On the 1st Day of Blogmas: A Christmas Tag


Or Holiday Tag – whatever you celebrate! It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Welcome to Blogmas, I hope that you are as excited as I am for this holiday season. I’m not really a huge Christmas person, like the actual day with the gifting & the feasting but I appreciate the feeling of this particular season. Everything seems a little brighter, a little more hopeful & people a little more kind. The festive season has this ability to bring out the best in humanity & the world is better for it – when people say that they wish it was Christmas all year round, I imagine that it is this feeling they are referring to. What can one expect from my Blogmas posts? A bit of everything really, some recipes, a lot of dΓ©cor/lifestyle posts, tags & such. I do not post gift guides, I’m not great at recommending gifts to others although I pride myself on giving really good gifts but only because I’m struck with a thought randomly, usually last minute. Today’s post is a collection of tag questions that I have rounded up. I was not tagged to do this, I am a bit of a tag cheater – if I see one that I like, then I do it. If you are reading this & enjoying it, consider yourself tagged!

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Just one?! If I had to choose my absolute favorite holiday film, it would be National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation because it portrays a real, gritty, yet hilarious set of circumstances that can happen when your modern family gets together. With all of the personalities & quirks, expectations – I like that it is relatable to some of my childhood Christmas memories. Maybe everything wasn’t perfect but we still had a good time, we never kidnapped anyone but I have some stories about tree fires πŸ˜€ They are humorous now but tragic in the moment, nobody was ever hurt either – I know that Christmas tree fires are no joke.

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There are strong opinions on this, I don’t have any. I had a roommate who would play Christmas music when she was stressed out & have enjoyed carols in the dead of summer on occasion. It was somewhat surprising to hear stores playing Christmas tunes so early this year but I didn’t necessarily mind it. I would say, any time that you feel in the mood is acceptable.

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Since living on my own, it really just depends on what I am doing. If I am visiting family then probably the day of but as a kid it was always stockings on the eve then we stayed up to attend midnight mass then opened gifts on Christmas Day. Nowadays, gift exchanges typically occur on random days with friends – I’m flexible πŸ˜€

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I loved Christmas as a kid, we had this loft style living area where we would put the tree & I recall the glow of those big, glass bulbs on a pitch black night. Instead of a tree skirt, my mom would roll out this big, red braided rug to set the tree on. We were the only house for literally miles on a road to nowhere but my dad would spend an entire day wrapping our big fence with lights. I don’t know how many strands it was but it took forever & I thought it was well worth the effort but mostly because I was usually just chilling in the snow while he did it. I guess I don’t have one big memory but lots of little things that I remember fondly.

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Fresh cut pine trees! I can’t have a real tree where I live & have not been able to for some years but I love a good pine scented candle. I can’t wait until I move into a house where I can have a real tree – maybe not every year but occasionally.

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Not really, I like to take one weekend day to bake cookies & watch James Bond films. I’m unsure of the rules around home baked goods this year but I figure if I put them into their own little bags then they are OK to share? I figure someone will eat them if they are sitting out?! I try to purchase a new ornament each year, I don’t like to be too matchy with my tree ornaments & have found this to be a good way to add variety.

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Currently nothing! I have owned this particular tree for going on 6 years now & still have not found a tree topper that I like. I just don’t know what I am looking for but also have not seen anything that I feel really fits it. I have a smaller tree that I sometimes put in my room that I have a topper for but it’s a much smaller tree & was much easier to find something for. I don’t know what I am looking for but hopefully I find it before the lights on this one go out & I have to find a whole new one πŸ™‚

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Pie! I’m a big fan of pie, if dinner/lunch involves particularly good pies – I will skip most of the other foods so I can have more pie. I don’t know if I’ve ever had a bad pie to be honest – I have made a few bad ones but I digress. Pecan is probably my favorite, or sweet potato…let me know what your favorite pie is, definitely always keen to try more!

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Otis Redding’s White Christmas & Stevie Wonder’s Christmas Means to Me. Aside from those, I prefer instrumental or classical music.

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Vaccines, can we all just get vaccines for gifts this year? I just want this pandemic to be in the past, I know that nothing will ever be the same but I want to start living in the future state. I’m just so tired, a huge weight will be lifted from the world when we are finally able to move forward. So Dear Santa, vaccines for all! What are you wishing for this year?

