Blogtober Day 17: Some New Halloween Leggings


Listen, I told you it was going to happen. My goal is to own 31 pairs of Halloween leggings, one for each day of Halloween… October, I mean October ๐ŸŽƒ I’m slowly getting there & am so pleased with my new finds. These were all sourced from some local Lularoe reps – yes, I know there are a lot of strong feelings about that company but I don’t mind supporting sellers that I know. Neither one of them has ever mentioned owning thousands of pieces of inventory they can’t sell or anything crazy. They’ve also both said that it’s a side gig & they don’t get sucked into the over the top company culture. Believe me, I’ve seen the documentaries, we’ve talked about it. Anyway, here are the new additions:

These are my favorite, the skeletons glow in the dark. The black isn’t as matte as the other pairs, I’m guessing this has something to do with the glow feature. They’re by far the softest & stretchiest of the bunch.

Next we have some orange & white spiders, a classic print.

These neon Dracula lips remind me of Rocky Horror. They don’t glow but the neon is so fun.

Lastly, another neon print in repeating Boo motif. These are a little cliche Halloween-y for my taste but I don’t own any similar pairs & figure they’ll be a fun addition.

That’s it for this year, there is a neon green splatter print that I would like to own but they’re apparently a ‘rare’ print. That is one thing that I don’t appreciate about the brand, limiting the production of popular prints seems silly. Anyway, did you pick up any spooky duds this year? Thanks for stopping by ๐Ÿงก

Blogtober Day 16: Worry Dolls


My boss: STELLA, it’s snowing!! Me: Leaps up from desk chucking coffee all over my keyboard. I don’t know if this counts as the first snow seeing as how most of it won’t stick but it’s still pretty exciting. A blanket of bright, white snow just makes the whole world look new. I think this year especially, I’m just looking forward to it being over & we are slowly getting there. Anyway, so let’s just get right to Blogmas ๐Ÿ˜› Not quite yet, today we are talking about something from my childhood that I recently stumbled upon at World Market of all the places. It shocked me for a minute seeing a little basket of worry dolls because they were such a deep memory that came flooding back, it was overwhelming but also delightful to recall my pocketful of worry dolls and how I tormented my mother with them.

What are worry dolls? They are teenie little dolls made of bits of wire, paper & colorful fabric that can fit in your pocket. They originate in Guatemala & are given to mostly children to tell their worries or troubles to. You can tell them your fears, nightmares, anxieties – then put them under your pillow & the worry dolls take it from there. I was a morose child, I had a pocketful of worry dolls but not because I recall feeling particularly worried about anything, it was just my personality. I’m just a quiet, calm, perhaps melancholy person who doesn’t enjoy the company of most people but there isn’t anything wrong with me. I also went through a phase of answering the house phone as ‘city morgue’ which really freaked my mom out but I was doing it mostly to freak her out ๐Ÿ˜€

These are a beautiful set I found on etsy from Handmade Mayan Arts

There was one event that sticks out in my mind after which I recall receiving my first pouch of worry dolls. We were going to visit my great grandmother, I was 8’ish & she was probably 80’ish. She lived in town so we saw her all of the time & were just stopping in after grocery shopping. Well, we walk in & she’s sitting at the kitchen table – she had one of those old houses where you could come in through the kitchen. So, she’s sitting there, I’m coming in behind my mom who said something to my grandmother & then my mom starts screaming. She’s dead, she’s dead! I had a bad feeling about today. Now, my mom had a bad feeling about most every day but I guess that day she was vindicated. I don’t recall being terribly upset about my recently passed grandmother, she was very old & I knew that. I was sad she was gone but for some reason my mom really thought that seeing a dead body had an impact on me. She made me sit outside on the porch until the police got there, then she had the police talk to me to see if I was OK. I told them I was but that wasn’t good enough – my mom sent me to the school counselor who then sent me to an actual child psychologist. That’s where I got my worry dolls, he told my parents there wasn’t anything wrong with me aside from being a bit anti-social. That’s when I started the ‘city morgue’ thing but mostly because I was annoyed with my mother for insisting that there must be something wrong with me when I was fine. Also, my grandmother had an open casket funeral which was infinitely more upsetting than seeing her just sitting at her kitchen table – talk about irony.

My worry dolls were a bit more rustic and looked a lot like these

Anyway, I loved my worry dolls because they were just so freaking cute & played with them like I would other dolls. They were better than other dolls because I just put them in my pocket & could take them anywhere. Apparently, this was a problem because my parents started to think that I had so many things to worry about that I had to have my dolls with me all of the time. If I caught them looking at me when I was playing with my worry dolls, I would maintain eye contact & whisper nonsense to my dolls like some kind of voodoo. Honestly, this was a bit far but it really burned me that my parents were so worried about me. Eventually, I outgrew my worry dolls & moved onto activities that were apparently less concerning to my parents. I developed an eating disorder, funny that they missed all of those red flags but was mostly a normal adolescent.

