It’s a Fall Tag!


It’s fall-la-la-la-la-la-la-la…I will see myself out 😛 Seriously though, I think it’s here – the inaugural apple crisp came out of the oven this morning & I think the heat might have to be turned on tonight. I’m feeling cozy & thought it would be fun to do tag! Does anyone still do tags, I feel as though I ask that each time I do a tag…

Halloge Regular

Apple cider with a shot of coconut milk and caramel drizzle. Caribou has a really tasty apple cider but if you get it with almond milk it just isn’t quite the same – still good though. They also offer it all year round so if you are feeling fall’ish in July, you can indulge in this treat.

Halloge Regular

I particularly love the smell of fall, it’s crisp & clean unlike spring/summer that often smell like manure. Also, I don’t have any fall allergies which is really nice since this means I can enjoy the scent of fall with full ability to breath through both nostrils. I also prefer fall fashion to any other season, sweaters, boots, tights & you can wear these just for fun (not because you’re freezing).

Halloge Regular

Anything with oranges, cloves, vanilla – I saw this recipe to make your home smell like Williams Sonoma & love simmering that on the stove when I am cleaning. I don’t purchase a lot of candles any more but if I do, the Woodwick Bonfire Nights is one that I will splurge on.

Halloge Regular

Probably apple, the texture of pumpkin pie weirds me out but I do like the flavor. Thinking about it now seems odd since I really like sweet potato pie & the texture is similar but just different enough. Does any of this make sense? Do food textures bother anyone else?

Halloge Regular

I’m not worrying too much about makeup these days but a recent discovery that I have been loving & wearing almost every time I wear makeup are the Laura Mercier Caviar Sticks – they are so good for a quick, polished eye look.

Halloge Regular

I don’t think they are traditions as much as they are just things that I enjoy doing during fall. I like going to the Farmers Market, visiting an orchard or two, getting the flannel sheets out…things like that. Overall, I am just not a traditions person – I think it’s a nice idea but I don’t have any that come to mind.

Halloge Regular

Absolutely Halloween! I know that people really love Thanksgiving, I know some Thanksgiving enthusiasts but I don’t get it. I like the extra days off from work but that’s about it. And the potatoes, I look forward to all of the potato recipes that accompany Thanksgiving feasts.

Halloge Regular

The first year I moved to Minnesota, it rained all fall – at least it seemed that way & I was really down about it. I graduated from a very old university with very old dorms that were drafty & damp – I hated it but I spent a lot of time in the library & those are my best memories of college. To this day, I like to sit inside with lamps on & read books or bake.

Halloge Regular

Chili, homemade bread, waffles – all foods that I associate with fall. Pumpkin chili is something that I have recently started making & it’s so good. What’s your go-to chili recipe? Ohhh, cornbread too – I love cornbread.

Halloge Regular

What are anyone’s plans for Halloween?! We were already told by building management that trick-or-treating is not allowed so I won’t be making treat bags as usual. I think this will truly be the end of trick-or-treating all around. Haunted houses won’t be open…I don’t know what my plans are – probably sitting at home watching old Halloween specials.

That’s it – I hope that you enjoyed this tag, let me know what you are up to this fall. Are you planning anything for Halloween or sitting it out this year? Happy fall 🖤

Blogmas Day 11: A Vintage Recipe

Blogmas - 2019

A little background here, my parents were a lot older than most other kids’ parents in my age group. Growing up, we ate a lot of stuff that was seemingly from the Great Depression era, I don’t know why. Ham salad, aspic, chicken a la king, clam dip and the topic of today’s post, ambrosia salad or marshmallow salad since the kids wouldn’t eat whatever the hell ambrosia was. I have not eaten this in years and probably won’t be any time soon but here’s everything you’ll need to make this unique holiday treat.