I hope that you enjoyed this tag to kick off Blogmas, let me know if you do this one as I would love to read your responses! I am certain that this will be a very different holiday season for many & I hope that we are all able to find joy in the season. There are lots of things that I am finding myself especially grateful for though I took them for granted in years prior. Thanks for stopping by, happy first day of Blogmas!!

Best Of: Current Lifestyle Favorites

Life & Style

As I am typing this, I realized that I pretty recently posted a lifestyle post but I figure that since I have some new cold weather things, that it will be OK. Who knows – since I’m not leaving the house again this winter, I might just be posting lifestyle favorites for the foreseeable future. I find it appalling that restaurants are being forced to close again while Target announced $22-billion in quarter three earnings. Nobody’s catching COVID at Target?! Really, nobody? That’s absolutely the place where I always think I’m going to catch it because that is one of the few places that I go & it’s always busy. I don’t know what kind of bullshit these statistics are on but they cannot be accurate. I’m truly bummed for all of my friends in the service industry, I personally think that they are being disproportionately regulated. Like most everyone else, I have been at home a lot more & here are a few items that I have been especially enjoying recently.


I found a new robe after years of trying different robes & not liking them, I stumbled upon this Stars & Above robe a couple of weeks ago. I was actually on the hunt for more of their lounge cardigans but I’m not sure they will be releasing those again this year. This was a fantastic consolation find since I can wear it around the house & it’s not too thick or too thin. It’s the perfect length to be worn with pants or nightgowns, it belts completely closed & it’s so soft. Having never worn robes until I was gifted one from Old Navy in college, I am surprisingly particular when it comes to what robes I like. I think it’s because the Old Navy robe was my first introduction to robes & has become the standard to which I hold all robes to. This robe is the closest that I have ever found & I love it.


I’m not one to get hyped about limited edition anything, I think it’s an easy way to sell a lot of stock before consumers come to their senses & realize that they may not need said item. I really had no idea that there was so much hype around the Starbucks seasonal mugs until purchasing one as a gift for a friend & went to three different locations to find the one that she wanted. After becoming very well acquainted with their holiday collection, I decided that I wanted one…or two for myself. They are very cute but I cannot imagine that I would need more than the two that I purchased, I mean, one can only use one cup at a item. Their holiday stuff is very cute though, very pastel, very to my taste.


In all honesty I am unsure if these are a favorite or something that I have been using non-stop but these melamine mixing bowls were worth every penny that I spent on them. Not only are they just pretty to look at, they are perfect for all of my mixing needs. The base of these bowls has a rubber grippy strip which is awesome when I am mixing & measuring & trying not to make a mess. I found these on Amazon, come in a couple of different colors but the pink are just adorable. I do have the biggest bowl with the spout but I use it for decoration, batter pours out of the regular lipped bowls just fine.


I mentioned a couple of posts ago that I have been surviving on mostly coffee, Cameron’s Breakfast Blend has been my go to recently. It’s a little milder, a little less caffeine that what I usually drink but it was a necessary change since I have been drinking so much coffee more recently. These pods are commercially compostable & I think the coffee tastes a bit richer from the EcoPod – could be just my imagination but I enjoy them.


When I am not drinking coffee, I am drinking delicious cups of David’s Tea & my most recent favorite is the Sweet Potato Pie blend. Pumpkin Chai had been my front runner but when I got a taste of this sweet, nutty goodness it was over. I mean, the chai is still very good but this literally tastes like I am drinking a pie – much more enjoyable than it sounds.


Yet another Target find, they get ya’ with those damn endcaps – these Off the Eaten Path crisps are delicious. I am not a snack person most of the time, my snack of choice is typically popcorn but with my new fillings I am being very cautious so that I never have to go back πŸ˜‰ These are very low calorie & provide just enough salty, crunchiness to satisfy my savory snack cravings. I have not dipped them in anything yet but I think they would probably be delicious with most anything.


Those are a few of the things that have been keeping my happy at home – I will save all of my Christmas goodies for Blogmas but they have definitely been brightening my day too. What have you been enjoying lately, let me know in the comments!

