Blogtober Day 12: Favorite (Spooky) Podcasts


In 2020, just about anyone can have a podcast regardless of whether they have anything compelling to offer society (Trisha Paytas). In addition to this, just about everyone has some type of true crime podcast & they aren’t all winners. I think this is such a tough category because it’s equal parts doing the research & being a good storyteller. Anyone can regurgitate a bunch of facts but these podcasters have mastered the art of telling a heart stopping story.

Southern Fried True Crime: This podcast exclusively focuses on true crime tales from the deep south. It’s not for the faint of heart, many of the stories are incredibly gruesome even for true crime. Erica Kelly delivers the facts & human side of these tragedies in her charming southern drawl. The cases that are directly tied to the aftermath of Katrina fascinate me the most. When you are so far removed from an event like that it is easy to think that things just go back to normal after the clean up but that’s not the case for locals left rebuilding their lives. Brothels, corrupt police, crimes of passion – this one has everything.

Serial: I’m sure that everyone has listened to this one after their deep dive into the Adnan Syed trial in the first season, The second season was a bit different as the subject matter wasn’t necessarily traditional true crime but still very good. I like the format of this podcast, the research that is dedicated to each segment is incredible, I was hooked from the start. I have not yet listened to season three but will soon. I’m not interested in their new podcast Nice White Parents, as a teacher, I don’t want to hear about public education reform from someone who hasn’t been a teacher. And that’s on period ๐Ÿ˜›

Coast to Coast AM: Is this really a podcast, no but it’s a pretty fantastic radio call in show even though it is a bit hokey ๐Ÿ˜€ I love the host, the bizarre callers, the fact that it’s live at 1 AM pretty much everything about this one is right up my alley. If you aren’t up at 1 AM, you can catch the show recordings on their website & Spotify but there is something extra spooky about listening to the show live.

Death in the Afternoon: Brought to you by my favorite mortician, Caitlin Doughty (Ask a Mortician) this podcast touches on human mortality in a not sad way. They discuss a lot of topics around death & answer questions that one may not admit to having a morbid curiosity about. I’m not sure if the podcast is just on hiatus but I need some new episodes! Luckily, Doughty also has a YouTube channel where she talks about similar topics, historical tragedies & some current events.

Up & Vanished: Missing persons cases are some of the most compelling, it’s hard to imagine how someone can just go missing. Payne Lindsey does a fantastic job analyzing and discussing both famous & more obscure missing persons cases. It’s in a similar format to Serial, numerous episodes are related to one case which allows for detailed accounts from witnesses, family members & people who worked the cases. I’m not crazy about his voice at times, it’s very blockbuster narrator – THIS SUMMER, ONE MAN…he mellows as the seasons progress ๐Ÿ˜€ While Lindsey started as an amateur podcaster, he is a pro television personality & director, his ability to get insider info is crazy. It’s fascinating to hear details from the police & detectives who worked these cases, how they’ve never stopped working the cases & the passion they have for finding out what happened to these individuals. Lindsey has a new collaborative podcast coming out soon, Dead & Gone – it chronicles the deaths & disappearances of Dead Heads. I am a huge Grateful Dead fan & am looking forward to this new podcast.

Leave your podcast recommendations below, are you a true crime fan? Thanks for stopping by ๐Ÿงก

Pieces NFI Regular

Louis, a wealthy plantation owner finds himself losing his will to live after the death of his wife & family when he is attacked by Lestat, a vampire. He offers Louis eternal life which he accepts but soon regrets. This movie has everything, costumes, sexy vampires, a beautifully gothic setting. Interview with the Vampire (1994) is a film adaptation of an Ann Rice novel that I have never read because it was boring but I would give it another try to see if it stacks up to the film.

Best of May

Monthly Favorites

I can’t believe it’s June, spring sprung seemingly overnight after weeks of cool, rainy weather. I love the rainy weather but it’s nice to see the sun shining and we’re well on our way to Halloween ๐Ÿ‘ป My deck is almost summer ready, I spent too much time and money in IKEA last weekend. I had this fantastic idea to change my master bathroom from beige to white because I love hotel bathrooms. Clean ones, that is with white towels and that subtle bleach scent. What I didn’t realize is that they get cleaned everyday, I’m pretty clean but it’s misery so far ๐Ÿ˜‚ I’ll post about my deck decor sooner than later. Anyway, here are some items that I was loving in May.

