Blogtober Day 6: Halloween Leggings Collection


I am a sucker for Lularoe Halloween leggings, I used to have a friend who sold them & I would clear her out when she received her seasonal stock. Now, I know that we have all heard the horror stories of how Lularoe treats their employees & issues with MLMs all around – I tend to only purchase used pieces from Ebay or Mercari if I am in the market for some new (to me) leggings. I honestly prefer to purchase used clothing at this point & these leggings are generally still in really good condition even if they were pre-loved. I think that the fabric of these leggings has changed over time because some pairs are definitely thicker than others but they are all ultra soft & stretchy. Don’t be shocked if in a few weeks I am posting a leggings haul because I’m hunting at the moment ๐Ÿ˜› I don’t necessarily wear any of these out of the house, I usually only wear black leggings if I am wearing them to work or out running errands. It brightens my day to throw on a pair of printed leggings even if I am just wearing them around the house. Also, I only wear black (sometimes with white) out of the house so my fashion options have become a bit limited. I’m not complaining since this was a conscious decision that nobody is forcing me to adhere to aside from myself.

I call these my Monster Mash leggings, they were part of a classic monsters collection. Victor Frankenstein’s monster is probably my favorite Halloween monster, I don’t think that he gets nearly enough recognition. I love the crazy neon colors against the dark sketch of the monster, unexpected but the chaos makes perfect sense.

These black & white ghosties are very well loved – I have been looking for another pair because these are starting to get pretty worn. The colors haven’t faded at all but they are starting to pill in places, they are showing their age. Just a classic, fun print that I actually have worn out of the house dressed up with a black sweater & boots.

Feed my Frankenstein…yet another pair featuring my favorite monster. I believe that these came in a few color ways & there was a point in my life that I desperately needed them but that has passed, I am plenty content with these beauties.

This next pair I purchased with the black & white ghosts, they are definitely the old fabric & these are getting a little worn as well. I think these came in purple too & I would still snag a pair if I was lucky enough to find them in the wild. The disjointed, dancing skeletons remind me of the old Mickey Mouse Halloween special for some reason. Like, they make me think of the macabre organ music they play – does anyone know what I’m talking about ๐Ÿ˜€

They’re freaking bats! Not much to say here, another classic Halloween pattern that gets lots of love.

Ugh – two of my absolute favorite pairs that I spent weeks trying to find, there is a black pair as well that I’m still on the hunt for. I’ve worn these to work many a time, they are just so stinking cute. There is something about the fake plastic Dracula teeth that transcends generations, it’s hard to explain but it’s like when you see them you just know what they are.

Sticking with the Dracula theme, we have these fun ones that are also very old. Dracula is my second favorite ghoul. Outside of the association with Halloween, the history of who he could have been is fascinating. I’m also a huge fan of bats, throw some bats on it & I’m sold.

These look terrible on me, for some reason the sizing is way off which is not something I have experienced with any of the other pairs. They are baggy & just hang weird, it’s too bad because this is one of my favorite patterns.

This is an interesting pair, I think that the seller just wanted to unload them & they came with my wolf boy leggings as a 2 for 1 deal. They’re fine, I think that if the headless horseman character was sketched out similarly to the classic monster collection that I would like them a lot more. The pattern just has so much detail that it’s overly busy. I’ve only worn them 1-2 times but I really like the color scheme so I keep hanging onto them.

Another favorite from the classic monsters collection, my wolf boy leggings.

I am unsure if these can be called Halloween leggings but they have spaceships & I only wear them during spooky season so I am counting them. I purchased these brand new, they are the newer fabric & I ended up poking a hole in them with my acrylic nails. I was not pleased, I was able to repair the hole with a tiny stitch but I know that overtime the fabric will start pulling away. In my opinion, this really speaks to the older pairs being more durable. I have not experienced any other issues like color fade or pilling but still disappointed.

These are my witch leggings, any time I want to feel subtly Halloween-y, these do the trick. They are not Lularoe, I picked these up from Old Navy & they are much thicker & supportive than Lularoe. Another super simple pattern that I tend to associate with Halloween.

