Blogtober Day 31: ๐Ÿงก Happy Halloween ๐Ÿงก


Well, here we are – after a long day of helping people vote early, I plan to tear down my Halloween decor & maybe throw up a wreath or two. Or perhaps wait since all of the lovely snow that fell is now melted & we are going to see highs in the 60’s this coming week! Minnesota is a fickle climate, I already put all of my summer clothing away so I guess I’m just sweating it out until the temperatures drop again. Minnesotans are rather fickle creatures too, only last week I was fielding calls about when the ice rinks would open & this week complaints that the bathrooms were already closed up for the season – cannot please anyone ๐Ÿ˜€ I did not wear all black to work today, I decided to wear my Dracula leggings since it is Halloween after all. I was primarily doing back end work so it’s not like I was interacting with the public too terribly much. On my drive home I did see a few groups of trick or treaters & houses decorated which made me smile ๐Ÿ‘ป

I don’t have much to talk about, it’s a bit of a melancholy day for a holiday that is traditionally packed with so much mayhem. I’m also particularly annoyed that It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown will not be on television this evening because Apple sucks. I owned a digital copy on Prime Video that is also now unavailable…even though I paid for it years ago? Please, just keep ruining my childhood. If you are looking for a throwback to when Halloween ruled, check out this collection of old commercials. I’m too young to remember some of them but they are still fun to watch! Companies used to really go all out for the holiday, I love to see it. Also, if you want some other spooky content, the Top 5s Youtube channel has been uploading almost every day this month & they have tons of good stuff!

Other than listening to some Halloween jams (check out my spooky playlist here) & watching Halloween on repeat, I don’t have anything exciting planned Oh! Actually. I have downloaded the new adaptation of The Witches movie & plan to check that out this evening. It looks like it is going to be really good! With Blogtober coming to an end, I think I’m shooting for a Monday/Wednesday/Friday blogging schedule until Blogmas. I hope you enjoyed all of the spooky content ๐Ÿ–ค

Whatever you’re doing, stay safe & healthy ๐ŸŽƒ๐Ÿ•ท๏ธ๐Ÿ’€

Blogtober Day 27: Dressed to Kill (1980)


De Palma does Hitchcock in this thriller from 1980 starring a very foxy Michael Caine, stunning Angie Dickinson and a fresh-faced Nancy Allen. A housewife’s (Dickinson) lunch time tryst turns deadly when she is slashed to death leaving her mysterious lover’s apartment. Liz Blake (Allen) witnesses the aftermath of the gory murder and catches a glimpse of the statuesque, blonde murderess fleeing the scene with a straight razor. Michael Caine plays Dr. Robert Elliott, who was Dickinson’s therapist whom she tried to seduce prior to her untimely death and who has a former patient named Bobbi who becomes the main suspect for the murder. Peter, son of the victim, teams up with Liz who is apparently a sex-worker (I didn’t realize this until the 20th or so time that I had watched this film) team up to track down Bobbi and solve the murder. We find out that Bobbi is angry with Dr. Elliott for not approving her gender reassignment surgery and could be using this as a reason to kill off his patients. Liz and Peter concoct a plan where Liz tries to seduce the good doctor but this man is not easily seduced. While Liz is stripped down to her lingerie and digging through his Rolodex trying to get information on Bobbi, Dr. Elliott is in the back throwing on a wig and sharpening his straight razor. Yup, he turns out to be Bobbi, another shocking reveal! He attempts to murder Liz but is thwarted by Peter who bursts in and maces him.


This film is visually stunning, from the atmosphere to the costumes – it is a delight for the eyes. The cast is brilliant and the plot, while it doesn’t totally make sense, keeps you guessing until the end ๐Ÿงก

Blogtober Day 23: Mary Reilly


This movie was bizarre, not just with a capital B – all caps, underlined, exclamation point. We are all familiar with the Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde story – I’ve been banging on about it for the last two days. I decided that I wanted to watch a couple of newer film adaptations & stumbled upon Mary Reilly (1996) starring Julia Roberts as Mary & John Malkovich as Jekyll & Hyde. This was a freak show from start to finish.

