This is Halloween, This is Halloween…I’m Baaccckkkk

Life & Style

Where was I, you ask? I took an isolation vacation up north, mostly because I haven’t used any time off days since January & they were expiring. I loved it & would like to move out of the metro immediately. Actually, this was the first year that I had planned a real vacation out of the states but obviously had to cancel. I still have travel vouchers to use but no plans for the time being which is fine, I would rather support the US economy at this time anyway.

We had a stretch of really cool weather, I thought fall was here but now it is hot again and next week looks pretty warm too – the leaves are changing so I am getting into the Halloween mood. I can’t lie, most of the (inside) decor went up on the first weekend of September because I couldn’t wait any longer. This year has been such a pile and I am ready for the holiday season which for me, starts with Halloween! I am particularly excited for it this year as it falls on a full moon – the only full moon Halloween that sticks out in my mind is from when I was 8 or 9’ish and my mother being very superstitious kept us home. I do remember it was a very eerie, windy night & I don’t think I was too bummed out about it. I also grew up in the middle of nowhere so that added to the overall creepy aura I am sure. Anyway, I don’t even know what Halloween will look like this year. Our big Halloween events have been cancelled & I am a little bitter about it. I think that trick-or-treating was already a dying tradition & this will be the final blow, Halloween just isn’t what it used to be…at least I can celebrate in my own home & here is a peek at my decor this year!

This mug really isn’t decor but it’s my favorite mug to start using this time of year. I think it was an Etsy purchase? It embodies how seeing another new Starbucks makes me feel, like a rotting corpse of a mermaid. Anyway, here is the rest of it 😀

I am pretty pleased with myself as I only purchased three new things for this year’s setup – the two ghost figurines and the black cat in the middle of the mantelpiece display. Wal-Mart released the cat a couple of years ago and I have been on the hunt for it ever since. I randomly checked out their Halloween section just as it was being set & was able to snag it. I love the vintage remakes, especially the grinning black cat pieces – I thought I read somewhere that his name is Chester but don’t quote me on that. That’s the set up this year, have you decorated yet? Let me know what’s happening with your Halloween plans 🖤

Weekend Whirlwind


Let’s start with Friday because that is where the madness began. If you didn’t know Tati released a palette, I was going back and forth on whether or not I wanted the palette. If you haven’t seen the palette, it’s all neutrals in different finishes which I think is a very cool idea because I primarily wear neutrals and love a monochromatic look. They are easy, I’m usually just doing my makeup for work and I don’t often wear color. So, 12 PM rolls around and I was still on the fence. I ate my lunch, listened to some of my book and then took to Twitter to see how the launch was going. I figured that if it sold out immediately, then I didn’t need it. Well, it did sell out but not right away and I ended up ordering one when I got home that night. I’m really interested to see what the formula is like and if I enjoy it well-enough, I think it will be time to throw out my Violet Voss Holy Grail Palette which is several years old. Expiration date, who? I did not need another palette, after getting rid of 3/4 of my makeup collection, I still have about a dozen or so but I’m happy that my purchase contributed to her sell out!

Friday night, I had a Halloween party, it’s the only bash that I attend as my friend has been hosting it since college and it’s basically a lifetime commitment. I’m not feeling super Halloween’y this year, I just tossed on some green eyeshadow and an old witch costume. I usually get put to work anyway so it’s not like anyone cares what I’m wearing. The bash was fun, I don’t drink socially so when people started getting real blitzed, I snuck out. I also had to work early Saturday morning at ULTA, we unpacked so much product for the holiday – it was nuts! I cannot believe all of the sets and holiday kits that are coming out. I don’t know if I will be purchasing anything, you just never know what you’re gonna get with holiday releases. We had to be in full Halloween makeup since the store was open for a couple of hours while we were still working. I had to work that night for my day job’s Halloween event so went home, scrubbed my face and tried to sneak in a nap. The nap did not happen because my neighbors who are being evicted this week after they had a huge domestic incident (really tragic) are deciding to be assholes to all of the neighbors who spoke with the police by blasting music, banging, slamming doors, etc. Friday is their last day, we only have to make it to Friday. It’s wearing on everyone, most of the neighbors are on really good terms and we’re just burnt out on these people’s bullshit. Anyway, so I watched a movie and did some laundry then got in full makeup for the night. I had to sneak out since the asshole neighbors have also taken to accosting people in the hallway. You’d think that I live in a trap house, I don’t.