Amilya Regular

  • 1 pint heavy whipping cream
  • 2 cups shredded coconut
  • 1/4 cup crushed walnuts
  • 1 cups grapes, halved, green work best
  • 1 small jar of maraschino cherries, drained
  • 8 ounce can of crushed pineapple, drained
  • 8 ounce can of mandarin oranges, drained
  • 2 chopped fresh bananas
  • 1 standard size bag of mini marshmallows
  • Chopped walnuts for topping, optional

I’m sure that using pre-whipped cream is also fine but my mom always used heavy whipping cream. She would beat the entire pint but only folded in enough to evenly coat all of the ingredients. The leftover would be set aside for pie topping, the heavy cream is probably the hardest part. All of the other ingredients can just be put into a big mixing bowl and folded together as you add the whipped cream. The acid in the pineapple doesn’t play well with the marshmallows so this salad requires eating almost immediately – it’s not a dessert, just slap it on the plate with everything else. In fact, by the time you get to dessert, the leftover fruits and nuts will just be floating in a pool of melted marshmallows and wilted whipping cream. I really liked walnuts as a kid but none of my siblings did so my mom only added a little bit to the salad and then had some additional for topping, I would just throw all of the walnuts right into the salad if you like them. It wasn’t Christmas without marshmallow salad and I think some of the kids even still make it for posterity’s sake but I can’t say that anyone really likes it. It’s a difficult flavor to describe and the texture is bizarre, definitely worth trying at least once in your lifetime though 🙂

Let me know what recipes you remember from your childhood. Do you still make them?


Another Fall Tag P. II


Are ya’ll ready for Christmas yet? I think Mall of America decorates the first week of November and I am really looking forward to it this year. There is a local restaurant that I am dying to check out, they have decorated the entire establishment in 50’s holiday kitsch and changed their menu with all kinds of retro recipes. Now, the 50’s weren’t good to the vegans but I still want to check out the decorations. I feel as though, November is really just pre-December, aren’t we all skipping past Thanksgiving and getting ready for Christmas? Maybe that’s why I feel that fall goes so fast, I skip right over November anyway 😛 This will be my last tag post for the season and then I’ll do some favorites or recipes or something.

Shelldon Regular

Turtlenecks and the corduroy this year are blowing my mind! I saw the chicest pair of corduroy culottes at Zara recently and wanted them desperately but since I am 5 foot nothing, they just looked like really wide-legged pants on me.

Shelldon Regular

The same music I listen to year round, I don’t really have seasonal playlists.

Shelldon Regular

Neither, I have these headband/ear warmer things that I wear. Yes, I know that all of the heat is leaving off the top of my head up I can’t stand hats.

Shelldon Regular

Relief, in the boujee suburb that I work, the residents are waging a war on geese. I won’t get into it but the methods to control the population are cruel. Then, what’s even more hilarious is that the same people complaining about the geese want the coyotes removed. Not realizing the if nature was allowed to take its course, the coyotes would pick the geese off, naturally controlling the population and wouldn’t be wandering the neighborhoods looking for food. When I see the geese leaving, I feel tremendous relief that they will survive another season without Yoga Pants Betty and Patagonia Vest Steve murdering them.

Shelldon Regular

Usually but I also have to clean my oven and there is nothing I detest more than having to clean the oven. I hate the smell of oven cleaner and I’ve used various other cleaning solutions on it but they don’t work as well. It’s a disgusting job, I hate it and so I have not baked anything yet this year. Plus, the first batch of anything after you clean the oven tastes like poison.

Shelldon Regular

Soups of any kinds, roasted brussel sprouts, mac & cheese.

Shelldon Regular

Yes, any time of year. I’m reading a really good book right now about the most haunted city in the South – it’s so good.

Shelldon Regular

Probably candles but closer to Christmas, I will have both out.

Shelldon Regular

Nope, Halloween then straight to Christmas.

Shelldon Regular

So, here’s the deal – do you recall things tasting more intense when you were a child or at least up to like you turned 25? My favorite tea used to be cinnamon and cardamom, like the most intense, spicy flavor – I had a cup a couple of weeks ago and it was so weak! It was a new bag too, I’m so disappointed. Anyway, the store where I purchase my loose teas had some other fall’ish flavors and I will give them a whirl but I’m disappointed. Is this aging? Everything tastes bland so you just stop eating.