Another Old Navy pair, they don’t scream Halloween but the purple does it for me ๐Ÿ˜›

Do you have any holiday specific clothing? I think it started when I was teaching, I fell into the habit of having at least 1-2 holiday themed clothing pieces. Now, I just blame it on my Halloween obsession. Let me know what you’ve been up to and as always – I hope that you are happy, healthy & just doing the best you can ๐Ÿงก

Pieces NFI Regular

Totally off topic yet completely on topic – Buffalo Bill’s house is for sale yet nobody that I discussed this with had any idea why I thought this was so exciting. Could you imagine living in a house made famous by one of the most heart stopping horror scenes in movie history? I think the moth thing would gross me out too much even though they probably weren’t infesting the home as depicted. Anyway…Tonight’s film is The Silence of the Lambs (1991) a thriller that chronicles an FBI manhunt for a disturbed serial killer with the help of a cannibalistic genius.

Blogtober Day 5: Favorite Candy


But first, a rant. I work retail on a part-time basis, you will probably be able to guess where after this rant. I generally only work Sundays, which is new release day at my store. Apparently, ColourPop released a Hocus Pocus themed collection & it was wildly popular selling out on their website in mere minutes. I had no idea that we would be getting the collection in-store but it hit me when I was having to tip-toe through a line waiting in front of the door before opening. I’ve worked many a Black Friday & have experienced much larger crowds but never have seen such hostility & entitlement from a crowd ever. After finally getting to the door, one lady asked me if I was an employee, another lady chimed in saying that she hoped that employees wouldn’t be illegally purchasing the collection early. I was stunned, absolutely stunned. A crowd of 30-40 grown ass women, lined up outside of a luxury retailer, in the middle of a PANDEMIC heckling me while I’m trying to get to work. Just to clarify, employees are never allowed to purchase new, highly anticipated products – James Charles, Sailor Moon, Madison Beer – it’s just not allowed. Second, we have no control over how much product we get & ColourPop notoriously sends very little product when it comes to their limited edition releases. Finally, Colourpop isn’t great makeup, this was a boring, ugly collection & they just ripped off something that was hugely popular in its own right knowing it would sell because they don’t have their own creative ideas. I won’t be supporting the brand after this, they are the equivalent of fast fashion to me, their products are boring & recycled until they slap some nostalgic character on them & everyone goes nuts. It’s really, really unfortunate that something that should have been fun got turned into something very ugly and not very fun at all. Rant over.

So let’s talk candy – the thing I always wanted as a child, was rarely given & now rarely eat in my adulthood because that’s just how life works. Since these candies aren’t vegan, obviously I don’t eat them anymore but here’s a list of my all time favorite candies with compelling arguments as to why they are the best.

I honestly cannot explain why I loved these so much, I think it’s because my siblings did not like them & I would always agree to trade for them. I love DOTS though, the gooey, filling busting texture, the distinct flavors that absolutely cannot be described, the fruity scent, the appealing little shapes. I’m a huge fan. My favorite flavors would be the orange & yellow ones, green was never very good.

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups – not the bats, not the pumpkins, just the original cups. I feel like the texture of the peanut butter is completely different in the shaped candies, the original cups just have the perfect chocolate to PB ratio & the best texture. I don’t think I’m wrong on this.

The Tootsie Caramel Apple Pops are extremely hard to find for some reason. If you don’t manage to snag a bag right when the holiday candy comes out then you’re probably out of luck. I only recall receiving maybe 1-2 of these in my trick or treating haul if I was lucky & I would wait far too long to eat them. The tart apple flavor wrapped in caramel is just perfect. I don’t even like caramel apples yet think these are just perfection – explain that to me.

Again, not the crisps not the cups – just the original Butterfinger. I’ve never actually determined what the candy inside of the Butterfinger is but it’s buttery & flaky – heaven. I think the fun size is just enough, I don’t know how anyone eats an entire Butterfinger.