For the last year I’ve been trying to switch to natural deodorant, most of them have given me a rash. I picked this up recently and love it so far. It has a light, floral scent – not too rosy but just pleasant enough. The consistency is on the wet side but very moisturizing and dries down to nothing. It’s made my armpits so soft and cleared up the rash in no time. It’s on the expensive side but all of these natural deodorants are.

My skin tends to get congested as soon as the weather starts to heat up, this is a seasonal favorite since it dries my skin out too much during the winter. It’s a mild acid that keeps my back and chest clear. It smells funky like fermented fruit but it works and it’s pretty affordable.

This is one of those blue light therapy devices. It’s supposed to help kill bacteria and I could be nuts but I think it’s working. I had to stop taking oral contraceptive due to starting another medication so I’m getting some hormonal spots but I swear this is knocking them out. My skin is almost back to where it was before my change in meds. I use it for about 15 minutes each night, focusing on different quadrants. I like it because I’m not adding another chemical to my routine. I purchased this from my dermatologist but Amazon sells the exact same one.

Nature’s Bounty recently released a line of skin vitamins, I picked up this one and the moisture one. I really think that my overall skin feels firmer and smoother. I’m also trying the moisture one but can’t say that my skin feels any less dry than usual.

One day, whilst feeling sorry for myself, I ordered a bunch of Charlotte Tilbury because no brand makes me feel prettier ๐Ÿ˜ These are the daily go-tos so far. The Peachgasm is this glowy, liquid blush that’s perfect for making pasty skin look flushed and glowy. The cream shadows in Rose Gold and Star Gold are easy to smudge on and go. Her entire summer collection is stunning.

And because I’m a total blush whore, this peachy Burt’s Bees blush has been my ‘bronzer’ of late. I like a bronzer that’s on the redder side because it looks more natural for me to be a bit burnt than actually tanned ๐Ÿ˜‚ I love this formula, not terribly pigmented but easy to build and blend.

I cannot get enough true crime as of late! Yes, I purchased some books but I’m on the hunt for an e-reader. I’m also hooked on the My Favorite Murder podcast and Buzzeed Unsolved: True Crime series on YouTube. I thought the Netflix Ted Bundy movie was pleasantly tame while still being super creepy. Finally, I cannot wait for Stranger Things season three and recently binged the first two seasons. What have you been loving recently?

These goslings were also a fave this month, look at how fat they are! There are spring babies all over the place, it’s lovely. Let me know what you’ve been up to!


February Reads


How’s your February going? Sticking to all of those New Year resolutions? Me neither, mostly because I didn’t make any, I’m just making small talk ๐Ÿ˜› I haven’t been listening to a lot of books recently and can’t believe that I haven’t even started a single book this month! I usually don’t have an issue with listening to books since I can still do most anything while enjoying one but I just haven’t done it. February is packed with new releases from some of my favorite authors, I have a few books that I plan to make time for this month.

The Lost Man – Jane Harper: This is a standalone thriller, I really enjoy the Aaron Falk character but am still excited to revisit the Outback with some new characters. A husband and father of two is found dead in the elements, the reason for his demise is not immediately known.


Redemption Point – Candace Fox: This is Fox’s second book featuring disgraced detective Ted Conkaffey. When we left Conkaffey at Crimson Lake, there were hints that his innocence could substantiated, I can’t wait to see what happens next and what case he and his bizarre partner are working on. I have been waiting for this book for ages, it finally comes out in March so I guess this will be on my March TBR as well.


The Reckoning – Yrsa Sigurdardottir: I got hooked on this author’s moody, atmospheric thrillers and though the Children’s House series is a bit of a departure, the first installment was insane. I hope this book fleshes out some of the characters that we met in the first book, I have no doubt that the plot will be awesome.


The Stranger Beside Me – Ann Rule: Not to jump on the Bundy bandwagon but after finishing the Netflix documentary my curiosity is piqued. I better limit this one to listening only at work otherwise, I’ll be up for for days like the time I listened to a Manson family book.


I think I can get through these (minus the March release) before the end of the month, I just downloaded The Lost Man and forgot what a fantastic narrator Stephen Shanahan is! Let me know what’s on your list or what books you’ve been loving lately!