Blogmas Day 25: So This is Christmas

Blogmas - 2019

It’s raining & foggy in Minnesota, on Christmas. Most of my merry making happened yesterday since that’s how we did things growing up. Christmas day was spent at Mass & eating dinner. I also spent a large portion of the day cleaning. I tried relaxing in the bath but then noticed that the tubs needed cleaning, then I decided to go through my bathroom cupboards and throw out at stuff I wasn’t using. This led to cleaning the kitchen cupboards out and then the oven 😂 Then I watched Die Hard and had some pie. I just have a few items to take care of tomorrow before my vacation. I was supposed to post my December beauty favorites today but do you ever start something that ends up taking way longer than anticipated? That was like everything I did today. I will post them tomorrow and hopefully the sun will come out for photos. Anyway, I’ll just wish you & yours a Happy Christmas. What did you get up to today? If you don’t celebrate Christmas, what do you do on the extra days off? I’ve always wondered this, to a lot of folks this was just another Wednesday. What’s your Christmas wish? Mine is for greater understanding & empathy for others this year.

I think I’m going to get in one more viewing of The Grinch & enjoy some tea ☺️

Blogmas Day 24: Best of December Lifestyle

Blogmas - 2019

People, I just realized that I have not watched National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation and I am just as shocked as you are. Here’s what happened, I got rid of most of my physical media last year and swapped to digital media. For some reason, I don’t own this movie though and don’t know how I overlooked this! It’s one of my absolute Christmas essentials, I’m purchasing it on Prime Video as we speak. I don’t think I have time to watch it today since I have places to be but tomorrow for sure. I was going to do one post for beauty and lifestyle but like I said, I’m on a time crunch – mostly because I slept past 8 this morning and it was glorious but I’m paying for it now. I wanted to quickly share what I’ve been loving in lifestyle this month!

The first item is this oversized sweater robe from Stars Above, a new pajama brand at Target. I purchased a grey one and this blush pink one (and another pink one since they went on sale), I have been wearing them non-stop. They are great for lounging around the house, I am a big nightgown person during the winter and they add just enough warmth if I’m up and about in my pajamas. Also though, I wear them out of the house too since they just look like super cozy cardigans. A little pricey but really awesome and so soft. The cats really like them too, as soon as a laid this out, Neptune came over – you can see her little cat butt 😉


She’s mad that I scooted her out of the shot, that is her pillow – plus an additional two other pillows that are hers on my bed. No other cats are allowed on the bed, even though there is plenty of room and she can’t lay on three pillows at once.


If you are a runner and like to get out in the winter, which I do since I actually run better when it’s cold – you have to have Yaktrax for your running shoes. They are like snow chains for your shoes and help you run on ice and snow without biffing it. Now, you can’t like sprint across the ice but they do help a lot with stability. They slip on over your shoe, I don’t really feel them through my show – maybe over the toe box but not enough to change my stride. I purchased these on Amazon, they run around $15 and last a good while.


I don’t like headphones, I have weirdly small ear holes and in the winter I get terrible eczema patches in them so I really can’t have anything in them over them. I cannot justify spending too much on something that I can hardly use, I recently found these Purity Wireless Headphones on Amazon and I don’t hate them which, is about all you will ever get from me when talking about headphones. They fit in my ear tight enough to stay in but not so tight that they rub on the eczema since they are also kinda smooshy. I use them for about 1-2 hours each day and only charge them overnight once a week. They weren’t crazy expensive and seem to be holding up well – if you need some solid wireless headphones but don’t want to spend a fortune and have finicky ear holes, check these out!

Finally, I have owned this little beauty for like three days but I love it. The Echo Dot is amazing, it has added just enough background noise to my home and I already ordered another one for my living room. You can listen to books, music, podcasts, newscasts – pretty much everything. The speaker quality is fantastic, it sets alarms, has a sleep timer, whisper mode – I know that most everyone probably already owns one of these devices but if not – get one. Plus, it’s so small and cute.


That’s it, I will post my beauty picks tomorrow – let me know what you’ve been loving this month. I hope you are having a wonderful Christmas Eve, I cannot believe that it is here already.

Blogmas Day 23: Merry Christmas Eve, Eve

Blogmas - 2019

I can’t lie, I’m kinda ready to be done with Blogmas 😂 It’s fun but hard to come up with content that’s unique. Although, I love reading all of the festive posts and will be a little sad going back to business as usual. Tonight’s post will just be a bit of a catch up ☺️ I’m enjoying some hot cocoa and listening to some Christmas tunes, I feel very festive but wish it was snowing.