Shelldon Regular

Yes, but not the fun, plaid-wearing version. I’ve had to harvest pumpkins before and it’s a nightmare. You feel like you got hit by a truck the next day and for many days after. I prefer strolling into the grocery store and purchasing pumpkins that someone else harvested. It’s all fun and games until you have to pick 500 pumpkins.

Shelldon Regular

Pumpkin chili or pumpkin breads are my favourite.

Shelldon Regular

Karma Kream.

Shelldon Regular

Whichever one most hides the fact that my lips are chapped.

Shelldon Regular

Apple, pumpkin pie always reminds me of baby food in a crust. Gag.

Shelldon Regular

And all at once, summer collapsed into fall. – Oscar Wilde

For me, fall has always happened in an instant when you step outside and the air isn’t thick and stagnant anymore, the birds are quiet, you feel a collective urgency as all the creatures start preparing for winter – it’s like someone snapped a finger and it’s finally fall.

That’s it – I hope you enjoyed, what fall things have you been up to recently? And be honest, are you already preparing for Christmas 😛


March Happenings


Everyone is seemingly of the opinion that January is a long schlep of an uneventful month but March is that month for me. It’s still kinda winter, nobody knows what to wear, produce is terrible. I’m glad to see the end of it, I’ve been gone for a bit so let’s have a catch-up!

My new car is still the main event of this past month. I definitely like it and am happy to report that I sold the Mazda to someone who seemed excited to fix it. I think it will ride again 😭

I think that I found the most amazing burger replacement ever. I picked up these Beyond Meat patties randomly even though I’m not big into meat replacements and I’m so glad I did! They have a grilled flavor to them and the texture is perfect, not at all like a mashed bean patty. I definitely recommend!

I didn’t read a single book in March and I blame Desperate Housewives and BuzzFeed Unsolved for my lack of reading time. I do plan to read more in April but if the weather gets really good, I might whiff again 😝

Lent has been trying and we’re not even half-way through, I’m not having trouble sticking to my penitence but I’m getting burnt out on going to mass. I think I’m the only person under 60 at my church, where are all of the hot Irish Catholic guys?! It doesn’t bother me when I’m only going once a week but when it’s three times a week, I want some eye candy! I don’t think that’s too much to ask.

Not much else to report, our busy season is ramping up at work but I have some fun excursions scheduled in the coming months. How was your month, what did you get up to?


Vegan Things I Can’t Even

Sustainable Living

March 1 marks two months since I jumped on the vegan train and I’ve mostly been loving it. As with anything though, there are some aspects of the vegan lifestyle that I just can’t get into. There are things I wouldn’t eat prior to my lifestyle change like caviar, frog’s legs or quail eggs – there are odd delicacies in any diet, plant-based being no exception. I don’t care how nutritious these items are, I just can’t even.

Nutritional Yeast – This deactivated yeast was a staple of my childhood nightmares. My dad used it as a popcorn topping and I’d forgotten about it until I needed it for a recipe recently. Once I cracked the seal, all of those years of foot popcorn came flooding back. Yack. Apparently it’s a staple ingredient in cheese substitutes which probably explains my aversion to them 😭

Black Bean & Most Plant Based Burgers – Now, I’ve tried some good ones but the vast majority of these burger substitutes have total gag-worthy texture.

Tofu Hotdogs – Another delicacy from my youth, tofu pressed into any unnatural shape is off-putting. It tastes delicious without having to masquerade as something else.

Cheese’ – Vegan cheese is literally the worst, how does it smell 100 times more like cheese than actual cheese?!

Kombucha – I don’t think this a vegan thing as much as it is an everyone’s lost their fucking minds thing. My first kombucha experience, I ended up with all the globs of fungus coming in the first swallow 🤢 Just gagged a little thinking about it.

Eggs – I’ve tried one soy egg product that was amazing and one that was just what you’d think soy eggs would be like. I’m steering clear for now, the good ones are incredibly hard to find.

