Friday Thoughts: Eugenia Cooney Has Got To Go


If you are someone who is sensitive to discussions of eating disorders or a fan of Eugenia Cooney, this one isn’t for you. Happy New Year, blah, blah, blah – 2021 is shaping up to be just as weird as 2020. Yay πŸ˜‰ Anyway, a couple of nights ago I am rolling through YouTube trying to find something to watch, I don’t subscribe to a ton of channels & will find myself down the odd rabbit hole on occasion. My recommended videos are a variety of everything & nothing since I will watch anything excluding diet, weight loss, exercise channels, etc. because as someone who manages an eating disorder, this content can be tricky to ingest. Now & again, the YouTube algorithm will throw me the odd health channel probably because I watch a lot of lifestyle channels & it’s fine but I found myself absolutely disgusted when Eugenia’s most recent video popped up in my feed.

I don’t watch her, I did watch the Shane Dawson video, just never her specifically but she has been a name within the community for a long time. Unfortunately, her images are often used as inspiration or encouragement for people looking to fuel their disorders. It’s like – if she can be that skinny & not dead then I can too. She is stupid & blind to her disorder at best, dangerous & fully in control of what she is doing at worst. I personally believe that it’s the latter, she full well knows that her content is pro-ana, thinspo & fodder for perverts or the morbidly curious. By allowing her to have a monetized channel, YouTube is allowing her more accessibility to people of all ages & basically paying her to kill herself. What is even more twisted is that to my knowledge, she has never admitted that she has a problem which is incredibly misleading to her following, young people especially. Not only can she not admit that she has a problem, she probably never shares the graphic details of what her disorder is doing to her body. Instead, she presents herself as this cutesy, terminally delightful, childlike being who just wants to live her life. That’s fine, that’s complete bullshit but it’s fine – take it offline then & stop monetizing your mental illness.

Is she providing tips or commentary on how she maintains her outrageously low body weight? No, probably not but she is presenting this everything is fine faΓ§ade that is dangerous. She is showcasing her illness, this glamorizes it & could encourage others to try & do the same. To me, it’s no different than watching your favorite beauty guru & wanting to become really good at makeup application so that you can be the next big guru. Since she won’t be honest about what’s actually going on, I can provide some insight into the physical toll that a long term eating disorder can take on a body – the shit they don’t tell you in school.

I was actively bulimic from 17 to 26 years old, I say actively because it’s something that I manage each day & choose not to engage in. I was never a binge & purge person, I would eat a regular meal & then expel it. I have occasional slip ups, going vegan has definitely been tricky because it puts a lot of emphasis on food & this can feel unhealthily obsessive but hasn’t caused any major issues. Eugenia is 26 now, when I finally started treatment at the same age, it was only after being fitted for a partial denture because many of my back teeth were falling out or so severely decayed that they had to be pulled. I didn’t care that I was freakishly thin, I liked the way that I looked, for some reason the denture thing really triggered me & finding out that my dentist was a recovering anorexic that encouraged me to take the next step. Thankfully now, I have been able to replace my teeth with individual dental implants on posts which was as an extremely painful (and expensive) procedure. Forcing yourself to throw up consistently also causes bizarre issues with the throat muscles & can lead to years of involuntary puking. I am 34 now, I cannot brush my teeth without throwing up or dry heaving. It’s embarrassing, not as embarrassing as some of the instances that occurred earlier in my recovery but it still sucks. Chronic acid reflux & bouts of IBS are other digestive issues that I experience on the regular. I have arthritis in my back, ribs & deteriorated bone density in one hip that could necessitate a hip replacement by age 40. The thing is, you can recover from an eating disorder but you’ll never be quite the same. It isn’t a game, it’s not just simply wanting to be thin & then being able to go back to a normal existence once you’ve attained your goal. There really isn’t a goal aside from wanting to be thinner & wanting others to notice that you are thinner. I’m not even considered an extreme case, long term but not extreme & this shit has plagued me for decades. It will always have an impact on my day to day life & seeing some little brat on the internet glamorizing a deadly lifestyle is infuriating.