Those are my top candy picks – all the rest is just filler crap. Jelly beans? Tootsie Rolls? Sadly, those were the most received candies when I was kid. Those different colored Tootsie rolls with fruity flavors, what are those? Let me know what your favorite sweet treats are & if you plan to pass out anything this year ๐Ÿงก

Pieces NFI Regular

When a group of unsupervised, inexperienced teens are tasked with opening the allegedly cursed Camp Crystal lake where a camper died 5 years ago – what could possibly go wrong? Tonight’s pick is Friday the 13th (1980).

Blogtober Day 3: Too Old for Dolls?


Disclaimer, this has absolutely nothing to do with Halloween aside from the fact that I sometimes like to see if American Girl is releasing any Halloween costumes for their dolls, this year I did not see any. Which is a bummer, I recall one year they released a cat suit with miniature pumpkin candy bucket & miniature candies – super adorable. That being said, I stumbled upon their newest doll Courtney an 80’s era doll that comes with a slew of 80’s themed playsets with everything from Care Bear pajamas to a Pac Man arcade game & I have never, ever wanted a child’s toy more in my entire adult fucking life. Are you kidding me?!

American Girl & I go way back, I never had one nor did I have any other toys that weren’t hand me downs. Ratty-haired Barbies, a Teddy Ruxpin with no tapes, a stick horse, Monopoly without the money because my older brothers used it to start fires with shotgun scopes. You know – farm kid shit. We just didn’t get toys, we were often gifted practical things like clothing, socks, toiletries & tons of books, which was fine. Nothing is more shameful to a child than being made fun of for the clothes that they are wearing or appearing unkempt. My parents really worked hard to ensure that we did not look poor and I appreciate that. They spent a lot of money on rodeo stuff for us as well so we did receive fun things too. I also grew up with mostly other farm kids so it’s not like every girl my age was walking around with the oh so coveted American Girl doll. But the few who did have them were the envy of every young girl at recess & pretty much life in general. One of them was the prom queen her junior and senior year (older boyfriend) so girls with American Girl dolls were clearly going places ๐Ÿ˜›

In my youth, I wanted Felicity – an American Revolutionary War era doll that came with many flouncy dresses & accessories that were to die for. From hats to little leather slippers, a candlestick and bed warmer for her canopy bed *sigh* Apparently, they do not make the historical dolls anymore with their full collections which is such bullshit. The historical accuracy and meticulous detail of the collections is still what makes the dolls appeal to me in my adulthood. I think that they are really doing a disservice to young girls who might be interested in the stories & context of the historical dolls by discontinuing them. Also, I am a complete hypocrite because I about peed my pants when I saw the 80’s themed doll & to my knowledge her books aren’t about the Red Scare, fall of the Berlin wall or the Iran Contra Affair & that doesn’t really bother me ๐Ÿ˜› Courtney is the embodiment of 80’s excess with her big hair, jean jacket, mini Caboodle (shut up) & neon Walkman. To be fair, it does look like the Challenger launch is included in her book but the newer dolls just don’t have that educational appeal that the older dolls did. I still want her.

The question is, as a 30’ish year old female who can afford to buy herself nice things, is this what I am getting myself for Christmas this year?! I mean, she is still expensive & I probably need the whole collection plus I can never tell any of my mom friends (or anyone) because most of them have a strict NO AMERICAN GIRL DOLL rule in their households (believe me, we’ve talked about it). Plus, what would I do with it? I can’t imagine that I would be posted up on my bed watching Netflix, dressing my new doll. Or is that exactly what I am imagining? I mean, people collect vintage toys (Star Wars) and that’s not seemingly weird…? I’ve also watched a few toy unboxing channels that are run by adults, it could be for review purposes ๐Ÿ˜‚ Had you asked me this back in March when quarantine just started, shit yeah I would have been at home dressing my doll & fixing her hair – fuck society. But now I’m torn, maybe if we go back into quarantine I’ll treat myself ๐Ÿ˜›

What’s your stance on expensive children’s toys? I feel like kids in general are so expensive, I don’t know how parents keep up. Is there a toy from your youth that you never received but still want, would you splurge if you could? I need to know, final thought – I really hope they do release a Halloween costume because I’m gonna need it for my new doll ๐Ÿงก

Pieces NFI Regular

Tonight’s film is Poltergeist (1982) Carol Anne makes contact with supernatural beings through her families television. All hell busts loose & she is sucked into the other side. Of course, we come to find out that the property where the housing development was built is on top of a cemetery. After rescuing Carol Anne, the family promptly packs up & moves.

