds nuts… ๐Ÿ˜› Having a ‘glitch’ scares me because I imagine one could walk into that glitch & then you’re going to be trapped in an infinitely white universe – what’s that movie I’m thinking of? There’s just nothing but white, also terrifying. Anyway…

Plasma Drip Normal (BRK)

I am of two minds about death & reincarnation, I am saddened by the thought of one day never existing but I am genuinely afraid of coming back numerous times to live different lifetimes in any form. When my mom died, a friend got me a card saying something like, she flies with butterflies now – a very nice sentiment but also…what? Do I want my dead relatives coming back as butterflies? Also, fuck coming back as a human being in another lifetime. What if I come back in a time where I had to live through the Black Plague or some other much less civilized time where your village could be raided by Vikings? I can’t live like that. Also, I would absolutely be put on trial for being a witch. Maybe part of my problem is that I think of time as being all concurrent, like ancient Egypt is happening right now but it’s present time there. But anyway, I picture death being like the story in Harry Potter about the three brothers where the last brother finally meets Death and welcomes him like an old friend. Life is exhausting, the thought of coming back over and over and over and over…you get the idea…

So – those are the things that keep me up at night ๐Ÿ˜€ Let me know what’s been on your mind, any particularly odd phobias or just the day to day stuff ๐Ÿ˜›


Pieces NFI Regular

I know, I know – how original & not quite a horror movie but I’m going to the movies to see it tonight! Like, the theatre & I’m so excited. If I get COVID I’m going to be so pissed, I haven’t been out for many non-essential outings so I’m treating myself. Hocus Pocus (1993) When a virgin lights the Black Flame candle, a trio of witches are brought back from the grave to wreak havoc on modern day Salem.

Blogtober Day 8: Fall Reading List


I’ve been slacking on my reading because: Vine. Have we talked about how I only recently discovered Vine & I’m obsessed. My head is packed with Vine content & I’m not ashamed, well, maybe a tad. Shout out to all of the people out there doing god’s work & supplying me with endless hours of Vine compilations. Seeing Ted Cruz being heckled with Zodiac Killer accusations will never get old. I’m sure that he is real over it at this point but it makes me cackle like a maniac. But seriously, I need to at least read a couple of books this month ๐Ÿ™‚

Autumn Killing: Mons Kallentoft – I have read part of this book before, the plot is good but for some reason I just can’t seem to finish it – this is the year. This is the third book in the Malin Fors book series, I believe it is considered a Nordic Noir. When a body is found floating in the moat of a very posh estate, a family’s dark deeds spanning lifetimes are uncovered. The atmosphere is very ooky-spooky & I like Malin Fors as the tortured, burnt out DC who is also brilliant at solving complicated cases. My goal is to finally finish this one, I know that once I get into it I will fly through it.

Nevermoor: The Trials of Morrigan Crow – I’ve heard that this series is almost as good as Harry Potter. Aside from that, it sounds fascinating – Morrigan Crow is destined to die on her eleventh birthday but somehow escapes her fate with the help of Jupiter North. I think it’s a YA novel but I’m always game for a fun read now & again.

The Witches: Roald Dahl – Have I read this book at least a million times? Yes. Am I going to read it again so that I am primed for the release of the new adaption. Absolutely. I’m so excited for this film, it looks like such a fun, modern version of this already beloved classic.

Empire of the Wild: Cherie Dimaline – Another YA novel but listen, apparently this is the only genre cranking out spooky books! I’m most interested in this because it centers around a Canadian Metis legend of a werewolf’esque being called the Rogarou.

October is quickly slipping away but I think this a good, fun list of books to get through this month. I also want to get a copy of Katya & Trixie’s book but I don’t know if that is a book that one truly reads ๐Ÿ˜€ Do you have any spooky book recommendations? No Dan Koontz, he’s a lot for me even being a horror fanatic ๐Ÿ˜›


Pieces NFI Regular

Misery (1990) Popular novelist, Paul Sheldon is rescued from a car crash by his biggest fan, Annie Wilkes. Wilkes promises to nurse him back to health but not before inflicting physical & psychological wounds that he may never recover from.