What’s the point of this story? I think that worry dolls can be an effective tool for kids coping with some type of trauma but that parents shouldn’t look for trauma because that’s pretty traumatic for a little kid. Honestly, I think I might order myself another set, they really are adorable little dolls. Maybe if any of my siblings recall the ‘Worry Doll Years’ it will give them a little scare ๐Ÿงก

Pieces NFI Regular

The Vanishing (1988) or Spoorloos as the Dutch film I own is titled, is a psychological thriller that is just as terrifying as the goriest slasher flick. Rex & Saskia are on a trip through France when they run out of gas. They have this huge fight, there is so much build up that I almost thought that the story would be about Rex murdering Saskia. Not the case, they stop for fuel & Saskia is abducted. Rex goes on a quest to find her even making a public appeal for any information regarding her whereabouts. Eventually, a man named Raymond comes forward (the viewer has known that he is the kidnapper for some time) & reveals himself as having been the one who abducted Saskia. Rex agrees to go somewhere with Raymond so that he can find Saskia but ends up becoming the victim of a second abduction. Missing persons cases terrify & fascinate me, in this case, Rex was scared of not knowing but it makes you wonder if the knowing is just as bad. I think that this one has or is being remade but this film is fantastic.

Blogtober Day 11: Lazy Sunday


Actually, I got quite a bit done today but since I was out & about early, the afternoon was very leisurely. I picked up a couple of things that I had been waiting on for my bathroom, I wanted to get everything from IKEA but you couldn’t pay me to go in there right now. I am pretty pleased with everything that I purchased from Target, I feel like their homewares have become more reasonably priced. I ended up changing the entire color motif of my bathroom for just under $100. Here is a little look at the new set up.

Everything used to be pink because my bedroom was different tones of pink, I don’t know why I like my bathroom & bedroom to coordinate. I think it’s because to access my bathroom, you have to go through a big walk in closet so it’s like everything is connected. Bathrooms in rentals never impress me, they feel very used even though this is a newer building & the bathrooms aren’t too bad, I just don’t like them. I chose the shower curtain first, it’s a heavy linen with the embroidery & since it has three different grey tones I didn’t have to get too matchy matchy with the other accessories. I like it, nice & neutral & complements my room decor well. Everything is from Target aside from the small table that I purchased from IKEA pre-corona & the rope baskets I found on Amazon.

I also found this fantastic mug, it’s a tiny cauldron! I’m so excited to have coffee in it tomorrow morning although it’s quite small.

Pluto was absolutely exhausted after ‘helping’ me redecorate the bathroom & was sacked out for several hours this afternoon. It’s a bit of a spooky, windy fall night & I think I’m going to have a cider on the patio – let me know what you were up to this weekend ๐Ÿงก

Pieces NFI Regular

I don’t think that I had ever seen this before, didn’t love it. When a mom & her son become trapped in a car at the mercy of a rabid St. Bernard, most everyone dies. I don’t know, it just seemed wildly unrealistic, animals are smart but I feel that the dog would have tired in a few hours & wandered off to find more easily accessible prey. Anyway, Cujo (1983) was a bit of a let down.

Blogtober Day 10: Saturday, Saturday


What a lame day packed full of things that I did not want to do in the slightest. It started with waking up at 5 AM because I had a nightmare that the apartment was on fire. Not just any fire, it was some kind of weird electrical fire so that the building was burning from the inside out. The walls were red hot, seemingly my front door was unaffected so I probably could have just left but dreams are stupid like that.

Then, I attended a live stream funeral – I am still undecided if it was more or less sad than an in-person funeral. It was not a COVID related death and not someone very close to me, I mostly logged on for moral support as the family was just devastated that they could not hold a regular service. In light of that, it probably was one of the saddest funerals I’ve attended but very nice given the circumstances.

I was about 300 miles over my oil change mileage, which was not actually my fault & more so just lack of availability to get it done. I had to stay in the car which I didn’t want to because I’m not great with heights & I just can’t believe that it’s safe to hoist a person up with the car. The mechanic was very nice & said there was no way that my combined weight with my very small car would outweigh even some of the mid-sized SUVs they hoist up. I wasn’t convinced & tried my hardest to sit as still as humanly possible. Then I had to clean my car out & get gas but I always love it when my car is shiny & clean so I didn’t mind that so much. I wasn’t terribly excited to touch the vacuum hose but I’ll survive.