Blogtober Day 2: A Halloween Memory


I have always been a Halloween fiend, even as a kid it was my favorite holiday. As an adult, I can appreciate different aspects of most holidays (except Thanksgiving) but my love for Halloween has only grown. Growing up in a rural area made Halloween even more magical; we would meet up with friends in town, parents felt safe enough to let us out trick or treating on our own & since we all had to drive so far to get together it almost always ended with a sleep over. We still got to have Halloween parties at school where we could come in costume & have a parade in the gymnasium and we could still pass out homemade treats. I think that growing up in the late 90’s just made it better too – does anyone remember all of the awesome Halloween commercials that retailers would air? Or the television specials that I always seemed to miss because I couldn’t quite figure out the mountain time conversion ๐Ÿ˜› Now, my mother being very religious & believing that all literature aside from the Bible was witchcraft didn’t love Halloween & our costume choices were severely limited. I had a rotation: cat, clown, Ariel (with a turtle neck underneath) and Raggedy Ann which was my mom’s favorite and my least favorite – she really capitalized on being able to use my red hair as part of the costume.

Of all the fantastic Halloweens that I had as child, the most vivid memory that I can recall is the year that I got the stomach flu. I was a cat that year, not just any cat – a calico one, mostly because I had to use these ugly brown leggings for my costume so I associated them with calico cats. We were also dirt poor so costumes were whatever we could make from what we already owned & how creative we could get with face paint. I was pretty pleased with my calico cat costume, even with the shit brown leggings – my oldest sister was great with face makeup & it really came together. I sailed through the Halloween party, I recall bringing cheese & crackers because my mother was also anti-candy. I was feeling great, I had my sleepover stuff in my cubby hole, my trick or treating pillowcase ready to go & could not wait for the festivities to commence. So, we’re all sitting out on the curb waiting for someone’s parents to come & get us when it hit me, I felt hot & sweaty, a little dizzy then I puked right into my pillowcase that was supposed to be filled with candy & other assorted treats from the evening’s plunder. This was pre-cell phones so when my friend’s mother arrived, I was stretched out in the back of the mini van & carted to their home where we called my parents to come pick me up. It was mortifying, I cried (and puked) all the way home. I was put to bed, when I woke up – the best day of the year was well and truly over. Of all the Halloween memories, I don’t know why this one had such an impact – maybe it’s because that was the most violent bout of stomach flu I’ve ever had ๐Ÿ˜› In fact, I am not sure that I have had the stomach flu or regular flu since & that is just fine with me.

What’s your most memorable Halloween – hopefully better than mine ๐Ÿงก

Pieces NFI Regular

Tonight’s recommendation is Sleepy Hollow (1999) a Tim Burton creation with some of my all time favorites actors. Ichabod Crane is sent to Sleepy Hollow to investigate a series of gruesome decapitations attributed to a supernatural headless horseman. This is probably my favorite Johnny Depp character, I just love his quirky depiction of someone I grew up imagining as dopey & homely. The costumes are a delight & it’s just an overall fun twist on an old classic. This is probably one of the very few modern horror movies that I love each time that I watch it.

