On The 23rd Day of Blogmas: A Christmas Eve, Eve Snowstorm โ„


Dear Santa, I specifically requested an idyllic dusting, not a blizzard…

It’s a real barn burner out there; ice, snow, wind gusts of up to 50 miles per hour, no visibility. Lucky for me, I made it home just as the temperatures dropped & everything was coated in ice. I’m delighted to have a white Christmas but it’s a mess out there. Barring any unforeseen emergencies, I don’t have to be anywhere until Saturday & that is just fine by me. I have books to read, cabinets to organize & skincare to indulge in ๐Ÿ˜Š

First, I’ve ordered a number of airtight plastic bins to put all of my grains, bulk items & kitchen staples in. My kitchen cabinets aren’t terrible but I’ve been wanting to do this for some time & can finally get started.

Next, I have three books that I’d like to read before I go back to work. I’m about half way through Wundersmith, the second Morrigan Crow book & it’s good but I keep falling asleep reading. Nothing against the book, I’m just tired all of the time ๐Ÿ˜‚ I also have The Deep by Alma Katsu, author of The Hunger which was one of my favorite reads last year. It was sci-fi/horror meets the Donner Party. Her newest book is another twist on a historical event, this time the sinking of the Titanic. Lastly, Ghosts of the Tsunami is on my list, this chronicles the tragic aftermath of the 2011 tsunami.

Finally to the skincare indulgence, though I said I would not be purchasing any new skincare I did pick up some new products ๐Ÿ˜‚ In my defense, I had a coupon.

I’m sure there will be too much coffee drinking & junk television as well. If you have travel plans this weekend, be careful โ„

Blogtober Day 8: Fall Reading List


I’ve been slacking on my reading because: Vine. Have we talked about how I only recently discovered Vine & I’m obsessed. My head is packed with Vine content & I’m not ashamed, well, maybe a tad. Shout out to all of the people out there doing god’s work & supplying me with endless hours of Vine compilations. Seeing Ted Cruz being heckled with Zodiac Killer accusations will never get old. I’m sure that he is real over it at this point but it makes me cackle like a maniac. But seriously, I need to at least read a couple of books this month ๐Ÿ™‚

Autumn Killing: Mons Kallentoft – I have read part of this book before, the plot is good but for some reason I just can’t seem to finish it – this is the year. This is the third book in the Malin Fors book series, I believe it is considered a Nordic Noir. When a body is found floating in the moat of a very posh estate, a family’s dark deeds spanning lifetimes are uncovered. The atmosphere is very ooky-spooky & I like Malin Fors as the tortured, burnt out DC who is also brilliant at solving complicated cases. My goal is to finally finish this one, I know that once I get into it I will fly through it.

Nevermoor: The Trials of Morrigan Crow – I’ve heard that this series is almost as good as Harry Potter. Aside from that, it sounds fascinating – Morrigan Crow is destined to die on her eleventh birthday but somehow escapes her fate with the help of Jupiter North. I think it’s a YA novel but I’m always game for a fun read now & again.

The Witches: Roald Dahl – Have I read this book at least a million times? Yes. Am I going to read it again so that I am primed for the release of the new adaption. Absolutely. I’m so excited for this film, it looks like such a fun, modern version of this already beloved classic.

Empire of the Wild: Cherie Dimaline – Another YA novel but listen, apparently this is the only genre cranking out spooky books! I’m most interested in this because it centers around a Canadian Metis legend of a werewolf’esque being called the Rogarou.

October is quickly slipping away but I think this a good, fun list of books to get through this month. I also want to get a copy of Katya & Trixie’s book but I don’t know if that is a book that one truly reads ๐Ÿ˜€ Do you have any spooky book recommendations? No Dan Koontz, he’s a lot for me even being a horror fanatic ๐Ÿ˜›


Pieces NFI Regular

Misery (1990) Popular novelist, Paul Sheldon is rescued from a car crash by his biggest fan, Annie Wilkes. Wilkes promises to nurse him back to health but not before inflicting physical & psychological wounds that he may never recover from.

October To be Read!


Admittedly, this list may be a little ambitious but this is the time of year that I love getting into bed and cracking into a new (e)book. I have to say that using the Kindle doesn’t feel nearly as cozy as an actual book but it sure is easier on the eyes. I don’t know if having millions of books right at my finger tips is a good or bad thing though ๐Ÿ™‚

We Should All be Mirandas byย Chelsea Fairless and Lauren Garroni:

Little known fact, I am a hugeย Sex & the City fan, Carrie was my least favorite and in my opinion, pathetic character throughout the entire series. Miranda was hands down my favorite character and not just because she’s a fellow ginger. She was independent, successful, didn’t need a man but still chic, classy, feminine – I just adored her. I am excited to see her star in a book all of her own and can’t wait to read it.