Mary is Jekyll’s maid who might be Welsh or possibly Irish… I’ll just say that Roberts’ talents don’t include accents. It’s obvious that she has experienced something particularly traumatic in her life & the doctor is curious about Mary. He presses her on how she received various bite marks on her arms & neck. Eventually, Mary tells the doctor that her father let a rat chew her up as punishment for breaking a tea cup. After that, her mother put her into service & she never saw her parents again. It’s close to this point that Jekyll informs his staff that he is taking an assistant who will have the run of the house. Mary has noticed odd things about the doctor’s coming & goings but nothing terribly alarming.

One evening though Jekyll sends Mary on an errand to see a Mrs. Farraday who obviously runs a brothel. He requests that Farraday accommodate Hyde in her boarding rooms which she agrees to. Shortly thereafter, Mary is awoken by the crying of a girl & when she sneaks into the doctor’s study sees a note for Blood Money. She starts to suspect something is wrong with the doctor but she has yet to encounter the elusive Hyde.

Jekyll dispatches Mary once again to Farraday’s with a note but this time she’s much less benevolent. It is clear that Hyde murdered one of the girls at the brothel & Farraday is asked to keep it hushed up. From here on, Mary encounters Hyde a number of times even accompanying him to a meat market for the doctor. Malkovich does a tremendous job of altering his mannerisms just enough to appear as two completely different personalities. Even so, the house staff start to suspect there’s something not quite right going on. He tends to go in & out of character around Mary in particular & she starts covering for his odd behavior at times.

Eventually, Farraday comes to collect more hush money from the good doctor & Hyde murders her. As if things weren’t weird enough, Mary’s mother dies & she encounters her father at her funeral. On her way home, Mary encounters Hyde running from the police after committing yet another murder. He kisses Mary & says she will never see him again.

Cue downward spiral, running out of the secret chemicals & death by poisoning. This time though, Jekyll manages to revert back to himself only to find that Hyde laced the antidote with poison thus killing them both. Mary witnesses the final transformation affirming what she had already mostly concluded.

This film was…off-putting. From the dank atmosphere to the the tragedy of Mary, it really was horrific. I didn’t enjoy the addition of a love story to the original plot. I think what made this so bizarre was that it was really a love triangle. Mary was infatuated with Jekyll & he obviously had some feelings for her but could only express this when he was Hyde who was abhorrent. Glenn Close as Farraday was brilliant even if her character had very little screen time. I just didn’t care for Roberts’ performance, she was overly snivelly & that accent…

Have you seen this one? It was certainly unique ๐Ÿงก

Blogtober Day 22: Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde Novella Review


Yesterday, I touched on my favorite classic monsters & watched about four vampire movies. I got time on my hands. When deciding on whether or not to add Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde as part of my werewolf section, I realized that I don’t know nearly enough about these fellow(s) & immediately had to remedy this. First off, I had never read the novella, Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson – yea, the Treasure Island guy. Since it’s only about 50 pages, I knocked that out yesterday afternoon.

It was exactly what I expected & I guess not quite as I recall. Granted, I have only watched the very old film adaptations but I though that Hyde was visibly monstrous which isn’t the case. The story is told from the point of view of Gabriel John Utterson, a well to do lawyer & friend of the brilliant, well respected Dr. Henry Jekyll. On a walk with a good friend of his, Utterson is regaled with a tale about an evil, sinister, ugly little man who stomped on a child & then paid the family as retribution with a cheque from Dr. Jekyll’s account. This is worrisome to Utterson as he knows who the evil little man is & that Jekyll had recently changed his will to include this sinister character, Edward Hyde. He also discovers that Hyde has free access to Jekyll’s laboratory & Utterson is worried that his good friend is being black mailed, or worse by Mr. Hyde. One night, Hyde attacks & murders a close friend of Dr. Jekyll and Utterson’s. Hyde, given his distinct, evil appearance is immediately identified as the murderer. Utterson is fetched to identify the dead man’s body & again is worried about his friend Jekyll & thinking that he must be next on Hyde’s list of murders. Through a fairly convoluted back & forth, we of course discover that Jekyll & Hyde are one & the same. His ability to change character & appearance is the result of one of his experiments & ingestion of a potion that transforms him. As time progresses Jekyll finds himself transforming into Hyde without using the potion & finds it increasingly difficult to revert back to his good, better personality. Eventually, Hyde runs out of the chemicals to concoct his special mixture & drinks poison.