Toona – Mostly because this plant-based tuna tastes like an old folks’ home smells – don’t act like you don’t know what that means 😝

There are loads of delicious recipes and vegan treats available, I find that I just don’t like the ones that are trying to imitate something else. I much prefer hodge podges of veggies and legumes to any processed stuff but it’s all about personal taste. Let me know what food aversions you have.


February Favorites


Before we get into the handful of favorite products that I have, has anyone tried Lularoe leggings? What’s the tea? Are they good quality? I’m down to my last couple pairs of workout leggings and need some that will hold up. Let me know!

My first favorites are these Blush Bomb liquid blushes from Flower Beauty. I’ve become more cognizant of fine lines which tends to happen when my skin is dry, I’ve been trying to use more cream products. These are awesome, super easy to use, I just press them on with a damp sponge and done.

Continuing with the anti-aging theme, I’ve not been wearing foundation and opting for this Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream instead. It doesn’t have a ton of coverage but enough to even my skin out. It’s very lightweight and doesn’t emphasize anything or settle in creases.

These are naked cleansing balms from Lush in Jade Roller and Tea-Totaler. I think they’re pretty new and are basically solid cleansing oils. Once you start to work them into your skin, they soften up. They remove makeup really well, smell lovely and are totally package free.

This cream shadow from Charlotte Tilbury is all I’ve been wearing on my eyes since getting my new lashes. It’s so creamy and long-wearing, I love that it has the appearance of being a whole eye look but it’s one shadow. I don’t know what the shade is because I’ve probably had it for too long and the label wore off 😂

I’ve tried Schmidt’s deodorant before and didn’t love it. I gave it another shot because my psoriasis has been real bad on my underarms lately. Applying deodorant over broken skin is the worst and you aren’t supposed to do it anyway. I grabbed this out of desperation, this flavor is really good! I don’t think it feels nearly as wet as other ones I’ve tried and it doesn’t burn my irritated skin.

Already raved about it, still loving Karma Kream and waiting for a bigger tub!

Let me know what your you were loving this month, have you tried any of these?


A Week’s Review


What an odd week, I thought Wednesday was Monday which should have been a pleasant surprise when I was actually two days ahead but it pretty much set the tone for the rest of the week. Let’s get to the shit part, I missed Elton John – the fact that I had two tickets to a once in a lifetime show totally slipped my mind because I was helping someone else deal with life bullshit. I cannot express how sick and tired I am of putting someone else’s needs and wants before my own and getting burned. I feel like every friendship or relationship that I find myself in, I’m giving and giving and getting nothing. Is it really anyone’s fault? No, I should have written it down but one would think they’d remember that they had tickets to fucking Elton John. I’m still so bummed.

I started doing pilates on Monday, I’ve taken the same yoga class for years and was feeling a bit bored so I swapped my classes. I don’t know if I love it, the yoga class had a more chill vibe and the pilates group makes me feel a little old and off trend. I’ll give it a couple more weeks, I like that I am sore in new places, I think I was getting a little complacent with yoga.

I found a new favorite recipe that is super easy for week nights and makes a ton of food so that I can take it for lunch too. It’s just an enchilada type bake, I botched the first batch because I only had red quinoa on-hand and there’s definitely a distinct difference in flavor. I found it surprisingly hard to find a vegan enchilada sauce but ended up really loving the brand that I found. I’ve been reading a lot about intuitive eating, it’s all about rejecting diet culture and it’s supposed to be a good approach for dealing with eating disorders. Even though I don’t actively have an eating disorder, food is always on my mind and I find myself dieting or restricting my diet out of habit. This approach is all about eating when you’re hungry, eating what you want and stopping when you’re full – which seems so simple but also feels like I am relinquishing control.

We have so much snow! I love snow, everyone seems to be a bit done with it and even I am going to punch the next person who tells me that March is the snowiest month right in the face but it really is lovely. A co-worker got to yakking about Arizona being the best place to live and I was reminded of how much I love the southwest and got a little home sick. I love Minnesota winters and loathe the summers here, I prefer a dry heat – is there a perfect climate, honestly.

Now I am going to take a 27-hour nap, listen to some Agatha Christie and not leave my apartment until Monday 😛 What’s new in your world?