The Morning After…


Well, Oregon voted to legalize meth & I think that pretty much sums up the election. Actually, slow clap for Oregon – I don’t know if I have talked about it before but I have a very liberal attitude towards drugs. They should be legalized, regulated & taxed. I think this would reduce overdoses & it would take a lot of money & power away from gangs & cartels. In my opinion, it would also to help destigmatize conversations around addiction to these substances.

Anyway, enough election talk – I am so over this election & it sounds like we have a long slog ahead of us. In ancient Egypt, pharaohs had to engage in physical tests of strength to prove that they were strong, worthy leaders. Pestilence, famine & overall poor quality of life would be attributed to a weakling pharaoh. So, let’s do it – let’s end this shit today. Get both of these demented old fools out to Lambeau Stadium & put them to the test. In fact, everyone currently holding a political position – let’s see your fastest mile. That would certainly cull some of the detritus. Society is already regressing, it’s not like it’s that crazy of an idea.

Christmas – let’s talk about it, I think I’m going Scandinavian this year. I didn’t actually know that until I posted some photos on Instagram of these trees I found & a lovely gal pointed this out. Now though, I am seeing lots of this minimalist trend and I’m into it. Here are a few items that I recently spotted at IKEA. I am finding the clean lines & simplistic designs very appealing – it’s just Christmas-y enough.

I’m torn though because I have loads of Christmas ‘nostalgia’ pieces with pinks & blues, I love a 50’s inspired Christmas. I’m sure what will happen is that I will go jewel tones & gold in my living room, Scandinavian in the spare bedroom & nostalgia in my bedroom. I love Christmas decorations, the actual holiday is kind of a throw away for me since I’ve never been able to figure out why so many non-Christians celebrate a holiday with very religious overtones. Given the pandemic that I am sure will still be raging come Christmas, I’m not sure how merry of a holiday it will be. There won’t be any hustle or bustle this year, holiday parties – things that I didn’t even know I would miss, I am already missing. One of my favorite things to do is bake a disgusting amount of cookies for the office, for my neighbors, for pretty much anyone & I wonder if that will be permissible this year? Is Thanksgiving cancelled? I just assumed it was, I’ve never celebrated the holiday anyway but let me know.

I hope that you are happy, healthy & just doing the best you can. If you are an American, I hope that you aren’t too anxious about the current election status – hang in there!

Blogtober Day 26: Best of October Lifestyle


I can’t lie, as soon as my plastic storage bins arrive in the mail – the Halloween decor is coming down. We had a good run but I’m over it. Watch, all of this snow will melt & then I will be back in a fall mood – I’m just flaky like that πŸ˜› I anticipate spending a lot of time at home this winter, I am guessing that most everyone is. Actually, I was watching the news & apparently instead of food shortages – home goods are the next target of American panic shopping. Specifically luxury sheets, sounds pretty American. Not the luxury sheets. Anyway, I only have a few favorite things this month, enjoy!

Remember that Casaluna Comforter Set that I was all, will I, won’t I about? Well, I did & love it. One of the main reasons that I was waffling on it was because I don’t like a lot of weight on me when I’m sleeping & generally just use a knitted blanket. This comforter was described as heavyweight & I have no idea why I was drawn to it aside from it being beautiful πŸ˜› It is heavy but also very comfortable, the underneath is a soft polyester blend & the top side is a coarser linen – it’s a unique sensory experience. It’s so cozy, I don’t know how it will wash but so far so good.

I may have already talked about the cauldron mugs that Target recently had, I purchased a second one to contain my newest obsession – incense! I threw out all of the boxes so unsure of what the different flavors are but I know there is a jasmine, sandalwood & something to do with patchouli. Incense reminds me of Christmas morning, it always puts me in a good mood! I’ve never burned it since I’ve lived on my own, my mother always had something burning though & it’s such a nostalgic scent. I don’t know if all of the sticks touching will make them smell the same…?

I have a very celestial theme going on in my bedroom, it makes sense to me considering I do all of my sleeping in here. Urban Outfitters is good for some new age, moon decor for not terrible prices. This moon shelf is my newest addition, it’s really beautiful & well-made. I did not do a fantastic job of hanging it & need a brace or something at the top to keep it flush with the wall – it could have used a couple more brackets. My only complaint is that this is the second shelf I’ve purchased from them & there aren’t any screws! Drive me nuts.