Blogtober Day 7: Monster Mash Playlist


Have you ever heard a song while you’re out & about, don’t think it’s that great but then you get home just to spend hours obsessively trying to find it. Me, last night at about 2:30 & I still haven’t found the damned thing. Probably because what I think the lyrics are aren’t actually what the lyrics are…anyway, I have some seasonal favorite songs that I do actually know all of the words to ๐Ÿ™‚

Pieces NFI Regular

Does anyone remember when MTV aired a Halloween special with Elvira & Alice Cooper? I don’t officially remember seeing as how I wasn’t born yet but I have watched the live Detroit concert almost every year on Halloween. Anyway, this song is such a classic but the lyrics are appalling. You know how sometimes you’ll just be sitting there really listening to a song that maybe you like but never really listen, listened to? This happened to me at a stoplight & I was pretty shocked but also love this song as well as Alice Cooper. Those skin tight leather pants, *chef’s kiss* Also, just a total rock legend & complete badass – my intention is certainly not reduce him to his ability to wear pants ๐Ÿ˜›

Pieces NFI Regular

I feel like this is a good mingling song with a funky beat but people could still be getting to know each other over a cheese platter. The lyrics aren’t overly dark, it’s just a fun teaser of what’s to come. The vocals are pretty awesome, I think there’s a trumpet in there, an unexpected crowd pleaser I have found.

Pieces NFI Regular

First of all, Eddie Van Halen’s passing is a total bummer & just the cherry on top of this 2020 shit cake we’re all currently partaking in. This is always a Halloween classic although, I have one friend who hotly debates this with me almost every year. Maybe it does not overtly scream Halloween but when else is it socially acceptable to be running with the devil?

Pieces NFI Regular

Another one with really odd lyrics, was he eating beef chow mein or was this code for human meat chow mein? Also, who is Warren Zevon?! For ages I thought this song was by Steppenwolf but honestly know idea why I thought that. Again, just another funky banger good for dancing, everyone knows it, total crowd pleaser. If you have not watched the music video, please do so immediately.

Pieces NFI Regular

I am begrudgingly including this because I’m just not a fan of this song. I have found that even though we’ve collectively heard this one a number of times that is not quantifiable in this universe, people expect the mash. Can someone remix the mash, could we get an updated version? I mean, it’s fun but just so played out.

Pieces NFI Regular

If you show up to my Halloween party & you can’t bust out a half way decent Time Warp – you better just get out. No, I’m kidding & we’ve played it so many times now that everyone can Time Warp.

Pieces NFI Regular

This classic, sultry, jazzy hit given a makeover by the Sanderson Sisters is my party closer. I love Nina Simone, her voice is pure honey & I never tire of this one.

Pieces NFI Regular

Oddly polarizing, people either love it or think it’s too much. I am on the love it side of the spectrum but the Talking Heads are certainly an acquired taste – I’ll only play it once, promise ๐Ÿ˜›

Pieces NFI Regular

He could have been talking about the FBI but also, Dracula because he could have totally been hanging outside of Rockwell’s bedroom window waiting to drink his blood.

Pieces NFI Regular

I think this Creedence classic is especially fitting since this year’s Halloween coincides with a full moon.

That’s just a taste of the fabulously spooky tunes that I spin at my Halloween gatherings, which won’t be happening this year because #covid. I listen to most of these outside of Halloween though too so it’s not like I’m totally missing out but it’s not as fun when I’m just driving to work howling to Werewolves of London (still happens though). Let me know what your favorite Halloween tunes are ๐Ÿงก

Pieces NFI Regular

Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975) A young couple gets more than they bargained for when they stop to use the telephone inside of Dr. Frank-N-Furter’s delightfully eccentric mansion. Little do they know that they’ve crashed the Annual Transylvanian Convention, Brad & Janet are in for a night of murder, mayhem, debauchery & all around fun.

Blogtober Day 6: Halloween Leggings Collection


I am a sucker for Lularoe Halloween leggings, I used to have a friend who sold them & I would clear her out when she received her seasonal stock. Now, I know that we have all heard the horror stories of how Lularoe treats their employees & issues with MLMs all around – I tend to only purchase used pieces from Ebay or Mercari if I am in the market for some new (to me) leggings. I honestly prefer to purchase used clothing at this point & these leggings are generally still in really good condition even if they were pre-loved. I think that the fabric of these leggings has changed over time because some pairs are definitely thicker than others but they are all ultra soft & stretchy. Don’t be shocked if in a few weeks I am posting a leggings haul because I’m hunting at the moment ๐Ÿ˜› I don’t necessarily wear any of these out of the house, I usually only wear black leggings if I am wearing them to work or out running errands. It brightens my day to throw on a pair of printed leggings even if I am just wearing them around the house. Also, I only wear black (sometimes with white) out of the house so my fashion options have become a bit limited. I’m not complaining since this was a conscious decision that nobody is forcing me to adhere to aside from myself.