There is no shame in admitting that you have an eating disorder even if you aren’t ready to deal with it. At the least, she could admit her issue & be honest that she doesn’t feel the need to seek treatment but be honest about it. Tell young viewers that it’s a shitty existence that makes you feel like shit all of the time. Tell them that your bones ache, that you can’t sleep, that it doesn’t truly make you happy. Tell them that it’s an existence that you wouldn’t wish on anyone. Let them know the risks; heart failure, organ failure, mood swings, chronic headaches, blindness, seizures, death – just to name a few. Eugenia Cooney is not living, she is dying. If she can’t admit this & censor her content then YouTube & other platforms need to step in & do it for her, I’m still so disgusted that I’m considering boycotting YouTube altogether. Parents can only do so much to protect their kids online & sometimes, thinspo content isn’t easily spotted, it can seem like a harmless inspirational quote if you aren’t wise to the community.

I don’t pity her, just like I don’t pity myself – eating disorders are mental health disorders but it’s something we can choose to deal with. I would encourage anyone struggling with an eating disorder to at least stop & really consider what’s going on, even if you aren’t ready to seek treatment – just stop & think for a moment. Consider a life that isn’t consumed by an eating disorder. It’s a much more beautiful existence. Sure, I am a bit fat now & feel about 80 years old sometimes but overall am much healthier & happier for seeking treatment. I hope that you are happy, healthy & just doing the best that you can ❀

On The 13th Day of Blogmas: The Trials of Morrigan Crow


Sunday night, I did not have a very productive day but I did finish a book that I really enjoyed & that’s the perfect way to spend a day 😊 A friend of mine recommended the Nevermoor series to me & I’m so glad they did! At first I was a bit hesitant because most of the reviews compared the series to Harry Potter & I’m not the biggest fan of those books. Here’s the deal, I grew up on Harry Potter & enjoyed them until they started getting really dark. I just don’t need to read about death & thinly veiled political commentary in a fantasy series that’s supposed to be suited for young adults. I can turn on the news, watch documentaries or read a history book to educate myself on those things. Anyway, Nevermoor is much more lighthearted while still being a fantastic engaging series with endearing characters.

Morrigan Crow is a cursed child who is destined for death on the Eventide of her eleventh birthday. OK admittedly it does start out a bit bleak πŸ˜‰ Morrigan is blamed for all bad things that happen in Jacklefax. Her father who feels that Morrigan’s cursed status is interfering with his political career, is ready to wash his hands of her as is the rest of the family. Unfortunately, Eventide comes early & Morrigan is hurtled towards her unlucky fate.

Enter a delightful, mysterious, brilliant Jupiter North who whisks her away from the Hunt of Horse & Hound just in the knick of time. He takes Morrigan to a magical dominion, Nevermoor where he owns a delightfully preposterous hotel, the Deucalion. It’s filled with a cast of eccentric characters including a magnificat & vampire dwarf. Morrigan is delighted to feel accepted but also confused as to why Jupiter went to such great lengths to save her.

Jupiter has chosen Morrigan to try out for the Wondrous Society, a very exclusive society of highly talented individuals. Morrigan must complete a series of trials to join the society including demonstrating her knack or very special talent that sets her apart from others. The problem is, she doesn’t have any idea what her knack is & Jupiter is maddeningly evasive.

As Morrigan prepares for these trials, odd things are happening in Nevermoor like trains derailing & wunder shortages. We start to hear about the Wundersmith, a very sinister fellow who was banned from Nevermoor because of his tyrrany & abuse of his Wundersmith powers. Morrigan grows increasingly concerned about her cursed status & wonders if it has followed her to Nevermoor. The citizens of Nevermoor though, fear the return of the Wundersmith.

After a series of very bizarre trials & almost being ousted a few times, Morrigan makes it to the final challenge but still has no idea what her knack is. Only Jupiter does & it turns out that Morrigan is a Wundersmith which is not a widely celebrated thing to be…

I thought this book was just a delight & am starting the second book tonight! Obviously, there are similar themes to Harry Potter, The Hunger Games and even some Handmaid’s Tale but the story is unique enough to stand out from these. I’m fascinated by this mystical energy source & the entire world of Nevermoor. It’s zany, colorful & just good fun. Clearly, I’m a bit old for the series but I think it’s very well written & a pleasant escape.