I’ve been looking for a pair of black, casual boots that I can wear inside & outside. Doc Martens are my usual go to but the salt really tears up the stitching around the soles & I think I might be getting too old to be wearing Docs all of the time anyway. I dunno, is there an age limit? Anyway, I found these Keds that are super cute & very comfortable. They don’t look too snow boot-like & can be worn with most anything. I’ve so far worn them with skirts & leggings, they hit at about the same height as my Docs & have the same ankle cinching appearance. Definitely not as stiff & don’t require a break in period.

That’s it! I’m out of my favorite tea at the moment but when my order gets here, might post about it then. David’s Tea released a pumpkin chai, it’s delicious but really requires a picture to convey its full beauty. Let me know what you’ve been loving this month. Are you ready for winter or still in a fall mood 🧑

Blogtober Day 20: Not At All Halloween’y


Fa-la-la-la-la it’s fucking snowing. This could be the actual first snow, 5-8 inches are expected to accumulate by this evening! I mean, I am pretty excited but I get the feeling that I am the only one. I did not have to commute today so ask me how excited I am after my drive into work tomorrow πŸ˜› I’m not feeling very Halloween-y today because of the glorious winter wonderland outside of my window so how about a little haul post. Actually, this was an unplanned bigger haul but we were given an extra associate discount & that’s when I stalk up on everything so the rest is mostly boring skincare, haircare or other staples. I did pick up a few goodies from the BareMinerals holiday releases!

Short story time, this haul required an unplanned trip to the Mall of America since they have the biggest location in the area & I could pick up everything I wanted in one go. Should I have shopped my store? Probably since we could use the sales but also, I pick up a lot of odds & ends at my store all of the time. Anyway, the mall was so sad – I had not visited it since last Christmas? There are so many stores that are still closed, vendors are not allowed in the thoroughfares until further notice, there wasn’t any traffic with tourists coming & going from the hotels. It was just really sad to see a once bustling place that I hated going to reduced to a half vacant, more than half empty ghost town. The longest line was at Nickelodeon Universe & I have to say, I was extremely disappointed with how close people were standing to one another. I’ve heard conflicting information about what this holiday season will look like, my store has doubled capacity just recently but I’m unsure if that goes for all retailers. Also, what guidelines are being followed anyway? Cases are exploding here in MN & yet we are still rolling back restrictions, I dunno – what’s going on in your neck of the woods? I also took a leisurely stroll through the mall since I’ve never really done that, I’m always in & out with a very specific agenda. That place has about twelve Caribou Coffee locations, I’ve never noticed.

Anyway, BareMinerals is one of the few brands that I actually think release some worthwhile holiday kits. Generally, they are just full or deluxe sizes of products that they carry all of the time in cute, holiday packaging. There are two holiday releases that I always snag when they hit the shelves, the deluxe powder foundation & Lashtopia Mascara Duo. Both of these are amazing deals & the mascara goes on sale for 50% off right around Black Friday – pro tip. Lashtopia is such a good mascara, I don’t know why it doesn’t sell better. If you want a super black, volumizing mascara that also conditions your lashes – look no further! Honestly, it’s my first recommendation to anyone looking for a new mascara. Their Original Foundation is still hands down the best foundation for someone looking for natural yet longwearing coverage. I always go back to their original powder especially if my skin is breaking out & it wears pretty well under a mask. Yes, I am still wearing foundation all over my face even with wearing a mask all day. Listen, I tried just putting foundation on the visible areas of my face & it looks nuts. I have not had too many issues with break outs, I get skin lesions which has been awesome. My skin is literally just peeling off my face in patches on areas where the mask continually rubs it. It’s a mess & it hurts, my face looks like a bad horror movie, skin melting special effect when I take my mask off. I’ve tried cotton, silk, linen, organic cotton, jersey – for some reason, the moisture & the friction wrecks my face. Back to the foundation, unfortunately, the deluxe edition comes in a very limited shade range & they choose shades based on bestsellers. The regular size does come in 30 shades but I think they should offer a few more for the holiday release.