How About a Ghost Story…


I’ve had the most difficult time trying to stick to a sleep schedule. I’m going to be wrecked when we go back to work. Living alone & staying up well into the twilight hours gives me the creeps, I don’t know why I keep doing it. It’s especially creepy when you think you’re being haunted. I’ve mentioned my elderly neighbor who passed away before but things have still been weird & since I can’t sleep, I’ll creep you out too ๐Ÿ˜‰

Going on two years ago, my elderly neighbor passed away in her apartment & wasn’t found for awhile. Our kitchen & living rooms are on the same wall, I never heard her much anyway so sadly, I didn’t notice that she had died. I did run into her often, she was always pushing this metal cart filled with coloring books, children’s books & other goodies that any grandma would have on hand for her grandkids. She would always say that she was off to see her grandkids or that they were coming over – she was a genuinely sweet old lady. I did notice her absence but figured that she was on an extended visit with the grandkids. Then one day, my kitchen just started to feel off. I’ve shared photos of my kitchen before, it’s bright & cheery, filled with colorful decor but it started to get this dank feeling I couldn’t shake. It was late fall, I chalked it up to rain and started burning candles and baking to make it feel cozy again but nothing worked. Now, I had an acupuncturist tell me years ago that I was an empath. How he knew this, I have no idea. Do I believe it, no idea but a few days into my kitchen feeling weird, I got sick. I never sleep in my bed when I’m sick & prefer to lay on the couch. Typically, my cats sleep wherever I am but I noticed that they were sticking to the back rooms of my apartment which started to give me the willies. I was home sick for five days over a weekend, on two nights I woke to my stove’s overhead light being on. My couch faces my stove, it’s incredibly unlikely that I would have left it on then laid down but figured I was just out of it from being sick. This entire time, my neighbor was the last thing on my mind but had I been paying attention, I would have realized that her apartment had been dead silent for nearly two weeks.

Fast forward a few days later, I’m finally back at work feeling fatigued but otherwise well enough. I’m pulling into my apartment complex & the coroner is parked outside. I felt like everything was suddenly slow motion, my breath caught & I knew immediately my neighbor had died. I stopped by the office to check in with the building manager. She had been sitting in her rocker, in her living room for just under three weeks. I was sleeping in my living, basically right next to her for at least four nights. He said that he started to worry when she hadn’t been to the office to chat with him & was the one to discover her. It was all around just really tragic.

Eventually he started to clean & renovate her apartment as she had lived there for going on ten years. However, I noticed that the unit sat vacant for quite some time. When I asked the building manager if he was struggling to find a tenant, he said that he wasn’t able to locate any relatives so her stuff was still in the apartment. I was shocked, when I mentioned her grandkids he said that she didn’t have any family that he knew of. I’ve never figured out if she was lying or if she was struggling with dementia. I used to work in memory care & didn’t notice any signs that she wasn’t completely lucid. Maybe she just didn’t want people to feel sorry for her, I dunno. At any rate, weird things kept happening while the unit sat empty. My stove light would be on when I’d get home, the cats still wouldn’t hang out in the living room & had taken to staring at my front door at 3 am. I’d inexplicably be awake & find them all crowded near the front door night after night. Sometimes I stay in bed, refusing to look at the time because I know what time it is & where the cats are . The kitchen still feels off & I almost never sit out in the living room.

Finally, my building manager let me know that the unit was being rented but only as of this February. He said most of her stuff had been donated, no family ever responded to the public notices he had published. I was relieved, it would be nice to hear some movement in there, I thought it would help the atmosphere of my apartment as well. Sadly, it hasn’t & my kitchen still feels gloomy, the living room a bit sad & so completely silent. If it weren’t for running into the new gal a few times, I’d assume that there’s nobody over there.

I don’t think she’s malicious but maybe a bit bitter that nobody noticed her absence. I get a tingly sensation when I turn my back to the living room wall & scoot down the hall to my bedroom. I wholeheartedly believe that she’s still here, pushing her cart of children’s goodies up & down the hallway.


Blogmas Day 13: Thirteen Festive Facts

Blogmas - 2019

I am delighted that we get a Friday the 13th in December, I’m going to see a horror movie tonight and can’t think of a better way to spend a snowy winter’s eve. I think that there are probably elements of Christmas rooted in the supernatural but I couldn’t find enough facts related to this so just rounded up some kinda’ interesting ones instead!