So, the obvious theme is the internal struggle of good versus evil. As human beings, we generally want to do good but there’s so much temptation. In Jekyll’s case he couldn’t reconcile with the duality of his personality so was determined to create two completely separate beings that could revel in extreme good & extreme evil. I got to reading various essays about the underlying themes & social context of the novella. Many of them alluded to the duality of Victorian era society – all lady in the streets, freak in the sheets – those weren’t the exact words but you get the idea. Utterson is extremely worried about the preservation of his friend’s reputation & this certainly does make sense. However, in the novella, as Jekyll is spiraling he continuously complains about the pureness of the chemicals that he needs. This got me thinking about some of the prescription drug abuse of the era & was there social commentary on addiction to opioids? I believe that Stevenson was quite ill for most of his life, did he have some experience with treatment that left an impression on him? Even more modern interpretations allude to personality disorders or mental illness being the reason for Dr. Jekyll’s transformation into Mr. Hyde, interesting reading all around. Maybe it is just a short story about a guy who wanted to be bad sometimes & took it too far, whatever the case, I am glad that I read this one. Even though I know the general storyline, reading the finer details of the story has certainly piqued my interest. Also, Mr. Hyde wasn’t a monster in appearance, apparently he just looked particularly evil. I’m picturing a shorter, Rudy Giuliani (and now you are too). Not saying that he is evil but he has a nefarious look about him. I have a few movies to watch now since I’ve probably only watched 1-2 of the older ones.

Does anyone else find themselves down these rabbit holes sometimes? Probably with more interesting topics but I can’t help who I am. I have a list of Jekyll & Hyde movies to work through, I will report back with tomorrow’s 31 Nights of Horror. I have been slacking on watching movies (aside from my vampire marathon) but mostly because I’ve been needing to go into work very early as of late. Thanks for stopping by ๐Ÿงก

Blogtober Day 21: My Favorite Classic Monsters


Ask me how excited I was about all of that snow this morning? Not at all. Listen, how do people forget every single year that it snows & the roads get bad so instead of driving cautiously, they just slam into one another then my 15-minute commute turns into a 45-minute commute because of stupidity. How?! I’ve had it, to anyone who cannot drive in the snow – please move, immediately. I hope that it all melts because I cannot deal with that crap on my way home. Aside from all of the morons on the road this morning, lets talk monsters – specifically my favorite, old school monsters. Not homicidal maniacs, Michael Myers wins that spot, no contest ๐Ÿ˜› We are talking classic monsters here, the tragically misunderstood abominations that haunted but certainly enriched my childhood.

  +  Angars.Runes  +

Raise your hand if you read every horror/gothic novel listed on the permissible classics reading list in AP English. Bram Stoker’s Dracula was not my first introduction to the character but certainly the most disappointing. I blame this on the litany of modern Dracula interpretations that I had been exposed to prior to reading this classic. It is a classic, I think it’s fantastic reading but it wasn’t sexy or alluring & the story of Dracula is a lot more tragic than beautiful creatures that live forever. I’m not a fan of Nosferatu which is probably the most accurate adaptation of the original Dracula if you consider how slow it is. I don’t care for the original or the remake featuring Eddie Izzard which still cracks me up. I much prefer Francis Ford Coppola’s Bram Stoker’s Dracula which took some liberties but captured the tortured, oddly alluring creature that I am drawn to. Aside from his more modern appearances, the story of Vlad the Impaler while horrific is very interesting. I love that this classic monster, cloaked in black magic has some crossover to the mortal world as it makes him seem so much more tangible. The scope of interpretations of Dracula is also what keeps me interested, he can be placed in any time period, at any age, from very sinister to more congenial & it just works. Always classic. Overall, I’m just a big fan of the vampire genre, child vampires, teen punk vampires (not Twilight), wealthy southern vampires…

  +  Angars.Runes  +

OK, by now we all know that the monster is not Frankenstein, that’s the name of the doctor – if not, now you do. The story of this unnamed monster is a tragedy but Mary Shelley’s life is also pretty tragic. Read more about that elsewhere but it isn’t shocking that this abomination was the creation of an 1800’s scholarly lady once you know more about her. Frankenstein is about a grad student, Victor Frankenstein who pieces together a monster from parts of dead bodies & reanimates it using alchemy & chemistry. Finding his creation so abhorrent, he pretty much loses his mind & flees. The monster, now having no creator sets out on his own, he is hated by everyone he encounters & commits two murders to wreak vengeance on his creator. What I found most sad about the story is that the monster is more repentant for his misdeeds than Frankenstein is. Everyone says that I am wrong on this but I think the book was about Frankenstein being the actual monster & less about the monster, hence the reason he wasn’t given a name. Apparently it is more widely accepted that Shelley did not name the monster because it was more titillating for audiences, it just seems like a really trite reason considering the events that transpire. I appreciate this monster because he turned out to be more human than the other humans he encountered, I wish that there were more adaptations & think that while everyone knows who he is, he is a bit overlooked.