Let me know what you’re reading & thanks for stopping by 🀍

On The 7th Day of Blogmas: Holiday Movie Watch List


Have these movies all been watched at least a hundred times by most everyone on the face of the earth? Yes. Are we still going to watch them on repeat until New Years? Given the current lockdown situation, probably. Listen, I just don’t think that the cheesy, made for television holiday romps will ever compare to the classics. They’re cute but they don’t have that re-watch ability factor for me. I can watch Kevin McCallister slap aftershave on his face 50 times over & still laugh…I can only watch a hunky knight kiss Vanessa Hudgens under the mistletoe like…once. Not to mention, those feel good films make myself & most single females bitter – when am I going to be proposed to on Christmas by some time traveling hunk?! Never, the answer is never.

My inner monologue watching Hallmark movies…

I much prefer holiday comedy films over the feel good rom-coms, but everyone’s taste is different. These are just a few that I must watch each year.

Frosty Regular

Just the original for me, please – Lost in New York is pretty good but can the same preposterous thing happen two times over? Seems unlikely. I am sure that we all know the premise of this classic, Kevin makes a Christmas wish for his whole family to disappear & Father Christmas grants this wish when the family hits a flight to Paris & leaves him home alone. Kevin enjoys his newfound freedom until a couple of local burglars case his family home. It’s a classic that I think has aged very well and should not be remade.

Frosty Regular

Probably my favorite holiday movie, I love this quirky, crazy, relatable chronicle of Christmas with the Griswolds. Again, it’s a hilarious depiction of how the holidays can go so wrong but still be so much fun when the family gets together. The turkey scene especially kills me, my mom would start cooking the turkey at about 2 AM & cook that thing for hours. I still don’t know why, when I started cooking my own turkey & realized that it takes a mere few hours, I figured out why my mother’s turkey was always so dry πŸ˜› No, sometimes it was perfect but I still don’t understand the 12-hour cook time.

Frosty Regular

This is a newer addition to my holiday rotation but it became a fast favorite – probably because it is set in 1940 which just adds to its charm. The movie chronicles Ralphie’s attempts to acquire a Red Ryder air rifle for Christmas. The costumes & sets are simply perfect, it’s just a delight. I’m that crazy person who will actually sit & watch this one on marathon, it’s so much fun & who can’t relate to desperately wanting something for Christmas as a kid?

Frosty Regular

Scott Calvin has stopped believing in the magic of Christmas until he inadvertently pushes Santa off his roof & finds himself having to the fill the role. My favorite parts of this one are when single dad Scott burns the holiday meal & they have to eat at a Denny’s that is fresh out of pie & when Neal receives a Weenie Whistle. It’s a fun move that touched on some very real topics, like navigating a new family dynamic during the holidays & hanging onto the true meaning of Christmas.

Frosty Regular

This one tends to end up on some worst movie lists but I think it’s delightful. Howard is a high-powered mattress salesman who forgets to secure a hot toy item for his son. This leads to a hysterical series of events as he tries to find a Turbo Man for Christmas morning. There are a lot of Minnesota landmarks in this film; Mall of America, Wabasha St. & downtown St. Paul, the Cedar bridge – it’s fun to watch.

My favorite thing to do is have these on repeat while I wrap gifts through the night. Do I have any reason so stay up all night & wrap gifts? No, it’s not like there is anyone in the house that I need to have asleep so I can wrap gifts πŸ˜› Also, I never wrap gifts on Christmas Eve anyway because most of them need to be in the mail well before Christmas. So usually, it’s like a random Tuesday night that I am staying up way too late wrapping gifts & watching holiday movies. What are your favorite holiday movies, let me know if any of there top your list!