Saturday night was non-stop, it started with me picking up two 15-gallon bags of popcorn. You wouldn’t think popcorn would weigh very much but you’d be surprised. Also, if you drive a small car like myself, it isn’t going to fit in your trunk. After a moment’s panic thinking that I would have to secure the bags to the roof, I pushed my front seats forward as far as I could and peeled out. The event was fun but long and there were lots of sticky kids. Being Minnesota, it was pretty brisk but at least we didn’t get rained on. Then it was home for the evening, removing my face yet again and trying to sleep before my 7 AM shift at ULTA on Sunday. I have to say that my face was unhappy after three makeup changes in less than 24 hours, it was red and dry from the windy evening too.

Sunday was fun, we got to put out most of the holiday goodies that had been unpacked the day before. ULTA is almost totally decked out for the holidays, it does seem a bit early but the sheer volume of product that comes in kind of forces retailers to start phasing it out. I’m not ready for Christmas carols or snow but it is fun to see all of the sparkly packages and winter-themed displays. I then treated myself to some Taco John’s potato oles, my favorite cheat food and took a 10-hour nap. Today I overslept but still got work on time and think I’m sick which makes a lot of sense after a weekend of junk food and no sleep. I’m over Halloween *gasp* and will probably put out the Christmas stuff this weekend 😝 Did you go to any Halloween events this year? I am looking forward to trick or treaters but I’m tapped out otherwise.


31 Nights of Halloween: Best of Treehouse of Horror

31 Nights of Halloween

The Simpsons have been on television a loooooooong time, too long in my opinion. I stopped watching them probably 10 or so seasons ago, aside from their annual Halloween Treehouse of Horror specials. This year, the special marked their 666th episode which is just so fitting for a Halloween special. I’m not sure that I will watch it since even these once great, incredibly creative episodes have become lackluster. I remember waiting patiently each year to watch these as a kid and getting screwed a few times because of that pesky mountain time. Those were the days when you actually had to be physically home at the time  your favorite show aired to watch it. If you aren’t familiar with these episodes please leave there are three horror stories, that sometimes parody well-known horror films or are otherwise just creepy stories. These are the episodes that I appreciate the most. I am doing these by air date since I own the actual seasons of only Treehouse of Horror episodes so I’m unsure of where they fall in the regular seasons and I’m lazy.

Pieces NFI Regular

Hands down my favorite episode – it has everything from Satan to der vampyr. In the first story, Homer sells his soul to Satan (played by Ned Flanders) for a donut. Bart is terrorized by a gremlin trying to wreck the school bus in the second story and Mr. Burns plays Dracula with wig and all for the conclusion. There isn’t a bad story in this episode which isn’t always the case.


Pieces NFI Regular

This one parodies I Know What You Did Last Summer with a twist that was just as ridiculous as the original movie ending. It has a weak filler story about Bart and Lisa acquiring superhuman powers but ends on a strong note with Homer failing to prepare the plant’s computers for Y2K and causing the crash of the technological world. Remember when we all thought that the world was going to end because computers couldn’t compute zeroes? Good times.


Pieces NFI Regular

Homer goes insane in The Shinning, then travels back in time in an attempt to fix a toaster and Springfield Elementary cafeteria starts eating misbehaving children. I think  this episode has the most comical Marge line of any episode, when Bart and Lisa try convincing her that they are going to be eaten she responds with; Kids, you’re 8 & 10 years old, I can’t keep fighting all of your battles for you. Classic parent response.