I call these my Monster Mash leggings, they were part of a classic monsters collection. Victor Frankenstein’s monster is probably my favorite Halloween monster, I don’t think that he gets nearly enough recognition. I love the crazy neon colors against the dark sketch of the monster, unexpected but the chaos makes perfect sense.

These black & white ghosties are very well loved – I have been looking for another pair because these are starting to get pretty worn. The colors haven’t faded at all but they are starting to pill in places, they are showing their age. Just a classic, fun print that I actually have worn out of the house dressed up with a black sweater & boots.

Feed my Frankenstein…yet another pair featuring my favorite monster. I believe that these came in a few color ways & there was a point in my life that I desperately needed them but that has passed, I am plenty content with these beauties.

This next pair I purchased with the black & white ghosts, they are definitely the old fabric & these are getting a little worn as well. I think these came in purple too & I would still snag a pair if I was lucky enough to find them in the wild. The disjointed, dancing skeletons remind me of the old Mickey Mouse Halloween special for some reason. Like, they make me think of the macabre organ music they play – does anyone know what I’m talking about ๐Ÿ˜€

They’re freaking bats! Not much to say here, another classic Halloween pattern that gets lots of love.

Ugh – two of my absolute favorite pairs that I spent weeks trying to find, there is a black pair as well that I’m still on the hunt for. I’ve worn these to work many a time, they are just so stinking cute. There is something about the fake plastic Dracula teeth that transcends generations, it’s hard to explain but it’s like when you see them you just know what they are.

Sticking with the Dracula theme, we have these fun ones that are also very old. Dracula is my second favorite ghoul. Outside of the association with Halloween, the history of who he could have been is fascinating. I’m also a huge fan of bats, throw some bats on it & I’m sold.

These look terrible on me, for some reason the sizing is way off which is not something I have experienced with any of the other pairs. They are baggy & just hang weird, it’s too bad because this is one of my favorite patterns.

This is an interesting pair, I think that the seller just wanted to unload them & they came with my wolf boy leggings as a 2 for 1 deal. They’re fine, I think that if the headless horseman character was sketched out similarly to the classic monster collection that I would like them a lot more. The pattern just has so much detail that it’s overly busy. I’ve only worn them 1-2 times but I really like the color scheme so I keep hanging onto them.

Another favorite from the classic monsters collection, my wolf boy leggings.

I am unsure if these can be called Halloween leggings but they have spaceships & I only wear them during spooky season so I am counting them. I purchased these brand new, they are the newer fabric & I ended up poking a hole in them with my acrylic nails. I was not pleased, I was able to repair the hole with a tiny stitch but I know that overtime the fabric will start pulling away. In my opinion, this really speaks to the older pairs being more durable. I have not experienced any other issues like color fade or pilling but still disappointed.

These are my witch leggings, any time I want to feel subtly Halloween-y, these do the trick. They are not Lularoe, I picked these up from Old Navy & they are much thicker & supportive than Lularoe. Another super simple pattern that I tend to associate with Halloween.

Another Old Navy pair, they don’t scream Halloween but the purple does it for me ๐Ÿ˜›

Do you have any holiday specific clothing? I think it started when I was teaching, I fell into the habit of having at least 1-2 holiday themed clothing pieces. Now, I just blame it on my Halloween obsession. Let me know what you’ve been up to and as always – I hope that you are happy, healthy & just doing the best you can ๐Ÿงก

Pieces NFI Regular

Totally off topic yet completely on topic – Buffalo Bill’s house is for sale yet nobody that I discussed this with had any idea why I thought this was so exciting. Could you imagine living in a house made famous by one of the most heart stopping horror scenes in movie history? I think the moth thing would gross me out too much even though they probably weren’t infesting the home as depicted. Anyway…Tonight’s film is The Silence of the Lambs (1991) a thriller that chronicles an FBI manhunt for a disturbed serial killer with the help of a cannibalistic genius.