Recent Media Favorites: Television, Music & Books


I’m an admitted home body, I love being at home but I also liked having the option of not being at home when I wanted. With what is gearing up to be a long, long winter ahead & having even more quiet time at home, I have definitely been consuming more than my fair share of media. Books, music, television, movies – sometimes I have the radio on while I am reading a book – madness, I tell you. Really anything that will distract me from shopping online, eating or watching the news πŸ˜›

Wonderful Jungle Free Regular

I missed out on this classic during my youth but have made up for these past few weeks. It’s just fun, wholesome, 90’s entertainment. Sarah Michelle Gellar was such a teen queen & David Boreanaz is still my ultimate dream boat. I’m a big fan of Agent Booth in Bones & didn’t realize he played such a major role in Buffy. I don’t get why the vampires are all so hideous but I have enjoyed every episode so far. I think I might check out Charmed next as I never watched that one before either.

Wonderful Jungle Free Regular

I am a repeat offender of watching comfort shows instead of checking out new ones, I am trying to break this habit. The Office takes me back to college & my dorm mates hunkering down to watch new episodes when we had spare time. Even though I’ve watched so many of the episodes dozens of times, they still crack me up. I think that my favorites are the Christmas episodes but I will elaborate more on that during Blogmas πŸ˜›

Wonderful Jungle Free Regular

This show has been surprisingly tough for me to get into even though I have a keen interest in the royal family. Not the newest generation, my interest stops with Diana but Queen Elizabeth & Princess Margaret are some of my favorite royals to read about. I felt inclined to dive back into the show when Gillian Anderson was announced as Margaret Thatcher – I cannot wait to get to the most recent season.

Wonderful Jungle Free Regular

New folk, old folk, all the folk. I’ve been enjoying The Decemberists, Simon & Garfunkel, Joan Baez, The Traveling Wilburys, John Denver – you name it, I’ve been rocking out to it. The Mariner’s Revenge Song has been my favorite to drive around & scream sing too. Also, I can’t carry a tune so I mostly scream sing everything πŸ˜€ The live version of My Back Pages sung by most of the members of the Traveling Wilburys has also been a repeat. I never understood the chorus but it makes a lot more sense to me in my adulthood.

Wonderful Jungle Free Regular

This series is so good! I had the first book on a recent To Be Read & am so glad that I did. It’s not as good as the world of Harry Potter but it is still a very fun & if you have any interest in the darker, youth fantasy genre I would recommend checking it out. I have been listening to the series on Audible & I think the narrator is fantastic all around but would definitely pick up a hard copy too. The storyline of cursed children is dark but the main character is saved from her demise & that’s where the adventure begins.

I have a lot of time on my hands so if you have any recommendations, let me know! I’m not looking for anyting super heavy right now but open to most anything else 🀍



What a long week…& month…what a long life it’s been in general. Daylight savings always hits me hard, it doesn’t matter if we are losing or gaining an hour. What does that even mean?! We really aren’t losing or gaining anything because it’s all made up anyway. Sometimes I wonder what would happen if we all just stopped subscribing to these constructs. Most everyone complains about daylight savings, lets collectively stop participating & see what happens. I have to work tonight but I have tomorrow off which will be such bliss. I’m not doing anything, aside from cleaning & assessing my Christmas dΓ©cor. I think everyone in Minnesota is holding their breath wondering what Timmy Walz is going to say about the recent spike in COVID cases. In my opinion, the government – state or federal cannot mandate any further shutdowns until there is an economic relief bill passed. Not this time, we all went inside like sheep the last time but I think a lot of people are feeling very desperate. My apartment building is already half empty, I don’t know what will happen if more people are put out of work. Some of my friends only just got back to work, I have to wonder what proponents of the shutdown do for a living that they aren’t worried about being homeless or not being able to feed their kids. Must be nice. I think that everything in life is at your own risk, nobody is guaranteed tomorrow & the government has overstepped its bounds this last year. I’m not sorry about it either, I am immunocompromised, I accept that I might get sick on any given day even without a pandemic. I don’t expect others to suffer for my safety, nobody should expect that. I’m not a conspiracy theorist, I understand that the virus is dangerous, I will continue to heed public safety guidelines. The far reaching ramifications of these shutdowns though that nobody can prove are doing anything will last decades. Anyway, keep using your brain, washing your hands, avoiding large gatherings & wearing your mask, correctly. Honestly, sometimes I wonder how people manage to tie their shoes after seeing all of the shoddy mask wearing.