Today was my last day of work until January 6 and I couldn’t be more thrilled. It’s been a long year, I’m ready to not be at work for awhile. Two blissful weeks of sleeping, snowboarding, snowshoeing and sleeping.

I almost finished wrapping all of my gifts, I’m loving the new wrapping paper and how sparkly it is. I need one of those bins for storing paper though because my cats like to futz around in the rolls. I plan to hit Target bright and early to score some more string and will look for one then. I’m loving the rustic look of the string against the glitzy prints.

I received an Echo Dot as an early Christmas present and it’s the coolest thing! It’s the perfect size for my bedroom and I’m already thinking about one for the living room. I don’t own a television and my apartment can be too quiet at times, I can play just about anything on the Dot and it’s awesome.

I went to confession, it was as boring and sad as I thought it would be 😂 I’m all set for Christmas Mass though which is the only reason I went, that and the damn sign. Confession does have this weird ability to make you feel shiny and new, it’s hard to explain but glad I got it done.

That’s about it in my neck of the woods, a quiet evening before the hustle and bustle of Christmas celebrations commence. I hope you’re having a Merry Christmas Eve, Eve ☺️


Blogmas Day 22: Holiday Wrapping Haul

Blogmas - 2019

I found myself without a scrap of wrapping paper this year and some hot pink gift bags left over from Valentine’s Day treat bags. I figured this wouldn’t do and headed to Target to see if they had some unique, affordable gift wrap. I was set on being disappointed since the Target nearest to me was really picked over about a week ago, I drove just a bit further though and hit the jackpot at a bigger store. Their Christmas aisles were still packed and I found just what I was looking for in the Wondershop aisle. The rolls of paper were $4 each and are the perfect not too thick, not too thin thickness.


I purchased several rolls of the Merry & Bright paper a few years ago and was so excited to see that it was available again this year. This paper gets really poor reviews online because it’s coated in loose glitter in areas and somehow, people don’t realize this. I’m like, bitch, you can literally see the glitter sticking to the plastic wrapping. Anyway, I love the glitter that this paper leaves behind and it looks really pretty underneath the tree lights. I also purchased the navy with gold stars, cream with black stars, white with snowflakes and white with red ho, ho, ho’s The last two have actual bits of confetti pressed into the paper, it’s adorable.



Then, I picked up a couple of random gift bags also by Wondershop. I think they had the cutest stuff this year with a unique flare.


This year, I chose twine instead of ribbon because I’m terrible at making the ribbon look pretty but I can work with string. They had a ton of cute styles, I might go back for more once it goes on sale. I also picked up some standard tissue paper and one obligatory card. Can we talk about the Papyrus cards? They are stunning but every time I purchase one I get sticker shock, then I turn into my grandmother and try to convince myself that I could make the card. This card was $7.95 – it’s paper and pom poms! I definitely could have made that…


Now to the best part, wrapping! I love it when I am done wrapping everything and the packages look so neat and tidy. Well, usually they do, I’m not the greatest wrapper and might have some duds 😉 They just get torn open anyway, isn’t it odd that we spend so much time making them look pretty just to be torn open? Anyway, thanks for reading!


Blogmas Day 21: Best Television Christmas Specials

Blogmas - 2019

Have you ever heard that jazzy, doowop mash-up version of What Christmas Means to Me with the bitching harmonica solo? Literally my favorite Christmas song but until this evening, I thought that it was a woman singing – it isn’t, it’s Stevie Wonder and I’m shocked. I might love it even more now but am I the only the thought it was a lady singing, let me know…

I’m just waiting on a couple of gifts to be delivered and I am officially done gift shopping. I like to stay up really late and listen to holiday music or watch old television Christmas specials while wrapping. I did a wrapping paper and gift bag shop yesterday, now I just need to queue up my favorite shows/songs.

Sugar Addiction *

The Conners decorate their home for the holidays, after receiving a note from their neighborhood association asking that the decor be removed – they retaliate with even more lights and over the top decor. I grew up in a very white trash community, this episode resonates with me on so many levels.


Sugar Addiction *

Just about everyone is having a miserable holiday and regales their woes to a masseuse that Frasier has treated the household to as a holiday treat. Daphne and Martin are in a quarrel as Daphne though the old guy was dying on account of his mysterious visits to church. Frasier spills the beans about Roz’s pregnancy to her unwitting mother and Niles is just Niles.