  +  Angars.Runes  +

From Little Red Riding Hood to Harry Potter & the Prisoner of Azkaban, the werewolf is another creature that has survived countless reinterpretations & just tends to work. The historical references of a werewolf like creature can be found in various legends from numerous different cultures & regions. It’s another tale rooted in the mystical that human beings seemingly believe exists. Werewolf lore is so far reaching that we attribute odd behavior in humans to a full moon. Again, I just appreciate a creature that has some significant historical context that transcends generations & remains relevant even in modern, less superstitious time periods.

I’ve always been confused about the Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde creature, he doesn’t turn into a werewolf but I do think that he is close enough to be in the same species. I think that Mr. Hyde is a sociopath, not really a monster though – let me know your thoughts on that. I guess he’s an honorable mention along with the Phantom of the Opera…dun, dun, dun.

Let me know who your favorite monsters are, are you a fan of the classic monster movies? I’m in an ooky-spooky mood now & ready to binge some classics ๐Ÿงก๐Ÿ–ค

Blogtober Day 18: Cold Weather Body Care


The seasons have changed, fall might be over already. We had a very crisp high of 32 degrees today & are looking at 4-inches of snow this Tuesday. I know that Halloween is a toss up on whether or not we’re still having mild weather or a foot of snow on the ground but I’m not sure I’m ready! Good thing I work from home on Tuesdays because I cannot with these city slickers driving on bad roads. The air has been dry for awhile now which is torture for my already dry, eczema prone skin & I’ve already switched my body care routine. I’m trying some new things this year that are more luxurious than my usual Cerave & am really pleased with the results so far!

Shea Moisture is an awesome brand and has been for awhile. They were some of the first to offer products specifically for curly, coily, kinky natural hair. All of their ingredients are ethically sourced, fair trade & they are cruelty free. Over the years, they’ve expanded to body & skin care – I have been using their coconut oil line & am obsessed. Here’s my routine for soft, clear skin!

Cleanse & Exfoliate: to start, I’ve been using the Daily Hydration Body Wash that is absolutely delicious. It’s sudsy, smells amazing & cleans my skin without making it feel dry or tight. I haven’t had any issues with breakouts or skin flare ups since switching which is rare for my overly sensitive skin. It leaves my skin sweetly scented & nourished.

Next, as unpleasant as exfoliating dry skin sounds, I find that regularly sloughing off the dead skin really improves the overall appearance of my skin. The Daily Hydration Creme Sugar Scrub is just the right amount of grittiness & since it’s sugar, it just dissolves as you work it in. It’s a very hydrating body scrub, I use it all over & it makes my skin sparkle.

Moisturize: I have severely dry skin, I use an oil on particularly dry areas & then seal it in with an occlusive moisturizer. Shea Moisture offers a few lightweight, nourishing body oils but of course I went for the coconut. I have to mention that the coconut line smells like real coconut, very nutty & not that synthetic coconut that some might expect. Everything smells great but it might be a bit different than what some might be anticipating. Generally, a palm full is plenty for the areas I need extra moisture. I then work the Daily Hydration Body Lotion in all over my body. This stuff is thick, I don’t love the packaging & think it would work better in a tub. I put the bottle on my shower floor so the hot water can soften it up then it’s a bit easier to dispense. It doesn’t take terribly long to work in given the thick consistency & doesn’t feel greasy. This lotion keeps my skin comfortably hydrated all day & then some.

Shea Moisture can be purchased at ULTA, Target & on their website! They’re products are affordable & high quality. I cannot recommend them enough if you’re looking for something new.