The last item I snagged was the Lip Balm Duo which includes one clear balm & a sheer pinky balm. I have never tried it before, I am pretty certain that they don’t sell this outside of the holidays. Last year, this lady bought all of the duos we had in stock & claimed it was THE BEST EVER so I picked up a couple this year. It’s not bad either! I’m not sure that I need ten tubes but it is a very nice texture, moisturizes pretty well & has a sweet mint scent.

If you are looking for some stocking stuffers for a beauty fan, they also released a few more complexion kits & some skincare sets. I really enjoy their products, I haven’t tried any of their new skincare since I own products that work for me but they do sell consistently well at my store.

Have you started Christmas shopping yet? I’ll get back to more Halloween-y content when the snow melts, which will probably be tomorrow πŸ˜› Thanks for stopping by πŸ§‘πŸ–€

Blogtober Day 19: Least Favorite Candy


I think we can all agree that there are some candies out there that just need to be retired. Even as a kid who generally enjoyed candy, I was side eyeing these abominations if I found them in my trick or treat bag. I used to consider the fact that as I aged, my tastes in candy would mature to some of these but they’re still the worst.

I can taste this waxy picture

Candy Corn – Again, who is eating candy corn?! Quit it & perhaps it will stop being manufactured. These little, tooth busting, cavity inducing ‘corns’ are the epitome of childhood disappointment. Not to mention, extremely unhealthy seeing as how they are sugar, powdered sugar & corn syrup. Candy corn used to be called ‘chicken feed’ making it even less appetizing if that is possible, it was invented in the 1880’s & some jackass deemed October 30 ‘National Candy Corn Day.’ Are you kidding me?! People, stop eating the candy corn.

Good & Plenty & Black Licorice – I am including this as one entry because I am pretty sure that Good & Plenty are little pieces of black licorice in a candy coating. I think that if you love black licorice, you really love it but if you don’t, then you hate it. There isn’t a middle ground with black licorice, it tastes like rancid toothpaste. I’ve never tasted rancid toothpaste but I’m pretty sure this is an accurate description.

Tootsie Rolls – All of them, the regular ones, the fruity ones, the extra long ones (who thought that was a good idea). It’s weird because I have enjoyed a Tootsie Roll Pop on occasion but that squishy nougat is not a stand alone candy. They were invented in 1907, the technique that gives them their ‘unique’ texture was patented by its creator. 113 years is a good run for a candy, let’s put it to pasture.

Raisins – This doesn’t really count as a candy but I always ended up with at least two boxes of raisins. Did you have that one older person in your trick-or-treating path that always handed these out? It’s not that I don’t like raisins, I do but when they come in those little boxes they are so dried out & usually glommed together so you get a raisin nugget. No thanks, Raisinets? All day long. Craisins, yes. Mango strips, absolutely. Literally any other dehydrated fruit is acceptable but not those tiny boxes of dry ass raisins. A fresh apple? Color me delighted to find an apple in my bag! Reminds of this time when I had just moved into my very own apartment, I made these beautiful caramel apples for the kids I was anticipating & a mother almost slapped it out of my hand when I tried to bestow it upon her child. I ended up giving them a can of Pepsi which I am sure was equally as appreciated πŸ˜› I truly did not know that it was not socially acceptable to hand out homemade treats. I pity all of the kids who never received a gooey, delicious, handmade popcorn ball.

Bit o’ Honey – Maybe I’m just not a fan of nougat texture because it’s the texture more than the taste that I find abhorrent. This is a honey flavored ‘taffy’ with bits of almond, it was invented in the 1920’s. The presentation is…weird…you can either get your pre-segmented full size or these little rectangular bricks about the size of a Tootsie Roll. Bit o’ Honey always tastes stale to me & the almonds bits add to that staleness, in my opinion.