  1. Evergreen was used during the winter solstice by the ancient Romans and Egyptians as a reminder of spring.
  2. Christmas was deemed a pagan holiday in the colonies from 1659-1681 and anyone caught celebrating it would be fined.
  3. 65% of Americans identify themselves as Christians but 90% celebrate Christmas.
  4. Jesus probably wasn’t born on December 25, the date was likely changed to align with the pagan festival of Saturnalia.
  5. The same man who dreamt up the Headless Horseman is also responsible for Santa’s sleigh.
  6. Eggnog was popularized in Jamestown in 1607.
  7. Christmas wreaths began as symbols of the crown of thorns worn by Jesus.
  8. Tinsel was once made with real silver and was outlawed for a period of time for containing real lead.
  9. Christmas is not actually recognized in the Bible as a holy day.
  10. Coca Cola was the first company to capitalize off the holly jolly image of Santa, he was originally depicted much older & creepier.
  11. Leaving cookies and milk for Santa emulates the Dutch practice of feasting on St. Nicholas day.
  12. Mistletoe was thought to be an aphrodisiac.
  13. According to Austrian folklore, Krampus is the demonic opposite of Santa and will drag naughty kids to hell. Way scarier than coal ๐Ÿ˜‰

There you have it, 13 festive facts. Thanks for reading!


31 Nights of Halloween: The Shining (1980)

31 Nights of Halloween

Stanley Kubrick’s film adaptation of King’s The Shining is pretty good if you haven’t read the book but also totally sucks if you have. He left out the most hair raising parts and instead went for shock value. It leaves out my absolute favorite part of the book where the giant topiary animals start to surround Jack outside of the weird maze on the property. But of course kept in the decayed, old lady corpse. Anyway…

Jack Torrance, a failing writer, his wife Wendy and son Danny are headed to a secluded inn that’s closing for the off-season. They will be looking after the property with no access to the outside world. Of course, the inn is haunted and weird things start happening. Unfortunately for Danny, he possesses the shining which allows him to see into the inn’s tragic past. Jack’s sanity and sobriety quickly deteriorate putting his family in danger.

I just don’t love this adaptation, the only element that somewhat redeems it is the atmosphere of the hotel Kubrick used. Which, is not the Stanley Hotel that the book used but still plenty creepy. I think it’s more accurate to say that the movie is influenced by the book but if you haven’t read it, you probably wouldn’t know the difference and it’s a decent movie otherwise.


31 Nights of Halloween: Hocus Pocus

31 Nights of Halloween

Clearly,ย I am mostly failing at sticking to my watch list and completely failing at watching something each night. In my defense, it was a rough weekend – this nasty cold is going around,ย again. My neighbors were acting like complete dickheads,ย again. The weather was soggy and cold, we did not get any snow which I am pretty disappointed about but the leaves look stunning. I mostly read this weekend and it was time well spent. Tonight’s film is a classic from my childhood,ย Hocus Pocus.

This movie begins where all witch-y movies worth their potion begin, somewhere in Colonial America during the witch trials. Now, I hate to quibble but the trials ended in May 1693 so the Sanderson sisters would have probably been spared by their puritanical neighbors. I get that it is way cooler to come back on the 300th year anniversary and not the 299th year and some odd days anniversary ๐Ÿ˜› Anyway, the Sanderson sisters are in the midst of luring a young girl away from her home so that they can steal her youth. Her brother, Thackery Binx sees his sister being kidnapped and tries to save her. Sadly, and quite tragically for a children’s movie, he does not save her and the witches turn him into a cat that is cursed with eternal life. The puritans ascend on the witches’ hovel and hang them but not before Winifred casts a spell ensuring that the sister will be back. Feline Thackery tries to approach his parents but is kicked away which remains the saddest part in the entire film. to this day.