Let me know what you’re go-to winter skin picks are. Have you tried anything from Shea Moisture? Thanks for stopping by ๐Ÿงก๐Ÿ–ค

Blogtober Day 16: Worry Dolls


My boss: STELLA, it’s snowing!! Me: Leaps up from desk chucking coffee all over my keyboard. I don’t know if this counts as the first snow seeing as how most of it won’t stick but it’s still pretty exciting. A blanket of bright, white snow just makes the whole world look new. I think this year especially, I’m just looking forward to it being over & we are slowly getting there. Anyway, so let’s just get right to Blogmas ๐Ÿ˜› Not quite yet, today we are talking about something from my childhood that I recently stumbled upon at World Market of all the places. It shocked me for a minute seeing a little basket of worry dolls because they were such a deep memory that came flooding back, it was overwhelming but also delightful to recall my pocketful of worry dolls and how I tormented my mother with them.

What are worry dolls? They are teenie little dolls made of bits of wire, paper & colorful fabric that can fit in your pocket. They originate in Guatemala & are given to mostly children to tell their worries or troubles to. You can tell them your fears, nightmares, anxieties – then put them under your pillow & the worry dolls take it from there. I was a morose child, I had a pocketful of worry dolls but not because I recall feeling particularly worried about anything, it was just my personality. I’m just a quiet, calm, perhaps melancholy person who doesn’t enjoy the company of most people but there isn’t anything wrong with me. I also went through a phase of answering the house phone as ‘city morgue’ which really freaked my mom out but I was doing it mostly to freak her out ๐Ÿ˜€

These are a beautiful set I found on etsy from Handmade Mayan Arts

There was one event that sticks out in my mind after which I recall receiving my first pouch of worry dolls. We were going to visit my great grandmother, I was 8’ish & she was probably 80’ish. She lived in town so we saw her all of the time & were just stopping in after grocery shopping. Well, we walk in & she’s sitting at the kitchen table – she had one of those old houses where you could come in through the kitchen. So, she’s sitting there, I’m coming in behind my mom who said something to my grandmother & then my mom starts screaming. She’s dead, she’s dead! I had a bad feeling about today. Now, my mom had a bad feeling about most every day but I guess that day she was vindicated. I don’t recall being terribly upset about my recently passed grandmother, she was very old & I knew that. I was sad she was gone but for some reason my mom really thought that seeing a dead body had an impact on me. She made me sit outside on the porch until the police got there, then she had the police talk to me to see if I was OK. I told them I was but that wasn’t good enough – my mom sent me to the school counselor who then sent me to an actual child psychologist. That’s where I got my worry dolls, he told my parents there wasn’t anything wrong with me aside from being a bit anti-social. That’s when I started the ‘city morgue’ thing but mostly because I was annoyed with my mother for insisting that there must be something wrong with me when I was fine. Also, my grandmother had an open casket funeral which was infinitely more upsetting than seeing her just sitting at her kitchen table – talk about irony.

My worry dolls were a bit more rustic and looked a lot like these

Anyway, I loved my worry dolls because they were just so freaking cute & played with them like I would other dolls. They were better than other dolls because I just put them in my pocket & could take them anywhere. Apparently, this was a problem because my parents started to think that I had so many things to worry about that I had to have my dolls with me all of the time. If I caught them looking at me when I was playing with my worry dolls, I would maintain eye contact & whisper nonsense to my dolls like some kind of voodoo. Honestly, this was a bit far but it really burned me that my parents were so worried about me. Eventually, I outgrew my worry dolls & moved onto activities that were apparently less concerning to my parents. I developed an eating disorder, funny that they missed all of those red flags but was mostly a normal adolescent.

What’s the point of this story? I think that worry dolls can be an effective tool for kids coping with some type of trauma but that parents shouldn’t look for trauma because that’s pretty traumatic for a little kid. Honestly, I think I might order myself another set, they really are adorable little dolls. Maybe if any of my siblings recall the ‘Worry Doll Years’ it will give them a little scare ๐Ÿงก

Pieces NFI Regular

The Vanishing (1988) or Spoorloos as the Dutch film I own is titled, is a psychological thriller that is just as terrifying as the goriest slasher flick. Rex & Saskia are on a trip through France when they run out of gas. They have this huge fight, there is so much build up that I almost thought that the story would be about Rex murdering Saskia. Not the case, they stop for fuel & Saskia is abducted. Rex goes on a quest to find her even making a public appeal for any information regarding her whereabouts. Eventually, a man named Raymond comes forward (the viewer has known that he is the kidnapper for some time) & reveals himself as having been the one who abducted Saskia. Rex agrees to go somewhere with Raymond so that he can find Saskia but ends up becoming the victim of a second abduction. Missing persons cases terrify & fascinate me, in this case, Rex was scared of not knowing but it makes you wonder if the knowing is just as bad. I think that this one has or is being remade but this film is fantastic.