Blogtober Day 5: Favorite Candy


But first, a rant. I work retail on a part-time basis, you will probably be able to guess where after this rant. I generally only work Sundays, which is new release day at my store. Apparently, ColourPop released a Hocus Pocus themed collection & it was wildly popular selling out on their website in mere minutes. I had no idea that we would be getting the collection in-store but it hit me when I was having to tip-toe through a line waiting in front of the door before opening. I’ve worked many a Black Friday & have experienced much larger crowds but never have seen such hostility & entitlement from a crowd ever. After finally getting to the door, one lady asked me if I was an employee, another lady chimed in saying that she hoped that employees wouldn’t be illegally purchasing the collection early. I was stunned, absolutely stunned. A crowd of 30-40 grown ass women, lined up outside of a luxury retailer, in the middle of a PANDEMIC heckling me while I’m trying to get to work. Just to clarify, employees are never allowed to purchase new, highly anticipated products – James Charles, Sailor Moon, Madison Beer – it’s just not allowed. Second, we have no control over how much product we get & ColourPop notoriously sends very little product when it comes to their limited edition releases. Finally, Colourpop isn’t great makeup, this was a boring, ugly collection & they just ripped off something that was hugely popular in its own right knowing it would sell because they don’t have their own creative ideas. I won’t be supporting the brand after this, they are the equivalent of fast fashion to me, their products are boring & recycled until they slap some nostalgic character on them & everyone goes nuts. It’s really, really unfortunate that something that should have been fun got turned into something very ugly and not very fun at all. Rant over.

So let’s talk candy – the thing I always wanted as a child, was rarely given & now rarely eat in my adulthood because that’s just how life works. Since these candies aren’t vegan, obviously I don’t eat them anymore but here’s a list of my all time favorite candies with compelling arguments as to why they are the best.

I honestly cannot explain why I loved these so much, I think it’s because my siblings did not like them & I would always agree to trade for them. I love DOTS though, the gooey, filling busting texture, the distinct flavors that absolutely cannot be described, the fruity scent, the appealing little shapes. I’m a huge fan. My favorite flavors would be the orange & yellow ones, green was never very good.

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups – not the bats, not the pumpkins, just the original cups. I feel like the texture of the peanut butter is completely different in the shaped candies, the original cups just have the perfect chocolate to PB ratio & the best texture. I don’t think I’m wrong on this.

The Tootsie Caramel Apple Pops are extremely hard to find for some reason. If you don’t manage to snag a bag right when the holiday candy comes out then you’re probably out of luck. I only recall receiving maybe 1-2 of these in my trick or treating haul if I was lucky & I would wait far too long to eat them. The tart apple flavor wrapped in caramel is just perfect. I don’t even like caramel apples yet think these are just perfection – explain that to me.

Again, not the crisps not the cups – just the original Butterfinger. I’ve never actually determined what the candy inside of the Butterfinger is but it’s buttery & flaky – heaven. I think the fun size is just enough, I don’t know how anyone eats an entire Butterfinger.

Those are my top candy picks – all the rest is just filler crap. Jelly beans? Tootsie Rolls? Sadly, those were the most received candies when I was kid. Those different colored Tootsie rolls with fruity flavors, what are those? Let me know what your favorite sweet treats are & if you plan to pass out anything this year ๐Ÿงก

Pieces NFI Regular

When a group of unsupervised, inexperienced teens are tasked with opening the allegedly cursed Camp Crystal lake where a camper died 5 years ago – what could possibly go wrong? Tonight’s pick is Friday the 13th (1980).

Blogtober Day 4: The Witches (1990)


I know that I said that I would not be posting stand alone 31 Nights of Horror posts but this movie was just so stinking delightful that I can’t help myself! I recently saw a trailer for the new film adaptation of this Roald Dahl classic & for some reason, I thought that the Angelica Houston version was the newer one. To my surprise, it was the only one and I had never watched it before. What?! I’m a huge fan of the book & in 9th grade I placed first in a dramatic speech competition with the Grand High Witch’s convention tirade ๐Ÿ˜‚ I was more Carol Channing than Angelica Houston, probably because I’d never seen the movie! Obviously, I had to check it out & was not disappointed.

The Witches is a story about a young, recently orphaned boy’s (Luke) encounter with a group of witches while on holiday with his grandmother. His grandmother is a stogie smoking badass who tells Luke all about witches & how they hunt & kill children. She even has her own account of a run in with the Grand High Witch that cost her a finger when she was a girl. While they are pretty good at disguising themselves as ordinary women, their purple eyes, square toed shoes & scalp rash can give them away if you’re paying attention. Luke is skeptical until he is accosted by a woman who offers to give him a snake, seeing her glowing purple eyes immediately gives her true identity away & Luke alerts his grandmother.