Fast forward 300 years, 90’s Salem, the best Salem and we meet Max and Dani Dennison who just moved to town from LA. Dani loves all of the local lore but Max is more skeptical and overall hates their new home. I never understood this as a child because all I have ever wanted to do was live in Salem. He does like Allison, a local girl who’s family used to operate the Sanderson cottage as a museum until it had to be closed becauseย too many spooky things kept happening. Max convinces the girls to check the cottage out and insanity ensues. He ends up lighting the Black Flame Candle and bringing the Sanderson sisters back who hatch a plan to steal the lives of all the children in Salem. With the assistance of Binx, they foil the sisters’ plans and learn a valuable lesson about how helpful drunk adults are on Halloween.

I love this one, I have probably watched it a thousand times yet it remains a classic and annual must-watch.


31 Nights of Halloween: Nancy Drew (2019)

31 Nights of Halloween

Hey, guess what, I’m that person who likes to make lists and then I’m like – who needs lists, I’m a free-spirit, I don’t need lists. Needless to say, I did not watch Carrie this evening and instead, watched the first episode of The CW’s Nancy Drew reboot. This is the problem with lists, amazing things could present themselves that might be missed out on if one stuck to a list! I will slot Carrie in for that horrible Hulu original series that I already mostly forgot about and watch it this weekend. See, at least I have a plan…

I grew up on the Nancy Drew mystery series and was excited about a reboot but also hesitant because of that travesty of a show Riverdale that is loosely, loosely based on the Archie comic books. I’ve said it before and feel compelled to say it again, Ms. Grundy was a 70-year old matron and not a hot body music teacher who banged underage pupils. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. Anyway, I still decided to give this new series a watch and see how it compared to the beloved books. To start, the characters seemed a lot older than those in the book (the teens in the book are a lot more innocent if you know what I mean). Nancy has ‘retired’ her detective work after the death of her mother. She is waitressing in her small hometown, still dating Ned Nickerson. The show deviates from the book with her other friends, Bess & George are still around but in a vastly different capacity. They aren’t really friends at all and are just forced together through circumstances, that circumstance being they’re accused of murdering a local heiress. While trying to solve this case, they uncover details about the unsolved disappearance of a local girl from decades ago. There’s a surprising amount of supernatural elements in the show and it’s pretty dark in nature. I guess that’s what happens when producers try to add a modern twist that appeals to a younger generation that didn’t grow up on the books and can’t relate to the stories. I think it’s cool to see Nancy make a comeback but also, can everyone stop ruining my childhood icons?! Come up with your own damn content. Anyway, it was a romp but I’m not sure I’ll keep watching.


31 Nights of Halloween: Grimm (2011)

31 Nights of Halloween

Well, I was supposed to watching Chopping Mall tonight but I can’t find it. I really should have pulled out my movies when I made my list but it didn’t occur to me at the time. Instead, I watched a few episodes of Grimm. I loved this show, up until the last two seasons. Each episode is based loosely on a Brothers Grimm tale. The main character, Nick is a detective who finds out that he is grimm which is someone who can see the Grimm fairy tale creatures for what they are. His ancestors have been tracking and killing the creatures of decades.

The first episode is a classic tale of Little Red Riding Hood and the wolf. Nick and his partner Hank are investigating the slaying of a college student when Nick starts to see weird things. His aunt who is very ill, arrives in town and tells him that they need to talk. Unfortunately for the both of them, she has been followed by another being who kills grimms and she is delayed in passing down her knowledge to him. Meanwhile, a little girl goes missing and the detectives think the two cases are related. Nick meets Monroe, one of the big, bad wolves who helps him solve the case and fills in some of the missing pieces about his grimm history. The two make an unlikely team but their friendship is on of my favorite elements of the entire series. Hank and Nick bring the bad guy in and the little girl is found unharmed.

The show is set in Portland, I’ve always dreamed of living there and the foggy, damp atmosphere is the perfect backdrop to this spooky show. Overall, it’s a fun series with unique story line and an enjoyable cast.


Check out what else I’m watching: 31 Nights of Halloween Watch List