Blogtober Day 14: Fall Anti-Haul


How about a bit of a throwback style post today with a good ol’ anti-haul?! Today is a dreary, dark fall day & I’m loving it but my bed was feeling particularly cozy this morning & I rolled into work a little less than totally put together. Not like anyone would notice since we are still only at half capacity & I see about five people on my in-office days. I could have rolled in wearing sweats & my boss would have never been the wiser. Anyway, I should not be doing any shopping aside from food for the foreseeable future because I have been on a shopping bender. Home goods, makeup, some clothing, shoes – you name it, I’ve been splurging but I am set to start saving my shekels again for the rest of the year. The pandemic has cut down on some of my spending, I don’t get my nails done, I don’t go to the movies as often or find myself heading out for casual shopping trips. But just in case I’m tempted, especially by all of the holiday releases, here is my anti-haul list!


I don’t even know what she is releasing yet but I don’t want it. Jennifer Lopez famously uses La Mer products, in an interview a few years ago she stated that she uses the cream all over her body in fact. So – if she isn’t selling La Mer then she isn’t honestly selling consumers the products that she uses to attain her flawless complexion. This is my issue with all celebrity skincare lines, it’s not just what they are slathering on their faces – it’s their lifestyles, diets, expensive beauty treatments, supplements, etc. It’s false advertisement at its worst & I’ve fallen for it a few times but not this time. I will say that her collaboration with Inglot was awesome & are still some of my favorite products but she can keep her skincare line.


This one will be difficult because I just love the tiny little products & the winter themed components but aside from the Lashtopia duo pack that BareMinerals always releases, I am trying to steer clear of holiday sets. I find with holiday sets that there are 1-2 products that I really want & then the rest is just filler that I usually end up throwing out. The Best of Sephora sets are a good example, I will use several of the products but then toss out just as many. I think skincare & fragrance sets can be pretty good but I’m not looking for any new skincare or fragrance at this time so shouldn’t purchase any! I might add advent calendars to this category as well but again, I just love the tiny little products. Good thing that most of the calendars that I had any interest in are already sold out ๐Ÿ˜›


The only experience I have with this brand is their Gypsy Water which in my opinion, does not smell great & is way overpriced. As is their makeup plus it’s boring. If the most interesting thing about a makeup line is the Dr. Seuss packaging then I don’t need it. We’ve seen it, it’s been done & I’m not paying $42 for a lipstick.


If you read my rant about their botched release of the Hocus Pocus collection then you already know my qualms with this brand. I think that their products are boring & recycled until they slap some nostalgic theme on them to get consumers to buy it. Obviously, given the Hocus Pocus insanity – this formula works. I own quite a few Colourpop palettes & rarely use them, I think you get what you pay for in this case – cheap makeup. For me, I would rather own a couple of investment palettes that I enjoy using over a dozen palettes that perform so-so & are boring. In addition, I find that the products I do have an interest in will sell out immediately & I’m left with half a dozen brown palettes to choose from.

I think that’s it for…now…I keep eyeing that Too Faced pumpkin themed palette but can’t support their brand, really. Why didn’t any other brands do a PSL palette?! That’s the real question, take the money that I am already trying to give you. This is mostly just for fun & not just to shit on brands ๐Ÿ˜› Tell me your thoughts on celebrity skincare & makeup lines – do you support them? I’m definitely more inclined to purchase from their makeup lines, myself. Even not being a Selena Gomez fan (I’m too old), I have tried a bit from Rare Beauty because it looked interesting. Anyway, thanks for stopping be ๐Ÿงก

Pieces NFI Regular

If you have ever driven by a power line & felt a little nervous about the number of birds on it or speed walked by a lawn full of geese, you might have watched this classic Alfred Hitchcock film a little too young like yours truly. The gorgeous Tippi Hedren plays troubled socialite, Melanie Daniels who meets dashing Mitch at a pet store. An attempt at making amends leads to Melanie hand delivering a pair of love birds to Mitch’s little sister’s birthday party at their family seaside home. All the birds in the area have gone mad & are killing everything in their path. The Birds (1963).