Shortly after this, grandmother falls ill & the doctor recommends a trip to the sea side. Their stay coincides with the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children convention (actually witches) & we get our first peek at the Grand High Witch (Houston) who uses the name Eva Ernst. Grandmother recognizes her but can’t remember where from, Eva recognizes her as well though & subjects her to a series of misdeeds.

While his grandmother is sleeping, Luke takes his pet mice to train in a conference room at the hotel only to be trapped under the stage while all the witches of England plot to kill all the children in the country. The witches remove their shoes to reveal their stump feet, their scalps are patchy & red under their wigs & they’re all around hideous. For the 90’s, the special effects aren’t half bad & I could see my younger self being pretty terrified.

Eva reveals a potion that she’s concocted that turns anyone who injests it into a mouse. It’s Formula 86 Delayed Action Mouse Maker & the witches plan to buy up all the candy shops in England so they can disperse it to the population. Eva demonstrates on another boy staying at the hotel, Bruno and Luke when he is inevitably discovered.

Bruno & Luke can still talk, they make their way back to Luke’s grandmother who obviously totally believes them & doesn’t assume she’s gone senile ๐Ÿ˜‚ They plot their revenge & lace the witch’s banquet soup with Formula 86 giving them a taste of their own medicine. Unfortunately this does not turn Luke back to a boy but he seems content being a mouse.

I thought it was a really fun, well cast adaptation that didn’t skimp on the plot. Mr. Bean (not as Mr. Bean) plays the persnickety hotel manager which was hilarious & adds some comic relief to a fairly tense movie. I’m not sure this is really a kid’s movie, turning children to mice & stamping on them is pretty gruesome. It’s so good though, check it if you haven’t seen it. I’m definitely adding this one to my annual film rotation. The actual new film is being released later this month starring Anne Hathaway, Octavia Spencer & Stanley Tucci – I can’t wait ๐Ÿงก

Blogtober Day 3: Too Old for Dolls?


Disclaimer, this has absolutely nothing to do with Halloween aside from the fact that I sometimes like to see if American Girl is releasing any Halloween costumes for their dolls, this year I did not see any. Which is a bummer, I recall one year they released a cat suit with miniature pumpkin candy bucket & miniature candies – super adorable. That being said, I stumbled upon their newest doll Courtney an 80’s era doll that comes with a slew of 80’s themed playsets with everything from Care Bear pajamas to a Pac Man arcade game & I have never, ever wanted a child’s toy more in my entire adult fucking life. Are you kidding me?!

American Girl & I go way back, I never had one nor did I have any other toys that weren’t hand me downs. Ratty-haired Barbies, a Teddy Ruxpin with no tapes, a stick horse, Monopoly without the money because my older brothers used it to start fires with shotgun scopes. You know – farm kid shit. We just didn’t get toys, we were often gifted practical things like clothing, socks, toiletries & tons of books, which was fine. Nothing is more shameful to a child than being made fun of for the clothes that they are wearing or appearing unkempt. My parents really worked hard to ensure that we did not look poor and I appreciate that. They spent a lot of money on rodeo stuff for us as well so we did receive fun things too. I also grew up with mostly other farm kids so it’s not like every girl my age was walking around with the oh so coveted American Girl doll. But the few who did have them were the envy of every young girl at recess & pretty much life in general. One of them was the prom queen her junior and senior year (older boyfriend) so girls with American Girl dolls were clearly going places ๐Ÿ˜›

In my youth, I wanted Felicity – an American Revolutionary War era doll that came with many flouncy dresses & accessories that were to die for. From hats to little leather slippers, a candlestick and bed warmer for her canopy bed *sigh* Apparently, they do not make the historical dolls anymore with their full collections which is such bullshit. The historical accuracy and meticulous detail of the collections is still what makes the dolls appeal to me in my adulthood. I think that they are really doing a disservice to young girls who might be interested in the stories & context of the historical dolls by discontinuing them. Also, I am a complete hypocrite because I about peed my pants when I saw the 80’s themed doll & to my knowledge her books aren’t about the Red Scare, fall of the Berlin wall or the Iran Contra Affair & that doesn’t really bother me ๐Ÿ˜› Courtney is the embodiment of 80’s excess with her big hair, jean jacket, mini Caboodle (shut up) & neon Walkman. To be fair, it does look like the Challenger launch is included in her book but the newer dolls just don’t have that educational appeal that the older dolls did. I still want her.