As I am writing this, I realize that maybe adults just pretended to enjoy these candies knowing full well that kids wouldn’t want them? Being honest, when I passed out candy I would pick out a few things that I liked so that I could enjoy a piece or two. Now, I will admit that I’m a big fan of anything butterscotch which I have found out, is not a hit with the kids. Anyway, I stand by my ranking of these being the worst candies & think that there just comes a time when candy should be retired. Like those strips of paper with colorful candy dots on them? Can’t hardly find those any longer because they’re also the worst. Willy Wonka made those look way better than they actually are, I know because I asked for them as a Christmas treat once & was severely disappointed. Also though, I wonder if these candies simply speak to a simpler time when candy didn’t need to have a lot of bells & whistles in order to be indulgent. Kids were excited about licking crystalized sugar off of paper because it really would have been a treat. Anyway, what’s your least favorite candy? Thanks for stopping by πŸ§‘πŸ–€

Blogtober Day 16: Worry Dolls


My boss: STELLA, it’s snowing!! Me: Leaps up from desk chucking coffee all over my keyboard. I don’t know if this counts as the first snow seeing as how most of it won’t stick but it’s still pretty exciting. A blanket of bright, white snow just makes the whole world look new. I think this year especially, I’m just looking forward to it being over & we are slowly getting there. Anyway, so let’s just get right to Blogmas πŸ˜› Not quite yet, today we are talking about something from my childhood that I recently stumbled upon at World Market of all the places. It shocked me for a minute seeing a little basket of worry dolls because they were such a deep memory that came flooding back, it was overwhelming but also delightful to recall my pocketful of worry dolls and how I tormented my mother with them.

What are worry dolls? They are teenie little dolls made of bits of wire, paper & colorful fabric that can fit in your pocket. They originate in Guatemala & are given to mostly children to tell their worries or troubles to. You can tell them your fears, nightmares, anxieties – then put them under your pillow & the worry dolls take it from there. I was a morose child, I had a pocketful of worry dolls but not because I recall feeling particularly worried about anything, it was just my personality. I’m just a quiet, calm, perhaps melancholy person who doesn’t enjoy the company of most people but there isn’t anything wrong with me. I also went through a phase of answering the house phone as ‘city morgue’ which really freaked my mom out but I was doing it mostly to freak her out πŸ˜€

These are a beautiful set I found on etsy from Handmade Mayan Arts

There was one event that sticks out in my mind after which I recall receiving my first pouch of worry dolls. We were going to visit my great grandmother, I was 8’ish & she was probably 80’ish. She lived in town so we saw her all of the time & were just stopping in after grocery shopping. Well, we walk in & she’s sitting at the kitchen table – she had one of those old houses where you could come in through the kitchen. So, she’s sitting there, I’m coming in behind my mom who said something to my grandmother & then my mom starts screaming. She’s dead, she’s dead! I had a bad feeling about today. Now, my mom had a bad feeling about most every day but I guess that day she was vindicated. I don’t recall being terribly upset about my recently passed grandmother, she was very old & I knew that. I was sad she was gone but for some reason my mom really thought that seeing a dead body had an impact on me. She made me sit outside on the porch until the police got there, then she had the police talk to me to see if I was OK. I told them I was but that wasn’t good enough – my mom sent me to the school counselor who then sent me to an actual child psychologist. That’s where I got my worry dolls, he told my parents there wasn’t anything wrong with me aside from being a bit anti-social. That’s when I started the ‘city morgue’ thing but mostly because I was annoyed with my mother for insisting that there must be something wrong with me when I was fine. Also, my grandmother had an open casket funeral which was infinitely more upsetting than seeing her just sitting at her kitchen table – talk about irony.

My worry dolls were a bit more rustic and looked a lot like these

Anyway, I loved my worry dolls because they were just so freaking cute & played with them like I would other dolls. They were better than other dolls because I just put them in my pocket & could take them anywhere. Apparently, this was a problem because my parents started to think that I had so many things to worry about that I had to have my dolls with me all of the time. If I caught them looking at me when I was playing with my worry dolls, I would maintain eye contact & whisper nonsense to my dolls like some kind of voodoo. Honestly, this was a bit far but it really burned me that my parents were so worried about me. Eventually, I outgrew my worry dolls & moved onto activities that were apparently less concerning to my parents. I developed an eating disorder, funny that they missed all of those red flags but was mostly a normal adolescent.