Pieces NFI Regular

Homer is attacked by an evil Krusty the Clown Doll, the middle episode story is a lame King Kong parody and ends with Lisa turning the residents of Springfield into zombies while trying to bring her cat back to life. I also love that this episode takes place during a Halloween party at the Simpson’s’ house and Bart is rocking the classic A Clockwork Orange costume.


Pieces NFI Regular

This one starts out strong with the Simpsons moving into a haunted house that just so happens to be on the site of an ancient burial ground. The second story is lame, something to do with aliens overfeeding them but not wanting to eat them…? And finishes with a parody of Poe’s The Raven narrated by James Earl Jones.

The Raven

There are so many good ones but these are classic introductions to these specials. I think the only reason I will be sad to see The Simpsons retire from television is that there won’t be anymore Treehouse of Horror episodes. Did you watch these as a kid? Let me know what your favorite episodes are!


31 Nights of Halloween: The Shining (1980)

31 Nights of Halloween

Stanley Kubrick’s film adaptation of King’s The Shining is pretty good if you haven’t read the book but also totally sucks if you have. He left out the most hair raising parts and instead went for shock value. It leaves out my absolute favorite part of the book where the giant topiary animals start to surround Jack outside of the weird maze on the property. But of course kept in the decayed, old lady corpse. Anyway…

Jack Torrance, a failing writer, his wife Wendy and son Danny are headed to a secluded inn that’s closing for the off-season. They will be looking after the property with no access to the outside world. Of course, the inn is haunted and weird things start happening. Unfortunately for Danny, he possesses the shining which allows him to see into the inn’s tragic past. Jack’s sanity and sobriety quickly deteriorate putting his family in danger.

I just don’t love this adaptation, the only element that somewhat redeems it is the atmosphere of the hotel Kubrick used. Which, is not the Stanley Hotel that the book used but still plenty creepy. I think it’s more accurate to say that the movie is influenced by the book but if you haven’t read it, you probably wouldn’t know the difference and it’s a decent movie otherwise.


31 Nights of Halloween: Hocus Pocus

31 Nights of Halloween

Clearly, I am mostly failing at sticking to my watch list and completely failing at watching something each night. In my defense, it was a rough weekend – this nasty cold is going around, again. My neighbors were acting like complete dickheads, again. The weather was soggy and cold, we did not get any snow which I am pretty disappointed about but the leaves look stunning. I mostly read this weekend and it was time well spent. Tonight’s film is a classic from my childhood, Hocus Pocus.

This movie begins where all witch-y movies worth their potion begin, somewhere in Colonial America during the witch trials. Now, I hate to quibble but the trials ended in May 1693 so the Sanderson sisters would have probably been spared by their puritanical neighbors. I get that it is way cooler to come back on the 300th year anniversary and not the 299th year and some odd days anniversary 😛 Anyway, the Sanderson sisters are in the midst of luring a young girl away from her home so that they can steal her youth. Her brother, Thackery Binx sees his sister being kidnapped and tries to save her. Sadly, and quite tragically for a children’s movie, he does not save her and the witches turn him into a cat that is cursed with eternal life. The puritans ascend on the witches’ hovel and hang them but not before Winifred casts a spell ensuring that the sister will be back. Feline Thackery tries to approach his parents but is kicked away which remains the saddest part in the entire film. to this day.

Fast forward 300 years, 90’s Salem, the best Salem and we meet Max and Dani Dennison who just moved to town from LA. Dani loves all of the local lore but Max is more skeptical and overall hates their new home. I never understood this as a child because all I have ever wanted to do was live in Salem. He does like Allison, a local girl who’s family used to operate the Sanderson cottage as a museum until it had to be closed because too many spooky things kept happening. Max convinces the girls to check the cottage out and insanity ensues. He ends up lighting the Black Flame Candle and bringing the Sanderson sisters back who hatch a plan to steal the lives of all the children in Salem. With the assistance of Binx, they foil the sisters’ plans and learn a valuable lesson about how helpful drunk adults are on Halloween.