I’m still feeling down about this election, there is no good reason that it should have been this close. Also, I don’t know what Americans think will happen come January 1 if Biden takes it. Unicorns are going to rain down from the sky, everyone will be showered with abundance & humanity, racism will cease to exist, world peace? He’s been a career politician & arguably part of the problem for a long time, I’m actually more interested in what Harris will bring to the table – it’s too bad that the dems didn’t give her the nomination. I often times forget that Pence even exists πŸ˜€ BoJo is still prime minister so at least we’ll be the lesser joke of the first world nations. Sometimes I miss Bush, I thought he was a complete doofus but at least he was good for a laugh, now it’s just sad. You know who should run for president? Ben Nighthorse Campbell, his political career is fascinating. I think it would take a moderate candidate who could run on either ticket & win to bring Americans back together. It’s exciting sometimes to see these outsiders come in with new, wild ideas but they fail to work across party lines and are mostly ineffective. I’m unsure of what the freshman class of representatives has accomplished these last 4 years aside from spending a lot of time on social media…

On a brighter note, I am glad to see that retailers are getting creative with Black Friday & offering deals early to prevent crowds. I really never understood why they would bank on one shopping day at the end of Q4 to make their profit margins. I’ve been doing a little toy shopping for the kids in my life, it’s my favorite part of the year. Have you seen these LOL dolls? My mother would not approve but I find them adorable, I’m also in my 30’s so perhaps they are not kid appropriate? Let me know your thoughts on that, I kind of want one for myself.

Veterans Day is next Wednesday, we are randomly closed. I’ve never understood why non-veterans get the day off. Just let veterans have the day off, I think that would be more appropriate.

I hope that you have a wonderful day & lovely weekend, thanks for reading πŸ€πŸ’™β€οΈ

Blogtober Day 27: Dressed to Kill (1980)


De Palma does Hitchcock in this thriller from 1980 starring a very foxy Michael Caine, stunning Angie Dickinson and a fresh-faced Nancy Allen. A housewife’s (Dickinson) lunch time tryst turns deadly when she is slashed to death leaving her mysterious lover’s apartment. Liz Blake (Allen) witnesses the aftermath of the gory murder and catches a glimpse of the statuesque, blonde murderess fleeing the scene with a straight razor. Michael Caine plays Dr. Robert Elliott, who was Dickinson’s therapist whom she tried to seduce prior to her untimely death and who has a former patient named Bobbi who becomes the main suspect for the murder. Peter, son of the victim, teams up with Liz who is apparently a sex-worker (I didn’t realize this until the 20th or so time that I had watched this film) team up to track down Bobbi and solve the murder. We find out that Bobbi is angry with Dr. Elliott for not approving her gender reassignment surgery and could be using this as a reason to kill off his patients. Liz and Peter concoct a plan where Liz tries to seduce the good doctor but this man is not easily seduced. While Liz is stripped down to her lingerie and digging through his Rolodex trying to get information on Bobbi, Dr. Elliott is in the back throwing on a wig and sharpening his straight razor. Yup, he turns out to be Bobbi, another shocking reveal! He attempts to murder Liz but is thwarted by Peter who bursts in and maces him.


This film is visually stunning, from the atmosphere to the costumes – it is a delight for the eyes. The cast is brilliant and the plot, while it doesn’t totally make sense, keeps you guessing until the end 🧑

Blogtober Day 25: Best of Treehouse of Horror


I saw this Britney Broski meme & it was choosing between a new television show or rewatching a comfort show. I’m a comfort show person all the way & The Simpsons are my ultimate pick. The Simpsons have been on television a loooooooong time, too long in my opinion. I stopped watching them probably 10 or so seasons ago, aside from their annual Halloween Treehouse of Horror specials. I remember waiting patiently each year to watch these as a kid and getting screwed a few times because of that pesky mountain time. Those were the days when you actually had to be physically home at the time  your favorite show aired to watch it. If you aren’t familiar with these episodes please leave there are three horror stories, that sometimes parody well-known horror films or are otherwise just creepy stories. These are the episodes that I appreciate the most. I am doing these by air date since I own the actual seasons of only Treehouse of Horror episodes so I’m unsure of where they fall in the regular seasons and I’m lazy.