I then had to pick up groceries which wasn’t too bad but there wasn’t any tofu to be had. I also had a Target pick up, I know, I vowed to stay out of Target but I needed some new towels which turned into new rugs which turned into just a couple of new candles & a shower curtain. Just the essentials ๐Ÿ˜› I’m going grey for winter & will return to my blush pink motif in the spring.

By that time I was starving so I came home to make some lunch/dinner & get to cleaning. I found this Mr. Clean product that is similar to Pine-Sol but smells much better. I cleaned all my floors, kitchen cabinets, some walls that looked dingy. The whole apartment smells like fresh lemons. Then I deep cleaned both baths & did way too much laundry. It was a beautiful, fall day today & I was able to hang some sheets over my railing. Yesterday, it smelled like absolute dog shit outside because of the farmers putting manure on their harvested fields for next year. I mean, I get it but man did it stink. Happy to report that the air was crisp & fresh today.

That’s about it, what does this have to do with Halloween? Mostly nothing aside from the fact that adulthood is mostly terrifyingly boring ๐Ÿ˜›


Pieces NFI Regular

The Shining (1980) While I absolutely still find the book to be much scarier than the film adaptation, I have an appreciation for this film outside of this. Jack takes a job as a winter caretaker for a secluded hotel that is closed for the season. As the spirits & beings that inhabit the hotel make themselves known, Jack absolutely loses his fucking mind & tries to murder his family.

At Summer’s End

Life & Style

Last weekend we were in the throes of a sticky, stagnant, intense mid-west heat wave. You could have not convinced me that this week we would be seeing lows in the 50’s. Summer is tricky like that, when you are in the middle of it, there is no end in sight but then all at once, the wind shifts and it’s over. I’ve never been a summer person, not having a great home life meant spending a lot more time in a chaotic atmosphere. Fall was always a fresh new beginning for me, an opportunity to throw myself back into sports and academics and finding peace away from home. As an adult, I find things to appreciate about summer but I am definitely more in my element in the fall and winter – thus my attempt to jump back into blogging. My last post was some time in May, here is what’s been happening since then…

Has been absolutely bananas, and yes I am tremendously thankful that I still have a job. I work in Parks & Recreation, we had a lot of programs cancelled but the parks, trails and lakes have never been busier. I was also assisting another department for the majority of the summer and felt like I never had a breather. Working in the public sector, you get to hear everyone’s opinion on how the government mandates are pissing people off. People are either shocked that there are restrictions or shocked that there aren’t more – you can’t win. Thankfully, we are back in the office fifty percent of the time and it feels more normal. I don’t know what the cooler weather will bring but we are adapting every day.

Cup of tea at the office…

I have been so homesick lately that I could cry & often do. I want to move back to Colorado now more than ever but can’t make that happen without finding a job there first. Since I am stuck in Minnesota for now, I decided to make my place feel a little homier. I live in an apartment so nothing crazy – finally purchased a new couch! It only took me ten years and a sale to do it. It’s pink velvet, long enough to lay stretched out on with room to spare. I also discovered Casaluna bedding from Target which is absolutely to die for and invested in some funky wall art. My apartment feels delightfully eclectic & I’m really into it. I won’t talk in length about all of the factors that are making me want to leave Minnesota but the destruction of Minneapolis is definitely one of them. I used to live right near the 3rd Precinct and seeing the colorful, vibrant, diverse community reduced to rubble is heartbreaking and makes me angry.

Was a complete and total failure! No sooner had I arranged everything on my patio, we found out that numerous improvements to the outside of the building were being made this summer. We had a new roof put on, new siding, the patios were all power washed, reslatted and repainted. I moved my garden inside but since I only have windows on the one side of my apartment, most everything died within a couple of weeks & everything smelled like manure. The building looks great and now that everything is done, the patio will be used a lot this fall but what a bummer! Good thing I can still visit the farmers markets for my fresh veggie fix.

Pluto enjoying the new bedding…

After almost 6 months of not being on my MS medication due to COVID, some of my every day activities like driving and walking have gotten a bit tricky. My MS has the most impact to balance and fine motor skills & it’s certainly been disappointing to see things deteriorate. I will be resuming my treatment in the next few weeks because at this point, COVID is the lesser threat. I’m excited to get back into it since I was seeing such good results this past winter with the more severe symptoms. I hope that everyone has been able to stay healthy! If there’s been any silver lining to being at home more, I finally feel like I caught up on sleep ๐Ÿ˜› Did anyone else find it hard to sleep at the start of all of this? I don’t think I got to bed before 2 AM since early June so am glad to have found a normal sleep pattern.

I hope that you are happy & healthy & just doing the best that you can wherever you are. I am excited to get back into blogging and posting lots of fall content. This year being almost at an end is hard to believe but I am hopeful for the future. Let me know what you’ve been up to and how this summer has been treating you ๐Ÿ–ค