What’s the point of this story? I think that worry dolls can be an effective tool for kids coping with some type of trauma but that parents shouldn’t look for trauma because that’s pretty traumatic for a little kid. Honestly, I think I might order myself another set, they really are adorable little dolls. Maybe if any of my siblings recall the ‘Worry Doll Years’ it will give them a little scare 🧑

Pieces NFI Regular

The Vanishing (1988) or Spoorloos as the Dutch film I own is titled, is a psychological thriller that is just as terrifying as the goriest slasher flick. Rex & Saskia are on a trip through France when they run out of gas. They have this huge fight, there is so much build up that I almost thought that the story would be about Rex murdering Saskia. Not the case, they stop for fuel & Saskia is abducted. Rex goes on a quest to find her even making a public appeal for any information regarding her whereabouts. Eventually, a man named Raymond comes forward (the viewer has known that he is the kidnapper for some time) & reveals himself as having been the one who abducted Saskia. Rex agrees to go somewhere with Raymond so that he can find Saskia but ends up becoming the victim of a second abduction. Missing persons cases terrify & fascinate me, in this case, Rex was scared of not knowing but it makes you wonder if the knowing is just as bad. I think that this one has or is being remade but this film is fantastic.

Blogtober Day 15: All Black Everything


I touched on my transition to wearing all black a few posts ago & thought it was a spooky topic to talk about since black is closely associated with Halloween. I wear limited color at home but it’s all black, all of the time as soon as I step outside. Why? Because it makes me look like a total badass but seriously I have a litany of reasons for my recent wardrobe change so let’s get started.

Plasma Drip Normal (BRK)

Back when I started wearing all black, it just matched how I was feeling on the inside. There was a lot going on, it seemed like we were on the brink of something amazing…or disastrous. I feel like I’m in mourning for a lot of things; my pre-COVID life, Minneapolis, just society in general. It’s not that deep but reaching for all black just made sense – now I’m a little more upbeat about it but that’s truly where it all started. Now here are some fun reasons πŸ˜›

Plasma Drip Normal (BRK)

Legit though, if you want an outfit that makes you feel empowered but also lets you blend into your surroundings – go black. Two words – pleather leggings. Everyone can kick ass in pleather leggings. All black ensembles kind of feel like a catsuit without the whole…catsuit part πŸ˜›

Plasma Drip Normal (BRK)

Well, usually – there are different tones of black so that whole Does this black match is actually a quandary I find myself in from time to time. You have your red black, your blue black, purple black, etc. Sometimes clothing fades over time so you get your faded black – I have my closet separated into different blacks so I usually always match but it’s not a day ruiner if my black doesn’t match. I’m not sure anyone else notices but me.

Plasma Drip Normal (BRK)

I could care less about being fashionable but black lends itself to being appropriate for most any event. A simple black dress or stovepipes can be very chic, I always feel put together when my outfits are really very simple. Black is also universally flattering so I just feel more confident in my black wardrobe.

Plasma Drip Normal (BRK)

The planning of the outfits, the coordination, the wondering if you look good in a color – it’s all very distracting. As opposed to waking up and just grabbing anything knowing it’s going to work. Fine, fine I’m also lazy. But seriously, I think being a teacher really tested my cute, quirky outfit skills & I wasn’t ever very good at it.

Plasma Drip Normal (BRK)

Clothing trends come & go but black is forever πŸ˜€ Seriously, while I might switch up the cuts of my pants or length of the skirt, I know that my wardrobe doesn’t ever look dated even if some of the stuff is seasons old. If you take care of it, black clothing can last a long time but I really recommend investing in some Woolite to keep everything look crisp.

I do get asked if I am goth…a lot – no, this is my natural skin tone πŸ˜€ Now, I do wear color at home because I don’t mind feeling a little chaotic in my own space & black is more my uniform for the unpredictable real world. I recommend all black everything, it’s fun & a lot more versatile than one would think 🧑

Pieces NFI Regular

This movie is nuts, when a sleazy party boy solves a puzzle box he is dragged to an underworld. His brother’s wife resurrects him & starts killing people to keep him alive & regain his strength. The puzzle box opens a portal though allowing other worldly beings to pass through & wreak havoc on the living. I say this every time I watch this one, have you seen Pinhead out of the pleather? He is a total dweeb, should have stuck to the all black thing πŸ˜› Hellraiser (1987)

Blogtober Day 11: Lazy Sunday


Actually, I got quite a bit done today but since I was out & about early, the afternoon was very leisurely. I picked up a couple of things that I had been waiting on for my bathroom, I wanted to get everything from IKEA but you couldn’t pay me to go in there right now. I am pretty pleased with everything that I purchased from Target, I feel like their homewares have become more reasonably priced. I ended up changing the entire color motif of my bathroom for just under $100. Here is a little look at the new set up.