Pieces NFI Regular

Hands down my favorite episode – it has everything from Satan to der vampyr. In the first story, Homer sells his soul to Satan (played by Ned Flanders) for a donut. Bart is terrorized by a gremlin trying to wreck the school bus in the second story and Mr. Burns plays Dracula with wig a la Bram Stoker’s Dracula for the conclusion. There isn’t a bad story in this episode which isn’t always the case.

Pieces NFI Regular

This one parodies I Know What You Did Last Summer with a twist that was just as ridiculous as the original movie ending. It has a weak filler story about Bart and Lisa acquiring superhuman powers but ends on a strong note with Homer failing to prepare the plant’s computers for Y2K and causing the crash of the technological world. Remember when we all thought that the world was going to end because computers couldn’t compute zeroes? Good times.

Pieces NFI Regular

Homer goes insane in The Shinning, then travels back in time in an attempt to fix a toaster and Springfield Elementary cafeteria starts eating misbehaving children. I think  this episode has the most comical Marge line of any episode, when Bart and Lisa try convincing her that they are going to be eaten she responds with; Kids, you’re 8 & 10 years old, I can’t keep fighting all of your battles for you. Classic parent response.

Pieces NFI Regular

Homer is attacked by an evil Krusty the Clown Doll, the middle episode story is a lame King Kong parody and ends with Lisa turning the residents of Springfield into zombies while trying to bring her cat back to life. I also love that this episode takes place during a Halloween party at the Simpson’s’ house and Bart is rocking the classic A Clockwork Orange costume.

Pieces NFI Regular

This one starts out strong with the Simpsons moving into a haunted house that just so happens to be on the site of an ancient burial ground. The second story is lame, something to do with aliens overfeeding them but not wanting to eat them…? And finishes with a parody of Poe’s The Raven narrated by James Earl Jones.

The Raven

There are so many good ones but these are classic introductions to these specials. I think the only reason I will be sad to see The Simpsons retire from television is that there won’t be anymore Treehouse of Horror episodes. Did you watch these as a kid? Let me know what your favorite episodes are 🧑

Blogtober Day 23: Mary Reilly


This movie was bizarre, not just with a capital B – all caps, underlined, exclamation point. We are all familiar with the Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde story – I’ve been banging on about it for the last two days. I decided that I wanted to watch a couple of newer film adaptations & stumbled upon Mary Reilly (1996) starring Julia Roberts as Mary & John Malkovich as Jekyll & Hyde. This was a freak show from start to finish.

Mary is Jekyll’s maid who might be Welsh or possibly Irish… I’ll just say that Roberts’ talents don’t include accents. It’s obvious that she has experienced something particularly traumatic in her life & the doctor is curious about Mary. He presses her on how she received various bite marks on her arms & neck. Eventually, Mary tells the doctor that her father let a rat chew her up as punishment for breaking a tea cup. After that, her mother put her into service & she never saw her parents again. It’s close to this point that Jekyll informs his staff that he is taking an assistant who will have the run of the house. Mary has noticed odd things about the doctor’s coming & goings but nothing terribly alarming.

One evening though Jekyll sends Mary on an errand to see a Mrs. Farraday who obviously runs a brothel. He requests that Farraday accommodate Hyde in her boarding rooms which she agrees to. Shortly thereafter, Mary is awoken by the crying of a girl & when she sneaks into the doctor’s study sees a note for Blood Money. She starts to suspect something is wrong with the doctor but she has yet to encounter the elusive Hyde.

Jekyll dispatches Mary once again to Farraday’s with a note but this time she’s much less benevolent. It is clear that Hyde murdered one of the girls at the brothel & Farraday is asked to keep it hushed up. From here on, Mary encounters Hyde a number of times even accompanying him to a meat market for the doctor. Malkovich does a tremendous job of altering his mannerisms just enough to appear as two completely different personalities. Even so, the house staff start to suspect there’s something not quite right going on. He tends to go in & out of character around Mary in particular & she starts covering for his odd behavior at times.