I Love the Bones of Youย by Christopher Eccleston:

The most underrated and overlooked Doctor, in my opinion. A fantastic actor all-around and looking forward to learning more about him.


The Nannyย by Gilly Macmillan:

Did the nanny just up and leave or did she get murdered?

The Nanny

Empire of the Summer Moon by S.C. Gwynne

This could be cheating, I’m already half-way through this book and it is pretty brutal. I don’t read a lot of Native American History books written by Caucasians, I find them less interesting but Sam Gwynne is a fantastic journalist and author who really does his research.ย  This book chronicles the decades long war between the Comanche Tribe and settlers.

Summer Moon

Inside Out: A Memoirย by Demi Moore:

Who doesn’t want to read this one?! Again, not a celebrity that I know a lot about but have always watched and enjoyed in films and interested to know more about!

Inside Out

So, I mean, that’s only one book each weekend ๐Ÿ˜› Have you read any of these, what’s on your list?


March Happenings


Everyone is seemingly of the opinion that January is a long schlep of an uneventful month but March is that month for me. It’s still kinda winter, nobody knows what to wear, produce is terrible. I’m glad to see the end of it, I’ve been gone for a bit so let’s have a catch-up!

My new car is still the main event of this past month. I definitely like it and am happy to report that I sold the Mazda to someone who seemed excited to fix it. I think it will ride again ๐Ÿ˜ญ

I think that I found the most amazing burger replacement ever. I picked up these Beyond Meat patties randomly even though I’m not big into meat replacements and I’m so glad I did! They have a grilled flavor to them and the texture is perfect, not at all like a mashed bean patty. I definitely recommend!

I didn’t read a single book in March and I blame Desperate Housewives and BuzzFeed Unsolved for my lack of reading time. I do plan to read more in April but if the weather gets really good, I might whiff again ๐Ÿ˜

Lent has been trying and we’re not even half-way through, I’m not having trouble sticking to my penitence but I’m getting burnt out on going to mass. I think I’m the only person under 60 at my church, where are all of the hot Irish Catholic guys?! It doesn’t bother me when I’m only going once a week but when it’s three times a week, I want some eye candy! I don’t think that’s too much to ask.

Not much else to report, our busy season is ramping up at work but I have some fun excursions scheduled in the coming months. How was your month, what did you get up to?


The Lost Man: A Teaser


Jane Harper’s first standalone was an intense slow burn of a thriller set in the striking vastness of the outback. When I found out that this was no an Aaron Falk case, I was a bit disappointed but the characters in this novel were equally as endearing with their character flaws, secrets and histories – none more so than the man found dead of dehydration only feet away from the safety of his vehicle at the very start of the book.


Cameron Bright is a father of two with a beautiful wife, prosperous land and seemingly the best put together of the three Bright brothers. When his older brother Nathan starts to dig deeper into the mysterious death, events from the past and the secret life of Cameron starts to unravel. On the whole, the family is shocked at the unexpected death and can’t fathom what would drive a man to walk out into the desert to his demise. There are members of the household that hint at Cameron’s unstable mental state in the days leading up to his disappearance but there are whispers of something more sinister when a woman who accused Cam of taking advantage of her in their youth makes mysterious phone calls to the house. She wasn’t believed at the time but as the adults who were there start to recount the story, we find out that there are those who did believe her and suspect that Cam’s father drove the girl out of town.

With the police reaching the conclusion that it was a suicide, Nathan, the black sheep of the family who lives in exile starts to dig into who Cam really was as an adult and what secrets his wife and kids might be keeping. It’s pretty clear from the start that he knows that his brother has demons, having been raised in an abusive household and starts to wonder just how stable he really is. What he uncovers is a history of domestic abuse, a wife with an exit plan, adultery and a murder that was committed for love.

What I love about Harper’s books is the atmosphere, being set in an environment as hostile as the outback further augments the intensity and mystery of the story-line as you never know what’s hiding out there. You could fall victim to a killer on the loose or simply getting a flat tire and getting stranded in the elements. The setting creates an urgency that can’t be sated. Her books make me want to immediately experience the vast wilderness of the outback while also never, ever setting foot there at the same time. I could not stop listening to this book, I finished it over the course of two days and was so shocked by the ending that I had to go back and listen to it a second time to see if I missed anything. Even though this is a standalone, there are some references to her debut novel The Dry that I felt were very clever and helped to flesh out some of the character’s stories. It’s a fantastic book, the ending was tragic and unsettling but poetic in its own right. I’m sure that the book is just as good read but if you have a chance to listen to the audio version, Stephen Shanahan is awesome. I loved it, I will listen to it again and again. Have you read any of Harper’s novels? What’s your fave? I think mine is The Dry followed by this one with Force of Nature coming in last but still being very good!