I love this one, I have probably watched it a thousand times yet it remains a classic and annual must-watch.


31 Nights of Halloween: Nancy Drew (2019)

31 Nights of Halloween

Hey, guess what, I’m that person who likes to make lists and then I’m like – who needs lists, I’m a free-spirit, I don’t need lists. Needless to say, I did not watch Carrie this evening and instead, watched the first episode of The CW’s Nancy Drew reboot. This is the problem with lists, amazing things could present themselves that might be missed out on if one stuck to a list! I will slot Carrie in for that horrible Hulu original series that I already mostly forgot about and watch it this weekend. See, at least I have a plan…

I grew up on the Nancy Drew mystery series and was excited about a reboot but also hesitant because of that travesty of a show Riverdale that is loosely, loosely based on the Archie comic books. I’ve said it before and feel compelled to say it again, Ms. Grundy was a 70-year old matron and not a hot body music teacher who banged underage pupils. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. Anyway, I still decided to give this new series a watch and see how it compared to the beloved books. To start, the characters seemed a lot older than those in the book (the teens in the book are a lot more innocent if you know what I mean). Nancy has ‘retired’ her detective work after the death of her mother. She is waitressing in her small hometown, still dating Ned Nickerson. The show deviates from the book with her other friends, Bess & George are still around but in a vastly different capacity. They aren’t really friends at all and are just forced together through circumstances, that circumstance being they’re accused of murdering a local heiress. While trying to solve this case, they uncover details about the unsolved disappearance of a local girl from decades ago. There’s a surprising amount of supernatural elements in the show and it’s pretty dark in nature. I guess that’s what happens when producers try to add a modern twist that appeals to a younger generation that didn’t grow up on the books and can’t relate to the stories. I think it’s cool to see Nancy make a comeback but also, can everyone stop ruining my childhood icons?! Come up with your own damn content. Anyway, it was a romp but I’m not sure I’ll keep watching.


October To be Read!


Admittedly, this list may be a little ambitious but this is the time of year that I love getting into bed and cracking into a new (e)book. I have to say that using the Kindle doesn’t feel nearly as cozy as an actual book but it sure is easier on the eyes. I don’t know if having millions of books right at my finger tips is a good or bad thing though 🙂

We Should All be Mirandas by Chelsea Fairless and Lauren Garroni:

Little known fact, I am a huge Sex & the City fan, Carrie was my least favorite and in my opinion, pathetic character throughout the entire series. Miranda was hands down my favorite character and not just because she’s a fellow ginger. She was independent, successful, didn’t need a man but still chic, classy, feminine – I just adored her. I am excited to see her star in a book all of her own and can’t wait to read it.


I Love the Bones of You by Christopher Eccleston:

The most underrated and overlooked Doctor, in my opinion. A fantastic actor all-around and looking forward to learning more about him.


The Nanny by Gilly Macmillan:

Did the nanny just up and leave or did she get murdered?

The Nanny

Empire of the Summer Moon by S.C. Gwynne

This could be cheating, I’m already half-way through this book and it is pretty brutal. I don’t read a lot of Native American History books written by Caucasians, I find them less interesting but Sam Gwynne is a fantastic journalist and author who really does his research.  This book chronicles the decades long war between the Comanche Tribe and settlers.

Summer Moon

Inside Out: A Memoir by Demi Moore:

Who doesn’t want to read this one?! Again, not a celebrity that I know a lot about but have always watched and enjoyed in films and interested to know more about!

Inside Out

So, I mean, that’s only one book each weekend 😛 Have you read any of these, what’s on your list?