Sugar Addiction *

I know that most everyone’s favorite holiday episode is Benihana Christmas but I think that episode is just tragic. In this one, Phyllis blackmails Angela into allowing her to throw a really bizarre Moroccan themed office party. Meredith lights herself on fire while belly dancing and gets hauled to detox and Angela’s tryst with Dwight comes to light.


Sugar Addiction *

Even the crypt keeper gets into the holiday spirit with this kitschy slasher episode. After offing her husband to cash in on his insurance policy, a disgruntled housewife falls victim to a serial killing Santa.


Sugar Addiction *

George thinks he’s scored the best Christmas gift for Elaine when he finds a cashmere sweater on clear out. He soon finds out that it is stained with a small red dot, he seduces the cleaning lady and gifts her the sweater. Jerry accidentally servers Elaine’s alcoholic boyfriend booze and it’s all around a bizarrely hilarious episode.


Sugar Addiction *

Have we talked about my love of Northern Exposure lately? Maurice meets his son he fathered while in the Marines and Joel sets out to find his first Christmas tree. It seems light on plot but it’s one of the most endearing episodes.


Sugar Addiction *

Christmas is a rough time for Monk since it was his wife Trudy’s favorite time of year. He’s having a hard enough time when he finds himself in the wrong place at the wrong time and apparently guilty of shooting Santa.


Sugar Addiction *

Springfield Elementary gets snowed in, Homer and Flanders are tasked with rescuing the kids before the students drive Principal Skinner completely insane.


There are so many good Christmas specials but this will at least get you started 🙂 Are you done shopping or do you like the chaos of last minute shopping 😉 I hope you’re having a wonderful holiday season, thanks for reading!


Blogmas Day 20: Christmas PJ’s

Blogmas - 2019

So, I threw my back out the other day which has just made my week so awesome. How I did this exactly remains a mystery to me but here we are. I went to the chiropractor today and it is feeling better already but I was feeling especially sorry for myself and purchased some Christmas pajamas (among a whole other bunch of bullshit I didn’t really need at Target).

Christmas PJ’s are one of the few traditions I recall from my childhood that I actually enjoyed. My grandmother would send all of us matching sets to open on Christmas Eve and then we would wear them on Christmas morning. It’s just one of those simple things that makes the holiday a little more memorable. It’s also a super easy tradition to keep alive, it never feels dated and cozy pajamas make a great gift. Target had loads of holiday patterns, I chose these soft and stretchy red striped set. They’re stinking adorable and just what I was looking for.

Let me know what traditions have stuck with you over the years, thanks for reading!


Blogmas Day 19: Christmas Traditions I Can Live Without

Blogmas - 2019

I post something along these lines each year and most of it is hyperbole, I know and love that the holidays mean something different to everyone!

Forgiven Script

I know that it’s not raw eggs but I can’t with the texture of eggnog, the flavor or the smell. Why does it always taste and smell like there is booze in it when there isn’t? It’s milk, cream, sugar and whipped eggs, I can’t even. Also, booze doesn’t make it better.

Forgiven Script

I think that popcorn garland looks lovely but stringing it is a nightmare. I was terrible at stringing popcorn when I was a kid and repeatedly stabbed myself with the needle, I would never subject myself or others to this activity.

Forgiven Script

It’s creepy & everyone knows it, lets all collectively stop doing it.

Forgiven Script

I’m probably overthinking this but it’s odd to me that children everywhere are excited about their homes being invaded. I much prefer the kindly, charitable Saint Nicholas as opposed to the modern day, breaking & entering Santa. Who, by the way, doesn’t even eat the cookies that are left for him.

Forgiven Script

The milk and cookies thing – what a waste.

Forgiven Script

When I was a kid, it literally took my mom like 16 hours to cook a turkey. I have no idea why but it was Christmas Eve tradition that she would be up all night basting this stupid turkey. In my adulthood, I have found out that it does not take that long to cook a turkey – even a big one. I’ll never know why she cooked that thing so long.

Forgiven Script

Have you ever really listened to some of the lyrics to popular Christmas songs? Some are really bizarre, Winter Wonderland comes to mind. First of all, who is Parson Brown? Second, that whole are you married bit and the part time husband thing. Again, probably overthinking it but can someone write some new Christmas songs for the love of Parson Brown?!

Let me know what holiday traditions you could do without & thanks for stopping by!