Everything used to be pink because my bedroom was different tones of pink, I don’t know why I like my bathroom & bedroom to coordinate. I think it’s because to access my bathroom, you have to go through a big walk in closet so it’s like everything is connected. Bathrooms in rentals never impress me, they feel very used even though this is a newer building & the bathrooms aren’t too bad, I just don’t like them. I chose the shower curtain first, it’s a heavy linen with the embroidery & since it has three different grey tones I didn’t have to get too matchy matchy with the other accessories. I like it, nice & neutral & complements my room decor well. Everything is from Target aside from the small table that I purchased from IKEA pre-corona & the rope baskets I found on Amazon.

I also found this fantastic mug, it’s a tiny cauldron! I’m so excited to have coffee in it tomorrow morning although it’s quite small.

Pluto was absolutely exhausted after ‘helping’ me redecorate the bathroom & was sacked out for several hours this afternoon. It’s a bit of a spooky, windy fall night & I think I’m going to have a cider on the patio – let me know what you were up to this weekend 🧑

Pieces NFI Regular

I don’t think that I had ever seen this before, didn’t love it. When a mom & her son become trapped in a car at the mercy of a rabid St. Bernard, most everyone dies. I don’t know, it just seemed wildly unrealistic, animals are smart but I feel that the dog would have tired in a few hours & wandered off to find more easily accessible prey. Anyway, Cujo (1983) was a bit of a let down.

Blogtober Day 10: Saturday, Saturday


What a lame day packed full of things that I did not want to do in the slightest. It started with waking up at 5 AM because I had a nightmare that the apartment was on fire. Not just any fire, it was some kind of weird electrical fire so that the building was burning from the inside out. The walls were red hot, seemingly my front door was unaffected so I probably could have just left but dreams are stupid like that.

Then, I attended a live stream funeral – I am still undecided if it was more or less sad than an in-person funeral. It was not a COVID related death and not someone very close to me, I mostly logged on for moral support as the family was just devastated that they could not hold a regular service. In light of that, it probably was one of the saddest funerals I’ve attended but very nice given the circumstances.

I was about 300 miles over my oil change mileage, which was not actually my fault & more so just lack of availability to get it done. I had to stay in the car which I didn’t want to because I’m not great with heights & I just can’t believe that it’s safe to hoist a person up with the car. The mechanic was very nice & said there was no way that my combined weight with my very small car would outweigh even some of the mid-sized SUVs they hoist up. I wasn’t convinced & tried my hardest to sit as still as humanly possible. Then I had to clean my car out & get gas but I always love it when my car is shiny & clean so I didn’t mind that so much. I wasn’t terribly excited to touch the vacuum hose but I’ll survive.

I then had to pick up groceries which wasn’t too bad but there wasn’t any tofu to be had. I also had a Target pick up, I know, I vowed to stay out of Target but I needed some new towels which turned into new rugs which turned into just a couple of new candles & a shower curtain. Just the essentials πŸ˜› I’m going grey for winter & will return to my blush pink motif in the spring.

By that time I was starving so I came home to make some lunch/dinner & get to cleaning. I found this Mr. Clean product that is similar to Pine-Sol but smells much better. I cleaned all my floors, kitchen cabinets, some walls that looked dingy. The whole apartment smells like fresh lemons. Then I deep cleaned both baths & did way too much laundry. It was a beautiful, fall day today & I was able to hang some sheets over my railing. Yesterday, it smelled like absolute dog shit outside because of the farmers putting manure on their harvested fields for next year. I mean, I get it but man did it stink. Happy to report that the air was crisp & fresh today.

That’s about it, what does this have to do with Halloween? Mostly nothing aside from the fact that adulthood is mostly terrifyingly boring πŸ˜›


Pieces NFI Regular

The Shining (1980) While I absolutely still find the book to be much scarier than the film adaptation, I have an appreciation for this film outside of this. Jack takes a job as a winter caretaker for a secluded hotel that is closed for the season. As the spirits & beings that inhabit the hotel make themselves known, Jack absolutely loses his fucking mind & tries to murder his family.