31 Nights of Halloween: Grimm (2011)

31 Nights of Halloween

Well, I was supposed to watching Chopping Mall tonight but I can’t find it. I really should have pulled out my movies when I made my list but it didn’t occur to me at the time. Instead, I watched a few episodes of Grimm. I loved this show, up until the last two seasons. Each episode is based loosely on a Brothers Grimm tale. The main character, Nick is a detective who finds out that he is grimm which is someone who can see the Grimm fairy tale creatures for what they are. His ancestors have been tracking and killing the creatures of decades.

The first episode is a classic tale of Little Red Riding Hood and the wolf. Nick and his partner Hank are investigating the slaying of a college student when Nick starts to see weird things. His aunt who is very ill, arrives in town and tells him that they need to talk. Unfortunately for the both of them, she has been followed by another being who kills grimms and she is delayed in passing down her knowledge to him. Meanwhile, a little girl goes missing and the detectives think the two cases are related. Nick meets Monroe, one of the big, bad wolves who helps him solve the case and fills in some of the missing pieces about his grimm history. The two make an unlikely team but their friendship is on of my favorite elements of the entire series. Hank and Nick bring the bad guy in and the little girl is found unharmed.

The show is set in Portland, I’ve always dreamed of living there and the foggy, damp atmosphere is the perfect backdrop to this spooky show. Overall, it’s a fun series with unique story line and an enjoyable cast.


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31 Nights of Halloween: Friday the 13th (1980)

31 Nights of Halloween

Ch-ch-ch-kah-kah-kah. A group of sexy teenagers are hired to work at Camp Crystal Lake where a small boy drowned decades ago. What could possibly go wrong, except everything…

Spoiler: everybody dies, well most everybody. Jason Voorhees, while attending summer camp accidentally drowns and his mother blames the negligent camp counselors. In the years following the accident, a string of incidents leads to the camp shutting down amid rumors that it’s cursed. Under new ownership, the camp is set to reopen. The town crazy tries to warn the kids about the camp’s reputation but is unable to convince them that they may be in trouble. One by one, the teens are picked off by who we assume is Jason Voorhees who is somehow still haunting the camp. We soon find out that it’s actually Mrs. Voorhees killing everyone to avenge her son. We only catch a glimpse of Jason at the very end of the movie and really, he was scarier when we didn’t know what he looked like or if he was even alive. The isolated cabin setting, unseen killer, extreme weather event and teenage naivete all contribute to the creep factor of this classic slasher.


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31 Nights of Halloween: The Silence of the Lambs (1991)

31 Nights of Halloween

When in doubt, stick to the classics. I have watched this film countless times and still enjoy each viewing. It’s an intriguing story, one that’s been done to death nowadays but enlisting a psychopath to aid in the capture of a serial killer is a pretty fantastical concept. I mean, who knows the mind of a crazed killer better than an equally crazed killer? FBI trainee, Clarice Starling is enlisted to profile, Buffalo Bill, an active serial killer who is murdering women and taking pieces of their skin. Her director assigns her to interview Hannibal Lecter, a psychiatrist and face-eating serial killer to gather some insight into Buffalo Bill. Lecter is happy to oblige if Starling is willing to tell him personal details about her life. Which, seems like a terrible idea and probably the first thing they tell you not to do in Serial Killer Catching 101. Her desire to catch Bill obviously clouds Starling’s judgement and she engages in this creepy quid pro quo arrangement. Ultimately, Lecter does somewhat help solve the case in  really roundabout way that almost costs Starling her  life but Bill’s most recent, high-profile victim is found alive thanks to her persistence.

The more times that I see this film, the more I dislike Lecter. I mean, I don’t think that the audience is supposed to like a face-eating serial killer but at first glance, he’s this super smart, kind of charming doctor who just happened to get caught killing people. In reality, he really is an asshole. From implying that Starling was only chosen for the job because her boss wants to sleep with her to calling her a backwoods hussy, I think Lecter was a misogynist and I just don’t like him. By today’s standards, the film is surprisingly tame, while there are some shocking parts it never feels out of place or forced and it’s what you aren’t seeing that builds momentum. Anyway, it’s one of my all-time faves and it never ceases to be enjoyable.


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