Eventually, Farraday comes to collect more hush money from the good doctor & Hyde murders her. As if things weren’t weird enough, Mary’s mother dies & she encounters her father at her funeral. On her way home, Mary encounters Hyde running from the police after committing yet another murder. He kisses Mary & says she will never see him again.

Cue downward spiral, running out of the secret chemicals & death by poisoning. This time though, Jekyll manages to revert back to himself only to find that Hyde laced the antidote with poison thus killing them both. Mary witnesses the final transformation affirming what she had already mostly concluded.

This film was…off-putting. From the dank atmosphere to the the tragedy of Mary, it really was horrific. I didn’t enjoy the addition of a love story to the original plot. I think what made this so bizarre was that it was really a love triangle. Mary was infatuated with Jekyll & he obviously had some feelings for her but could only express this when he was Hyde who was abhorrent. Glenn Close as Farraday was brilliant even if her character had very little screen time. I just didn’t care for Roberts’ performance, she was overly snivelly & that accent…

Have you seen this one? It was certainly unique 🧑

Blogtober Day 2: A Halloween Memory


I have always been a Halloween fiend, even as a kid it was my favorite holiday. As an adult, I can appreciate different aspects of most holidays (except Thanksgiving) but my love for Halloween has only grown. Growing up in a rural area made Halloween even more magical; we would meet up with friends in town, parents felt safe enough to let us out trick or treating on our own & since we all had to drive so far to get together it almost always ended with a sleep over. We still got to have Halloween parties at school where we could come in costume & have a parade in the gymnasium and we could still pass out homemade treats. I think that growing up in the late 90’s just made it better too – does anyone remember all of the awesome Halloween commercials that retailers would air? Or the television specials that I always seemed to miss because I couldn’t quite figure out the mountain time conversion πŸ˜› Now, my mother being very religious & believing that all literature aside from the Bible was witchcraft didn’t love Halloween & our costume choices were severely limited. I had a rotation: cat, clown, Ariel (with a turtle neck underneath) and Raggedy Ann which was my mom’s favorite and my least favorite – she really capitalized on being able to use my red hair as part of the costume.

Of all the fantastic Halloweens that I had as child, the most vivid memory that I can recall is the year that I got the stomach flu. I was a cat that year, not just any cat – a calico one, mostly because I had to use these ugly brown leggings for my costume so I associated them with calico cats. We were also dirt poor so costumes were whatever we could make from what we already owned & how creative we could get with face paint. I was pretty pleased with my calico cat costume, even with the shit brown leggings – my oldest sister was great with face makeup & it really came together. I sailed through the Halloween party, I recall bringing cheese & crackers because my mother was also anti-candy. I was feeling great, I had my sleepover stuff in my cubby hole, my trick or treating pillowcase ready to go & could not wait for the festivities to commence. So, we’re all sitting out on the curb waiting for someone’s parents to come & get us when it hit me, I felt hot & sweaty, a little dizzy then I puked right into my pillowcase that was supposed to be filled with candy & other assorted treats from the evening’s plunder. This was pre-cell phones so when my friend’s mother arrived, I was stretched out in the back of the mini van & carted to their home where we called my parents to come pick me up. It was mortifying, I cried (and puked) all the way home. I was put to bed, when I woke up – the best day of the year was well and truly over. Of all the Halloween memories, I don’t know why this one had such an impact – maybe it’s because that was the most violent bout of stomach flu I’ve ever had πŸ˜› In fact, I am not sure that I have had the stomach flu or regular flu since & that is just fine with me.

What’s your most memorable Halloween – hopefully better than mine 🧑

Pieces NFI Regular

Tonight’s recommendation is Sleepy Hollow (1999) a Tim Burton creation with some of my all time favorites actors. Ichabod Crane is sent to Sleepy Hollow to investigate a series of gruesome decapitations attributed to a supernatural headless horseman. This is probably my favorite Johnny Depp character, I just love his quirky depiction of someone I grew up imagining as dopey & homely. The costumes are a delight & it’s just an overall fun twist on an old classic. This is probably one of the very few modern horror movies that I love each time that I watch it.