Blogtober Day 11: Lazy Sunday


Actually, I got quite a bit done today but since I was out & about early, the afternoon was very leisurely. I picked up a couple of things that I had been waiting on for my bathroom, I wanted to get everything from IKEA but you couldn’t pay me to go in there right now. I am pretty pleased with everything that I purchased from Target, I feel like their homewares have become more reasonably priced. I ended up changing the entire color motif of my bathroom for just under $100. Here is a little look at the new set up.

Everything used to be pink because my bedroom was different tones of pink, I don’t know why I like my bathroom & bedroom to coordinate. I think it’s because to access my bathroom, you have to go through a big walk in closet so it’s like everything is connected. Bathrooms in rentals never impress me, they feel very used even though this is a newer building & the bathrooms aren’t too bad, I just don’t like them. I chose the shower curtain first, it’s a heavy linen with the embroidery & since it has three different grey tones I didn’t have to get too matchy matchy with the other accessories. I like it, nice & neutral & complements my room decor well. Everything is from Target aside from the small table that I purchased from IKEA pre-corona & the rope baskets I found on Amazon.

I also found this fantastic mug, it’s a tiny cauldron! I’m so excited to have coffee in it tomorrow morning although it’s quite small.

Pluto was absolutely exhausted after ‘helping’ me redecorate the bathroom & was sacked out for several hours this afternoon. It’s a bit of a spooky, windy fall night & I think I’m going to have a cider on the patio – let me know what you were up to this weekend ๐Ÿงก

Pieces NFI Regular

I don’t think that I had ever seen this before, didn’t love it. When a mom & her son become trapped in a car at the mercy of a rabid St. Bernard, most everyone dies. I don’t know, it just seemed wildly unrealistic, animals are smart but I feel that the dog would have tired in a few hours & wandered off to find more easily accessible prey. Anyway, Cujo (1983) was a bit of a let down.

Blogtober Day 10: Saturday, Saturday


What a lame day packed full of things that I did not want to do in the slightest. It started with waking up at 5 AM because I had a nightmare that the apartment was on fire. Not just any fire, it was some kind of weird electrical fire so that the building was burning from the inside out. The walls were red hot, seemingly my front door was unaffected so I probably could have just left but dreams are stupid like that.

Then, I attended a live stream funeral – I am still undecided if it was more or less sad than an in-person funeral. It was not a COVID related death and not someone very close to me, I mostly logged on for moral support as the family was just devastated that they could not hold a regular service. In light of that, it probably was one of the saddest funerals I’ve attended but very nice given the circumstances.

I was about 300 miles over my oil change mileage, which was not actually my fault & more so just lack of availability to get it done. I had to stay in the car which I didn’t want to because I’m not great with heights & I just can’t believe that it’s safe to hoist a person up with the car. The mechanic was very nice & said there was no way that my combined weight with my very small car would outweigh even some of the mid-sized SUVs they hoist up. I wasn’t convinced & tried my hardest to sit as still as humanly possible. Then I had to clean my car out & get gas but I always love it when my car is shiny & clean so I didn’t mind that so much. I wasn’t terribly excited to touch the vacuum hose but I’ll survive.

I then had to pick up groceries which wasn’t too bad but there wasn’t any tofu to be had. I also had a Target pick up, I know, I vowed to stay out of Target but I needed some new towels which turned into new rugs which turned into just a couple of new candles & a shower curtain. Just the essentials ๐Ÿ˜› I’m going grey for winter & will return to my blush pink motif in the spring.

By that time I was starving so I came home to make some lunch/dinner & get to cleaning. I found this Mr. Clean product that is similar to Pine-Sol but smells much better. I cleaned all my floors, kitchen cabinets, some walls that looked dingy. The whole apartment smells like fresh lemons. Then I deep cleaned both baths & did way too much laundry. It was a beautiful, fall day today & I was able to hang some sheets over my railing. Yesterday, it smelled like absolute dog shit outside because of the farmers putting manure on their harvested fields for next year. I mean, I get it but man did it stink. Happy to report that the air was crisp & fresh today.

That’s about it, what does this have to do with Halloween? Mostly nothing aside from the fact that adulthood is mostly terrifyingly boring ๐Ÿ˜›


Pieces NFI Regular

The Shining (1980) While I absolutely still find the book to be much scarier than the film adaptation, I have an appreciation for this film outside of this. Jack takes a job as a winter caretaker for a secluded hotel that is closed for the season. As the spirits & beings that inhabit the hotel make themselves known, Jack absolutely loses his fucking mind & tries to murder his family.