The question is, as a 30’ish year old female who can afford to buy herself nice things, is this what I am getting myself for Christmas this year?! I mean, she is still expensive & I probably need the whole collection plus I can never tell any of my mom friends (or anyone) because most of them have a strict NO AMERICAN GIRL DOLL rule in their households (believe me, we’ve talked about it). Plus, what would I do with it? I can’t imagine that I would be posted up on my bed watching Netflix, dressing my new doll. Or is that exactly what I am imagining? I mean, people collect vintage toys (Star Wars) and that’s not seemingly weird…? I’ve also watched a few toy unboxing channels that are run by adults, it could be for review purposes ๐Ÿ˜‚ Had you asked me this back in March when quarantine just started, shit yeah I would have been at home dressing my doll & fixing her hair – fuck society. But now I’m torn, maybe if we go back into quarantine I’ll treat myself ๐Ÿ˜›

What’s your stance on expensive children’s toys? I feel like kids in general are so expensive, I don’t know how parents keep up. Is there a toy from your youth that you never received but still want, would you splurge if you could? I need to know, final thought – I really hope they do release a Halloween costume because I’m gonna need it for my new doll ๐Ÿงก

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Tonight’s film is Poltergeist (1982) Carol Anne makes contact with supernatural beings through her families television. All hell busts loose & she is sucked into the other side. Of course, we come to find out that the property where the housing development was built is on top of a cemetery. After rescuing Carol Anne, the family promptly packs up & moves.

Blogtober Day 2: A Halloween Memory


I have always been a Halloween fiend, even as a kid it was my favorite holiday. As an adult, I can appreciate different aspects of most holidays (except Thanksgiving) but my love for Halloween has only grown. Growing up in a rural area made Halloween even more magical; we would meet up with friends in town, parents felt safe enough to let us out trick or treating on our own & since we all had to drive so far to get together it almost always ended with a sleep over. We still got to have Halloween parties at school where we could come in costume & have a parade in the gymnasium and we could still pass out homemade treats. I think that growing up in the late 90’s just made it better too – does anyone remember all of the awesome Halloween commercials that retailers would air? Or the television specials that I always seemed to miss because I couldn’t quite figure out the mountain time conversion ๐Ÿ˜› Now, my mother being very religious & believing that all literature aside from the Bible was witchcraft didn’t love Halloween & our costume choices were severely limited. I had a rotation: cat, clown, Ariel (with a turtle neck underneath) and Raggedy Ann which was my mom’s favorite and my least favorite – she really capitalized on being able to use my red hair as part of the costume.

Of all the fantastic Halloweens that I had as child, the most vivid memory that I can recall is the year that I got the stomach flu. I was a cat that year, not just any cat – a calico one, mostly because I had to use these ugly brown leggings for my costume so I associated them with calico cats. We were also dirt poor so costumes were whatever we could make from what we already owned & how creative we could get with face paint. I was pretty pleased with my calico cat costume, even with the shit brown leggings – my oldest sister was great with face makeup & it really came together. I sailed through the Halloween party, I recall bringing cheese & crackers because my mother was also anti-candy. I was feeling great, I had my sleepover stuff in my cubby hole, my trick or treating pillowcase ready to go & could not wait for the festivities to commence. So, we’re all sitting out on the curb waiting for someone’s parents to come & get us when it hit me, I felt hot & sweaty, a little dizzy then I puked right into my pillowcase that was supposed to be filled with candy & other assorted treats from the evening’s plunder. This was pre-cell phones so when my friend’s mother arrived, I was stretched out in the back of the mini van & carted to their home where we called my parents to come pick me up. It was mortifying, I cried (and puked) all the way home. I was put to bed, when I woke up – the best day of the year was well and truly over. Of all the Halloween memories, I don’t know why this one had such an impact – maybe it’s because that was the most violent bout of stomach flu I’ve ever had ๐Ÿ˜› In fact, I am not sure that I have had the stomach flu or regular flu since & that is just fine with me.

What’s your most memorable Halloween – hopefully better than mine ๐Ÿงก

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Tonight’s recommendation is Sleepy Hollow (1999) a Tim Burton creation with some of my all time favorites actors. Ichabod Crane is sent to Sleepy Hollow to investigate a series of gruesome decapitations attributed to a supernatural headless horseman. This is probably my favorite Johnny Depp character, I just love his quirky depiction of someone I grew up imagining as dopey & homely. The costumes are a delight & it’s just an overall fun twist on an old classic. This is probably one of the very few modern horror movies that I love each time that I watch it.